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Bubble Tea,

Can't Get Enough of Bubble Tea-rrific!

8/09/2011 06:48:00 PM Chai Chen 1 Comments

I've been craving for some Bubble Tea-rrific meal last Monday, considering that I didn't get a complete dinner that Sunday night anymore. I was completely tired and dropped dead on bed. LOL. And since my weekend normally falls on a Sunday and Monday already (considering the US timezone for my work shift), that Monday was then a pig-out day for me and my Fafi! Not that I want to get fatter than I am now but we were craving for some good food. The only thing I had in mind was Bubble Tea of course, so we went to SM North EDSA (The Block) for some Tokyo Bubble Tea-rrific meals. I said that twice already huh?

My sentiments exactly! It ain't the cheapest in town! But you pay a good price for some good food. This one ain't something you wanna pass!

Bubble Tea: Taro Milk Share (P145) and Strawberry Green Tea (P95) - (Large / Cold)
We started off with some drinks. I can't get off without ordering my favorite Strawberry Green Tea (cold/large)! My hubby settled for a Taro Milk Shake (large). The serving size is really big enough for someone thirsty and hungry at the same time. For sure it won't pass as a complete meal but you'll get full just by gulping the drink and the pearls! Yum! Their pears are super delicious and soft. You might wanna consider adding more bubbles and pearls to your drink. But wait! Don't just settle for the drinks! Wait 'til you get your servings of their mouth-watering dishes too!

I am still considering myself to be on a diet so I settled for a STRICTLY NO RICE MEAL that day, despite the temptation. I was luckily able to resist. I settled for just an order of Chicken Yakitori since I know, I'll share some servings of good meal with Fafi anyway hehe.

Bubble Tea: Chicken Yakitori (P175)
He was super hungry so he ordered a Pork Katsu Curry rice meal. Not only that, he had an additional rice order with it. LOL. He said he was also on a diet, considering how big his tummy has grown hehe. But ... simply can't help it when good food is served in front of yah! Hahaha!

Bubble Tea: Pork Katsu Curry (P195)
He also ordered a side dish for us to enjoy as an "appetizer" and we settled for a Seafood Koroke. Not that it just looks good on the menu ... it's also good for the tummy! The healthy (fake!)-mindset kicked in and I kinda brainwashed him into eating more veggies! LOL. I won! Haha! This one is served with mixed vegetables as sidings (forget about the dressing though!), like any other meal. So you get your healthy serving of real leafy meals! Yay!

Bubble Tea: Seafood Koroke (P135)
I dunno if it's just because of the menu card but everything looks really enticing. The overall business concept is something I'd like to have as my own soon. Probably a franchise or even a smaller venture. It's cozy. It's cute. It's delicious! And so, he had yet another order of an entree! Lah~ Whatta tummy huh? He added on 1 Beef Stew Noodles (Ramen Noodles) on top of everything we already ordered. I had to try it too, of course! Believe me or not ... I can get a lot of food servings of different types BUT I can't get large quantities of those. I munch more often in smaller sizes/servings than eat bigger meals in fewer chances. I guess my method is better for slimming ... I just wish my metabolism gets much faster! LOL.

Bubble Tea: Beef Stew Noodles Ramen Noodles (P245)

The noodles were great! There are only a few places I tried where ramen was really good. This is one of them. I thought my photo didn't do justice to the food so despite om-nom-noming it already, I had to take another shot to see how good the noodles are. The choices of ingredients make it tops! Really very appealing to the appetite!

Bubble Tea: Beef Stew Noodles Ramen Noodles (P245) - Now Viewable Noodles!
 I wanted to get a dose of sweetness so I ordered a slice of Mango Cheesecake. Too bad though; the three (3) remaining pieces that time were all reserved. (T_T)

After that, we were both too full! I guess these photos could attest to that. LOL. My Fafi has a much-smaller or rather thinner frame than I have though he's much taller, and yet he has that much appetite than I do. It was a long lunch time for us, tackling about my work-life; our life together, some cheesy stuff; business concepts and ventures; and loads more. I enjoy those moments and considering the mezzanine where we settled, where we had peace and quiet in the store, it was a good session for any talk! We spent more time to chat and ... well, just rest! We had to let the food get digested at more at some point before considering to go and stroll more at the mall.

I loved how they had their staircase append to a glass wall ... can't help but camwhore enough hehe. So here's our obligatory camwhore moment! Yay! Me so fatso!

Overall, the experience at this store is a 5-star all the more! I wouldn't rate them lower for a pricey selection nor for longer serving time (15 minutes or more) since I understand how they carefully prepare each item. The presentation and the taste right after it gets more props than the price and the wait time!

I'd definitely love to visit here again and their other branches. And maybe one day ... own one store of the same brand, or a smaller store but similar! Much love to Tokyo Bubble Tea!


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