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My Charles & Keith Pieces - Flats, Wedges, and Shades!

7/29/2011 01:00:00 PM Chai Chen 2 Comments

Charles & Keith Wedges
 Being a girlie-woman that I am, I love dolling up. And of of my fashion hangout choices is none other than Charles & Keith stores. I don't always buy, mind you! I certainly believe that it's a bit pricey and as much as I may have the means, I don't want to always splurge on things I won't need. However, it's indeed inevitable to admire each collection and each piece you see. My first piece from the store was actually a pair of wedges that I normally wear at work. It seems that Charles and Keith designs would never go out of style and it's a must that you own at least a piece. Once you have one, you'll crave for more ...

I always do window-shopping whenever I want to destress. I ain't a rich kiddo to buy tons of pairs like Paris Hilton or the likes. Haha. It's pretty addictive, I may say; but one should know his or her limits. Otherwise, it'll result to overspending! Save up the credit cards for better investments haha! I gotta admit though that sometimes, regardless of trying-too-hard to save up, when you find a piece you feel "worthy" of spending, you can't resist! You can't help but buy that piece too! I am GUILTY of that harharhar~ My mindset is that ... well, I can't find them anywhere else I guess ... and maybe next time, they won't be available anymore so I'd rather buy now and make myself happy hehe. I might regret not buying it ... which actually happened to me already last year. There's this pair of shoes that I wanted from the same store. It's a black, stiletto-style shoe with glittery/sequined materials in front but will pass as a pair of sandals too. I sooo wanted it and have been going back to the shop to try it on and look at it (I was saving up for a cosplay costume that time last year hehe). When I returned after a month of saving, it's no longer in stock. And until now, I can't find a piece of that anymore in any Charles & Keith stores. (T_T) If I see one, I'm definitely going to buy it! I did regret once already ... I don't want to overly regret once more ...

So last week, I bought a new pair of shades and where else but from Charles and Keith! The prices are mostly above P1,000 and I've almost sworn before, never to buy a pair of sunglasses worth more than a thousand. However, since I lost my then-again favorite pair of shades from Mango at the event called Fantasy Quest, I had no choice but to buy a new pair. I got those Mango shades for about P900 or less I guess. That was more than a year ago and yes, I only buy when they're on sale haha. 70% off? LOL. I love the style from Mango and I have a number of clothes and accessories from that store too like watches, bags, etc. I had two (2) pairs of shades from Mango ... the first one, I broke the lenses after a year from buying. The second one, I lost in an event, after a bit more than a year or 2 as well. I guess "Mango Shades" and I are not fated to be together; so I had to move on ... and here comes Charles & Keith ... TADA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chai's new Charles & Keith shades ... and an old Blackberry! LOL.

I'm loving my shades' wicked frames and the brand name on the side. Not that anyone could read it but I think it's sleek and stylish. I normally settle for just black frames since they match most of my clothes and any other color to that effect. This pair I got; I believe can match any style - whether casual, formal, business attire, among other. Suits my lifestyle well. I can wear it in any event. I can wear it in the office. I can wear it when I hit pool parties. I can use it when I attend cosplay events too! Yay! Hopefully, I won't lose this one anymore hehe. I settled for this one too because my Fafi Emman liked it on me haha. The BF decides! LOL. Who's he? Well, he's the guy appearing next to me in that photo from my BB (Blackberry Curve or Bold 9800? I forgot the unit name I got haha).

And that's what I love about Charles & Keith. It matches almost-everything with me. The first photo I have is a photo of myself at work wearing those wedges everyday. I've been using that for about two (2) years now and I think the design is still "in style." It doesn't wear out! The heels are high (I think almost 4 inches) but because the whole part is leveled appropriately, I don't feel too tired wearing them everyday. It's very comfortable. I did slip a few times in them though haha.

Chai's Charles & Keith Flats!
 This year, I also got myself a new pair of flats. I deal with clients so I always have to be presentable (harhar). However, it's also somehow painful to walk and run in high-heeled-shoes every now and then. I gave it a thought and decided, I guess I need to run in flats instead. I love how these flats suit my everyday needs too. For more than 6 months now, this pair has never failed me yet. At first, I have to admit it was rather painful. My feet are always sore at the end of the day because it's too tight for its fit. I've gotten used to it for a month before I felt comfy with it. Right now, it doens't hurt anymore. Good grief! The photo above was taken on the first day I've worn it. I guess it took me more hours w/o it than me wearing it and walking around, running around for my clients' needs. Haha! And this is a piece of evidence of myself sitting down for a while w/o shoes ... resting! Despite how many times I ran though, it's still "crispy" and all for being new, I did not break nor tear any part or piece of it!

That's also another thing I like about Charles & Keith shoes and accessories - DURABILITY. I believe both my shoes have been under different typhoons already and I've walked in muddy areas with them and yet they don't easily wear & tear. The materials are worth the price I paid then, I guess; since they last on me longer. Don't get me wrong though. It's not like I deliberately ran and walked thru murky-muddy-areas just to try and test their durability lah~

I guess the next time around, I'd try their bags and other girly stuff too! Yay! So far, right now, what I can say is I love how my current pieces have served me. They're worth "investing" on for a girl like me and the satisfaction you'll get is superb!


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