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Tekken PVC Figures and The New Kotobukiya Bishoujo Collection

7/05/2011 07:58:00 AM Ice Goddhez Blog 3 Comments

More than a year ago, I already planned to buy (as I posted in my Xanga Blog) and collect this Tekken PVC Figures Set when I saw the photo released. I was uber-excited and saved up for it, actually. There were many bootleg toys already in Divisoria way back then. I used to buy some pieces in 2009 but I stopped. I know I shouldn't support bootleg toys lah~ My horizons have expanded now (Naks!)!!! And I normally just buy from instead. The owner is very accommodating and he gets the figures I request.

I first saw the other sets at Toyz Station site. Unfortunately, these past Tekken PVC figures are not worthy ... well at least for me. I mean, I don't like the way they look. The originals are not far from how the bootleg versions are done. Unfortunately, I don't think it's worth getting.

Fake is fake! And I can't afford to spend on an original figure set that looks fake! Sorry but ... that's my opinion on it. Being a Tekken gamer as well and an avid fan of the series, I am not satisfied with the existing figure sets. Much more then to the new released set, which I saw at I was sooo excited and my excitement went downhill when I saw it. Too bad, I was wishing I could get a decent Lili Rochefort PVC. It honestly looks fake. (T_T) I told myself, I can't wait 'til they get better makers I prefer like probably, Good Smile Company or Kotobukiya. It was wishful thinking though heheh. I know Namco-Bandai Games wouldn't settle for production at those companies just because one of the fans want it. LOL. Either it should be a more unified voice of many or their own stand. I just believe heavens have heard my plea ...

Kotobukiya has just unveiled a new Bishoujo line for Tekken. Their first character is Christie Monteiro. This gets me excited once more, since the next character should be Alisa Bosconovitch. This is way better than the Asuka Kazama Geisha / Kimono version I saw from! OMFG! Kotobukiya is really gonna give me a headache here! I'm gonna get poor real soon! Damn! I was just waiting for their Jean Grey release from the Marvel Bishoujo line and now, this??? They're surely getting off my money too fast! Tsk tsk!

I have to admit though that personally, I think the Bishoujo collection is getting rather plain. The faces look similar already. They kinda ... uhmmm ... all look-alike and the only differences are their colors. The facial expressions are not too-exciting. Nevertheless, I still like it better than the previous Tekken PVC figure collections released. I hope to see a Lili Rochefort Bishoujo figure soon! Demmit! Imma buy it no matter what. Yet somehow, I wanna collect all these Tekken girls! WTF!!!

My figure-collecting hobby is not on the same level of passion as my cosplaying hobby. I guess this is just an outcome of my love for dolls; which has somehow halted after the fire that caught our house in 2006, where I housed more than 150 Barbie dolls if I'm not mistaken; and yes, they're of different versions / looks. I used to have the different accessories / sets / car too; with Ken, Skipper, and friends. Sad to say, I lost 'em all. It took me three (3) years before I could face it again and continue the collecting hobby and this time, I collect PVC figures. I don't have resin statues yet though but it seems quite interesting; just ... fragile I suppose.

I know this is rather expensive but, I don't have any other vice anyway so might as well continue collecting hehehe. Besides, as much as possible, I only want to collect figures of characters I cosplay. I may buy from time to time, like my Shuraki Trinity set; but my priority is always on my cosplayed characters hehe.

Demmit! Demmit! I must stop this addiction or else ... I might end up getting all the Tekken girls. LOLZ.


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  1. Where's Alisa? She's sexy! Her boobs, her "area," her sexy costume! She's hot! But so si Christie. I don't know who I would go with in real life.

  2. Not sure when Alisa's figure gets out. But I'd want that toy too!

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