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So What's With SM Malls Not Putting Trash Cans in the Washroom Cubicles?

7/01/2011 05:49:00 AM Chai Chen 0 Comments

I moved from XANGA!

I've been there since 2003 but I realized it's much fun in here hehehe. So, I moved! I guess there are far better ideas to share here. I loved my XANGA but hey ... we move on! And my first topic is rather off-topic but I need to share ...

It is rather unhygienic not to have trash cans inside the toilet cubicles, right?
SM Malls regardless of which branch, as far as I can remember, is known for good sanitation and proper washroom maintenance - after being called for unsanitary practices I guess (when I was kid, there were poor toilet conditions ... believe me! And I wouldn't even the detail out ...). They've also constantly improved on this aspect as years go by. In fact, they've grown from just a local department store to a massive family or even personal getaway location for Filipinos and foreigners alike. This is owned by a known-business tycoon in the Philippines who have shown great successes in the mall industry. I've been a regular shopper as well at different SM branches; and consider their amusement centers and even simply their Cyberzone Centers as a hangout location. I've personally witnessed this growth and success.

But how come it appears to be deteriorating? In terms of maintenance and toilet sanitation?

I observed in nearly two (2) years now that most washrooms in several SM branches don't have trash bins per cubicle. Female CRs to be exact (I dunno the status of the Male CRs). Is the mall trying to save on the cost of trash bins? That they compensate hygiene over cost?
I believe I am not alone here. I found blogs dated 2008 where these complaints were also raised: Multiply/Loloedu and Wordpress/Singlem0m.

At first, we can say it's probably just a minor thing. But come to think of it ... if every SM washroom has this same situation, the effect on the patrons' health is rather alarming! Sometimes, I ask the maintenance folks about it and the normal answers I get are:
  • There is a trashcan anyway (a bigger trash bin) inside the CR though not in the cubicles. We can use those instead.
  • The bins are being cleaned. We can use the one inside the CR anyway.
  • They don't know why there are no trash bins per cubicle.
Comfort rooms should provide comfort right? No pun intended! Sheesh!
The malls have probably had it taken for granted and thought clients won't mind. But we surely do mind! It poses health risks for us, for crying out loud! And we can't afford to have such a big name of a mall to save a meager amount, which sacrifies our safety. The tendency for some women (which I definitely see and observe as well) can be summarized into these points:
  1. If there are no trashcans inside the cubicles, then don't use tissue papers anymore for wiping after pee-ing! It's embarrassing for the next user to see you threw your tissue paper on the floor.
  2. Throw your tissue paper on the bowl then flush. Nobody will notice you did it anyway. It will flush down the drain ... uhm, it can clog the pipes but, the heck! Clean them later!
  3. Wrap your tissue paper in another sheet and keep them in your bag or on your hand and just throw it when you get out of the cubicle. Come on! There's a trash can outside anyway. You can throw it there. Sacrifice the few seconds of germs in your hands/bag as you go out of the cubicle.
  4. Some women will consider not to wash hands anymore. No trash cans. No tissue. No evidence. Yuck!
  5. If you have your monthly period, change pads and then throw them at the back of the bowl. Let the maintenance folks gather them during cleaning time.
  6. Or after changing pads, put the pad first inside your bag and yes, follow procedures - throw them at the bins outside. There's nothing wrong in shouting out to the world, "Hey I got my period! See? I just changed pads!"
  7. Like the tissue paper which can be flushed, just flush the used pad! Same and simple and easy!
  8. If you pooped, well, choose where you want to throw the used tissues. It's rather embarrassing to bring 'em outside the cubicles, right? Either flush down the bowl or leave 'em on the floor.
  9. But if you're a good citizen, follow SM procedures and throw those tissues with poop at the bins outside the cubicles. Like #6, it's ok to say, "Hey I just pooped! See? But I am nice! See? I'm throwing the tissue papers on the bins. Let alone having poop on my hand as I get out!"
  10. Rub your V on the cubicle seat/bowl's edge and let it dry up. No more worries on tissue throwing or what-nots.
All these sound wrong!
I just hope this gets to the attention of SM Supermalls' management before it's too late and let their clients go elsewhere like Ayala Malls or Robinsons Malls; which are also speeding up in terms of innovation and high-tech facilities. Ayala Malls, in fact, appear to cater the higher-end market and SM Malls are dropping their prestige to the middle class and lower level grades - no offense meant to these society brackets but its becoming a fact.

I am just a concerned citizen. A shopper. A frequenter of these malls. I just don't think it's right that these malls don't pay attention to such concerns. Action has to be done. Do I ask for a revolt? Naaaah! That's way too-childish. But we could always raise our points and let our voices be heard ... so the actions taken will be for the betterment of everyone.


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