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My Globe Social Media T@tt Awards Nominees ... Vote Now!!!

8/17/2011 08:40:00 PM Ice Goddhez Blog 2 Comments

Ever since I've read about the nominations for from Magnetic Rose, I didn't think twice but to nominate my picks for each category. It's sad that I wasn't able to nominate for all categories though. I didn't have enough people in mind. However, I did think they would've worthy for the title. There were 10 Different Categories and believe me, it was a tough decision for me. LOL.

There are four (4) phases and I was glad to have at least nominated a few hehe. They had to undergo:
  1. Nomination (well yeah, fill-out the online form ... it was hard for me coz I had to get all their links and check their # of fans, and all chuchus).
  2. Screening (Erm ... their initial selection?)
  3. Judging (Eeek! The BIGATIN panel of judges to pick the Tops per category! Scary!)
  4. Voting (Online voting now!!!)
Allow me to share my nominees and who made it to the FINALS ... tough picks huh?

I also needed to put some narratives as to why I was nominating them. Gaaaah! Pressure?
Anyway, I can't recall 100% what I've written on the forms but some of my texts below describe it best (I was simply typing while thinking back then haha) ... Imagine, it was a 300-character-limit (and I'm used to writing lengthily) so my reasons were rather short on the forms lah~

STYLISIMO - Tricia Gosingtian

She's an epitome of beauty and brains. A female geek I guess in the aspects of fashion, beauty, photography, style, and "girlie-ness" if there's such a term. A lot of girls follow her works and admire how she converts simple pieces to art forms. She's been an inspiration to most women like me too. Very good-looking and yet very down-to-earth as well, I guess. She seems pretty humble considering her achievements - even though she has already met a lot of known-names in the fashion and make-up industry around the world. Truly someone who has great sense of style.

ARTISTE - Jin Joson

A fine young talent in the Philippines! She was initially known as a cosplayer, I guess but she could do a lot more than cosplaying. Her artworks are well-acclaimed worldwide. A multi-faceted yuppie who's always keeping her feet on the ground. She has earned international recognitions (may not be rewards as I am not familiar) thru her website and other areas in various social media sites. She makes wonderful props, beautiful paintings, intelligent remarks, ground-breaking punchlines, jaw-dropping photography, and loads more. This girl deserves a formal award!

VIDEO SLINGER - Ashley Rivera

Or Petra Mahalimuyak from her nerve-racking videos ... funny and comedic to be exact! The very first video I watched was about her steps to have "abs" in one minute! I was like ... are you freakin' crazy??? This girl is nuts! It was obviously deliberately done. She sounds like she does have regional accent though but, the heck! She's funny! She made me laugh. Her other videos look pretty-original and her ideas are dumb-crazy! She has won the hearts of many. Truly sexy and captivating indeed. A Pinay abroad who surely misses the country and does these videos to take pride of her nationality.


I was sad my other nominees did not make it to the finals but dang! They're also noteworthy! Please do visit them and check out what they have to offer. I'm sure you'll love them too!

WORDSLAYER - Rocky Sunico

A geek in his own right! More of ... a truly certified geek. The geek of all geeks. He was first a colleague then a boss. A leader who's also been a friend to me. He has never failed to enlighten me in a lot of things be it about cartoons, techie stuff, food, anime, blogging, social networking, robots, movies, and many more. He's like a walking encyclopedia. His posts are always thought-heavy. You will surely learn a lot from him. He's a proud gay and dammmmm happy about it! Who doesn't wanna be gay? I'm gay! Happy outlook! (^_^) His colorful life is known to many. And that adds more color to his insights about everything His Geeky Guide is a wonder on its own.

INDIE ROCKER - The Discoball

They're a band composed of friends a dear buddy, Dan Geromo. A true artist as well. An intelligent individual who's a true friend to his folks. The group shares a few OPM songs needing their much-awaited break!The lyrics are very inspirational and tackles current national situations. Some words may not be too deep but the rhythm and the ideas flow naturally. You'd want to listen to them all day!


So there you have it! Online voting now yes? YES!


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