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In Need of a Watch

7/09/2011 09:25:00 AM Chai Chen 0 Comments

I ain't really a "A Watch Person" or those folks who love to wear watches. I mean, I guess it's not my kind of thing. The last time I've worn watches was way back highschool? Or college years. Not so long ago haha! And I basically use it for timekeeping purposes only - like, when is this class gonna end; will I be late now I hire a cab or better to ride a trike; etc. Some of my other friends use it as a fashion statement.

In 2010 though, I got myself a new watch, after some years. I personally loved the style and simplicity of its design yet it's a powerful personality statement. It's a Black Mango Digital Rubber Watch, for the lack of a better name. LOL. I owned it for a year and have worn it everyday. That daily wear and tear have probably caused its strap to deteriorate, to the point that I had to use super glues to keep 'em intact haha. I personally love Mango's style in all aspects too - be it clothing, accessories, jeans, etc. There's another classy watch from the store that I'd love to get but I figured, it's too costly - not to the point of the cash out amount but its use. I don't think I can wear it daily unlike the one I got. That other watch was full of straps and jewel stones, making it sooo elegant and not apt for daily use. Recently though, I lost my Mango watch, sad to say. I think after playing at an arcade when I removed it, I slid it somewhere and forgot where .. while its look & feel ain't the same anymore, I still wanted to keep it. However, now, it's gone. I wonder if I can still grab the same style at other MANGO branches. I hope I could.

To date, I haven't found a Mango branch yet that carries their line of watches; or one which has the exact same watch type. But in my search, I found this Hiroyuki Matsuura X Swatch! I find the designs pretty cool. And now I'm thinking ... should I get one of these instead. My passion for fashion and my love for cosplay tells me that this one suits my style best. It's funky attitude matches my personality. It may grow out of style for some, but not for me, as long as my cosplaying-self is intact. LOL. I planned to join the Tattoed in Time Cosplay Contest last month at TriNoma. Unfortunately, as I was all-ready with my costume, make-up, etc. from work, I was tasked with a few more items, making me stay longer in the office. I was rooting for that Swatch watch though hehehe (sooo poor me lah!)  Thr urge grew as I read it from one of the blogs I follow and dearly love - Photo courtesy of the site as well. Dang! Hope I don't run out of money! Haha!

At this point, I'm still thinking if I should continue to search for the Mango watch I love or get into this new style & design by Swatch. The former serves my primary purpose + add style into it. The latter defeats my primary purpose but achieves it in a way and add +++ style, design, trend, personality, and attitude in wearing a watch, or so I say.

Hmmm ...


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