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Fantasy Quest: A Fantasy That Became a Reality

7/27/2011 12:45:00 PM Chai Chen 8 Comments

I had a bunch of costumes in queue so this event, went rather unplanned for me in a way ...

As the event came closer, called "FANTASY QUEST (Philippines);" I thought I'd bring my cosplay group (Shurakity Trinity) to do our photoshoot instead since it's an opportunity of a lifetime! LOL. The place was a bit pricey for small-time cosplay shoots like ours and this event was rather a big opportunity for many of us ... however, my team members weren't available so I almost ditched it. Until later ... when I found out straight from one of my cosplay idol's blog that they're coming over! I'm like .... GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH! I can't miss it. Who's this person I'm talking about? None other than YOLKLER! Damn! And not only that, she had YUEGENE FAY with her. Call it, double fantasy lah~ Fantasy Quest brought to us by Cosplay Network Philippines or CNPH; July 23, 2011 (Saturday).

I was thinking twice of pushing thru though. I mean, I'd come from a very long day from work plus I gotta do a little relaxation and rest for a big thanksgiving come the next day. I wasn't sure as well if my costume's revisions would make it in time as well. But I wanted to keep my promise for a friend, Kira, whom I'd bring along in there to shoot with me in that next costume. It turned out that my tailor wasn't able to complete the revisions on time. I also had a number of last-minute work preps that I had to finish - causing Kira to wait longer hehe. I was almost about to give up. However, Fernbrook Gardens a.k.a. the location, or the event place where you have to be there when it happens ... the cosplay convention like none other before ... it's something I didn't want to miss ... besides, for it being a garden, I can also relax and meditate there haha. I was feeling sick the night before I went to work and I thought I'd need sleep ... good thing the noodles I ate, the medicine I took, and the team I had at work have cooperated to make me feel better and poof! I was able to come. And the adventure at fairy tale land continued ... (and more photos ...)

I wouldn't regret this chance of a lifetime! LOLZ. I bet I'd never be able to come there this way again haha. It was too far and the transportation ain't that easy. But the painstaking steps are all worthy once you arrive. I even had a thought it's best that I tag along my boyfriend so we could've enjoyed the place together. However, he's too busy to prep for the next day and that day for our business ventures. So I leave the man planning while the woman (me) strolls for a bit. Hehehehe.

Seeing 玉 Yolkler and Yuegene in person was bliss! I'm sure I'd never meet them again! Gyaaaaaaahhhh! Fangirl mode now lah~ Their costumes were amazing! Their make-up was amazing! I'm really super starstruck! Geeez! Good thing I was still in my senses. I thought they'd be snobbish but they weren't. They were very accommodating and friendly. My friend Markee, who happened to be a marshal that day, introduced me to them as the Tsunade in Zell's photos (Part of the Legendary Sannis' shoots by Zell, from Naruto). They had a hard time pronouncing and recalling but all the good laughs then came about with this photo we took together (above). Gyaaaaaah! Their awesome shoes make me look so small then! LOLZ.

I also had so much fun at the event meeting old friends alike. Since they're mostly in my DA Account, I'd post my shoutouts in my deviantart then, instead. I guess this post is more of a free-flowing thought for me hehehe. Oh well!

Who said the place is just ideal for weddings? It was ideal for a dream-come-true location for anyone, I guess. Fernbrook Gardens relive the fairy tale life that most girls and women-alike, like me, would like to be in ... a dream of a place we never thought existed. Some place that us Filipinos wouldn't even think existed in our country, nor in Asia. And finally ... there it is! The design is simply amazing! You'll just gaze in WOW factor. The staircases, the hallways, the gardens, the old cars, the carriage, the function rooms, etc .... they all give you the feeling of a romantic, peaceful, and meditation-centric environment you'll never have in the metro. I almost wanted to get married there right away. LOL. :p Too bad I failed to cosplay there ... FAIL IS FAIL pfffttt!

The event featured only a few cosplayers I guess. It's a good thing, instead of it being too crowded. The cosplay catwalk wasn't too long but it was getting boring for the sleepy me so I took a short walk and stroll in the area. I had my short stint of meditation in the gardens ... I really loved the experience! Wanna see how it looks? Here's another shot I took ... more photos could be up in my Multiply anytime soon (in Facebook, don't upload full albums hehe).

The day went on until the evening when there's this dubbed "cosplay ball." At first I thought it wasn't gonna push thru since it was already getting late and people were already finding their own ways to get home. But after the programme, I think it went on and people actually danced the night away. Reminds me of J-S Prom *wink*wink* Hehe. I saw Ms. Tessa Prieto-Valdes and I didn't let the opportunity pass by w/o having a photo with her. I didn't know her before until I searched for her online. I mean, who wouldn't know about her? The name resounds everywhere and every fashionista (ehem, like me? LOL) would know who she is. You're not a true-blooded fashionista if you didn't know about her. Haha! Or so I say! Lah~ Well, it was dark inside and my battery was dying on me so I had to sacrifice the flash and did a self-capture on the front camera. Good thing I was still able to capture this shot! I was sooo delighted hehe.

Much more when I saw Yolkler again and took a much closer shot! Whooooaaa! Too bad I wasn't able to catch Yuegene anymore. Seems that she had a lot more fans and her area was far too-crowded for me to get in to. She was also exchanging cosplay ID cards with them. Damn! I should've done mine earlier at least! Tsk tsk! But I'm okay with my first photo with them already hehe. Although I still prefer having a photo with her alone ... I mean solo ... Yuegene and me! Lah~ Who wouldn't fall for him ... I mean, her? So "guapo" lah~ I know a lot of folks have been fangirling as well, like me ... and are dreaming of Yuegene as a guy hahaha. Such a darling! She was too cute when she was asked onstage by a fan ...

FAN: Yuegene, do you already have a boyfriend?
YUEGENE FAY: I have many girlfriends.

That was hilarious! LOL. I bet that's her most famous line now haha. Sheeesh! Now I regret it that I don't have a solo photo with her ... demmit!

Anyway ...

I couldn't find my way home so I had to go ride with my friend Doms and his friends, Jin Joson and gang! It was pretty awkward since Jin is also very popular like Alodia here and abroad ... I just find Jin very down-to-earth though and she's super nice. We stayed at her house for a mini-pizza-party-dinner before calling it a day ... er ... a night! I will post our group photo here once I get a copy. Nyahahahaha! T'was fun to meet all of them!

Overall, the place, the experience, the day ... I could only say it's a fantasy that has now become a reality ...


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  1. The event was super fun. It was so awesome seeing you again Chai <3 and yes Jin is really soo nice and down-to-earth. This is why I like her so much <3

  2. Thanks Sese! Nice seeing you too! :) More more more events to come!

  3. I think i almost jumped on you when we hugged near the stairs haha! *huggles* i've missed you girl!

    glad u enjoyed the event kahit hindi ka ngcosplay, i bet it was also bliss to walk freely around in comfort hihi~ hope to see u again so0n!

  4. Aww thanks Katz! I love your Aladdin and Jasmine pair super! Really epic! Hehe.

    See you again soon! (^_^)

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