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The Yogurt Ultimate Challenge!

8/07/2011 07:40:00 PM Chai Chen 0 Comments

I love yogurt!

My personal favorite is the Tutti Frutti brand, as I stated in one of my previous blogs. It doesn't mean that I only buy from them though. Wherever I go, I can't help but get some servings of yogurt, whichever shop has one hehe.

I am not a foodie expert nor a yogurt expert. However, I did visit a number of yogurt shops already and I believe, each store has their own advantage of the other ... one way or another. Rhymes? LOL.

And now, allow me to share some of my personal picks as well from all the other shops around. Drumroll please!!!


Chai's White Hat Frozen Yogurt

The very first frozen yogurt brand that I knew of is this brand, The White Hat Frozen Yogurt. It was some time last year I guess, or even in 2009. I had a few coupons from my beloved planner, Belle De Jour and one of 'em is from this shop. There was a Cosplay Charity Event as well, sponsored by the brand but I wasn't able to attend it. That one also helped boost their popularity, I guess.

At first I thought, it was too expensive for an ice cream wannabe to cost as much. Little did I know of the benefits of yogurt until I tried it out and researched about it. It's actually a healthy alternative to ice cream. And since then, I buy tons of cups of it.

The shop offers a number of toppings and its all-original yogurt flavor. Initially, they do not offer any other flavors than the original so it was a bit sweet-sour. Other friends I tagged along did not like it as much as I do. LOL. But regardless, it's healthy! So I continued to purchase on a weekly basis.

It normally costs me P100-P150 per order of a small to medium cup. I normally add a number of toppings. My top choices at White Hat are candy sprinkles and mixed fruits (about 2-3 toppings). This somehow removes the sour after-taste. Right now, I believe they already offer other flavors too but not a lot. Maybe 2-3 other flavors? I personally saw a vanilla-flavored yogurt offering from their stall at The Landmark Foodcourt at Trinoma. I guess they used to dominate the market before but with the rise of other shops with more alternatives, it's about time they provide more stuff for their customers.


Chai and Emman - Tutti Frutti Be My Valentine Photo Contest Entry

Their shop at Glorietta was the first one I visited; and this is the 2nd brand I knew about. From the first time I ordered from them, I said, This will be my most favorite yogurt brand! And yes, that happened! LOL. From a weekly basis, I normally buy from them twice a week++. Every after shift, for like 2-3x a week, I'd drop by after my work just to buy a cup! Tutti Frutti revolutionized the way the yogurt shops do their thang! Or so I say ... LOL.

The shop had a wide variety of toppings to choose from. It's self-service system is a plus factor since for me, I love to do it my way. The cups have more sizes as well than the normal small-medium-large selection. They also have a huge collection of flavors that you can mix-and-match. You can combine two (2) flavors in one serving! Yay! I personally love their vanilla, mint chocolate, coffee, pistachio, strawberry and other fruit flavors!

Their site blog has not been updated for long so I merely check out their website every now and then. Their Facebook Page is much more updated I guess haha.

Chai's Tutti Frutti Coned Yogurt
I normally mix my toppings from fruit to candy toppings too. I put more of the fruits though, for my diet! LOL. I spend approximately P200-P400 depending on the weight. They charge P20 per oz. anyway. I was too-conscious before since I might order more than I can eat. But later on, I didn't mind anymore. I don't mind the cost too hehe. But when I feel like being thrifty, I just resort to their coned yogurt. No toppings but the same good yogurt!

Some day, I want to have my own TF shop! Or maybe, my own brand? Hehe.


Chai's O My Yogurt!

I thought it was a rip off to TF Yogurt since their style is similar but I guess, there's more to it than meets the eye! O My Yogurt has the same pricing as Tutti Frutti - or at least the store I visited once at SM North EDSA Sky Garden. I haven't visited again yet but I guess, it's still good.

Their self-service at the store is of course, a plus for me. There are a few flavors to choose from as well. I normally resort to vanilla - my most favorite in terms of taste, smell, and everything! Haha. The toppings are regular too - nothing too special.

What's good about the store, I guess, is that it looks like a candy shop - it combines white, red, and pink colors on their walls and tables and chairs. It's enticing! Kids and adults alike would love it! I personally love the ambiance!


Chai's Green Mango Frozen Yogurt

I guess, from all the other brands I tried, this store has the cheapest. Doesn't mean they sacrifice the taste though! The name didn't sound like it's a yogurt shop though but Green Mango had a few good things to offer as well.

I normally get their large size for P88 and this one has three (3) toppings already. It's pretty cheap and yet the whole bowl is filled with yogurt goodness! I choose the slightly sweet one - I think they call it sweet-vanilla ice cream flavor. I haven't tried their "green mango" specialty (LOL) ... maybe some other time!

They don't have much choices in terms of toppings though ... or at least the one I visit, at SM North EDSA Sky Garden. Nevertheless, the taste is just fine with me.


There goes my yogurt challenge! LOL.

I know there are more stores out there but these are the ones I choose. One day ... really, I'll open my own shop! Can't help the mushrooming effect! Haha!


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