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Why I kinda Went on Cosplay Hiatus ...

7/03/2011 01:50:00 PM Chai Chen 2 Comments

I want to talk about why I really started cosplaying. But I guess before I do that, since I've been cosplaying for more than 2 years now, I want to raise some points on why I kinda stopped ... or more known as HIATUS. I will put it on a separate post why I started to cosplay. For now ... Er ... hibernate? LOL.

I listed a few points in my Deviantart journal and I want to elaborate on them here.


:pointr: Work eats me
- I know my priorities! Demmit!

:pointr: Whenever I plan to attend, something more important always comes up
- Additional workload all of a sudden. Client visits coming up. Operations real-time action plans. Lah~

:pointr: I lost track of most of the events
- I rely on Filcosplay for events. But Facebook seems to have more updates and invites. I don't get online often.

:pointr: There are too many events ... I dunno which one's real anymore.
- Voting event? Liking event? Cosplay gathering? Cosplay group meet-ups? WTF???

:pointr: There are too many events that sound alike ... I thought they're one and the same
- KPOP and KPOP2. KPOP Fest ... wait ... isn't it the one just last week?

:pointr: There are too many cosplayers now I dunno of 
- Haha! Prolly coz in every con, there are newbies and I lost track. Hime1 and Hime2. Fanpage this and that. ORYL?

:pointr: There are too many cosplayers who are random con-goers who don't seem like cosplaying ... eh?
- They got wigs and fashionably good-looking clothes! Poof! Cosplay now! Or wait ... the most recent trend I heard ... "I got bra and pantsu ... I cospplay!" Yeah, that trend! Or ... or ... "I got GEO Lens" trend = cosplay!

:pointr: Some cosplay events aren't cosplay-centric anyway so why bother?
- Like ... uh ... what's that fashion event with cosplay as a side-event again? Or that tech gadget promotion with cosplay? And this ... female-centric event? 

:pointr: Some cosplay events attract a different crowd than cosplay hobby enthusiasts
- Fanboys. Pervs. Gamer geeks con girl-hunting act. New DSLR showcase galore = photography now.

:pointr: On another note ... My costumes normally don't make it in time grrr :X I currently have 4 costumes in queue ... mostly almost-done by my tailor hehehe ... I haven't dropped by again to claim 'em

- Yeah my tailor has a lot in queue and I got some way back 2009 or 2010 pending. When I don't drop by to check, my costume's forgotten. So I always had to check again and again, esp. if the materials I wanted or colors I picked were not followed. Stressful! I'm so meticulous lah~ But I dun have much time.

:pointr: I get lazy sometimes to attend cons
- Coz of the weather? The unknown crowd attacks? Or some of my old cosplay friends lost interest too ... 

Every year, or let's say, every convention, the crowd gets crazier than ever. I chanced upon a blog of a fellow cosplayer who's been in this hobby for almost the same time as me, or maybe even earlier and sadly, her observations appear to be the same. I agree with the points raised by Patricia Sy in her blog post. I couldn't agree more. She raised straight-to-the-point facts that cosplayers who've been doing this since then, are seeing in the current crowd or fandom.

Some of the old-timers have not given up though. They still host and organize events in the way they should be, following the trends in other countries. They're giving us cosplay hobbyists the cons we really look forward to! TORCH, anyone? Of Anime Festival Asia standards? How cool is that!

Seriously, there are only five (5) cons now, big conventions that I really look forward to attend every year. The rest ... I guess, I'll just hang out and buy some stuff. It ain't hopeless. But it ain't that fun.

The photo above features cosplayers I've loved to see in conventions - Jin Joson and Alodia Gosiengfiao. Both are very talented in different fields. These are old works making us reminisce ... of how good it truly was, way back then ...


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  1. you dont deserve a freaking site u can never be one of the most filipino fashion bloggers coz u dont even know what fashion ur just another cheap skank trying so hard to make it but obviously u cant

  2. "you dont deserve a freaking site u can never be one of the most filipino fashion bloggers coz u dont even know what fashion ur just another cheap skank trying so hard to make it but obviously u cant" - guest, 10 hours agoThanks for your comment, nameless guest!

    1st, do understand that I'm not even trying hard to be one of the "most filipino fashion bloggers" (watch your sentence construction by the way) so yes, I will never be one. I wonder why is that your problem? LOL.

    2nd, "u dont even know what fashion" - mind completing your statements? I don't talk gibberish! :p You might mean, I don't even know what fashion is, right? Haha. Lemme tell you this - why jelly? As if you know what fashion is! Prove it! At least for me, I said I'm learning from the fashion bloggers I follow right? Then I go with my own statement. Unlike you, you can't even have a name coz you're scared.

    3rd - the cheap skank is you lah~ Coz you obviously are the one who can't make it and tried hard but failed. And you're throwing that excuse to me coz you can't accept the fact that you're the one who's trying hard. Why why why does it sound like you just picked this statement up from one of my recent status updates? Prolly directed to you, freak!

    So instead of being envious, make a name for yourself! Don't be scared and hide anonymously. (^_^) This shows how scared are you and you're prolly an outcast. Try to belong sometimes, that might help your disorder. Don't resort to cyber-bullying. That doesn't do you any good. It'll just make you more of a psychopathic-idiotic you than cure you. So do your self a favor - show who you are. Otherwise, you're the one who doesn't deserve a freakin' space. :p


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