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Lili Rochefort Figure Preview from Hobby Japan ... Oh Well!

8/27/2011 10:32:00 AM Ice Goddhez Blog 2 Comments

I read from my fave figure blogger Kumo that a Lili PVC figure is finally out, Hobby Japan’s Lili Preview. I've been wanting to get a piece as I stated in one of my previous posts: Tekken PVC Figures and The New Kotobukiya Bishoujo Collection.

Hobby Japan's Lili Rochefort Figure Version
  This upcoming figure is a 1/8 scale of “Emilie De Rochefort Lili” from Tekken by Hobby Japan as part of the Queen’s Gate series. What's irritating me off is the fact that the figure will be another (as quoted from Kumo) Hobby Japan magazine mail order exclusive. Reservations were already opened and will run through October 11th, 2011. The figure itself is scheduled for release in March 2012 at 7,980 Yen retail price. Demmit! How can I get one of these?

Nevertheless, if I can't get it cheaper here, I may just pass. I think it's still a bit far from my Lili PVC figure expectations. Her hair seems to be more golden yellow here. Lah~

I wish to have her in the Marvel Bishoujo line though like that of Christie Monteiro's version in Kotobukiya's Bishoujo Tekken line. Her Queen's Gate version looks rather ... uhmm ... like a kid's face and not moe or not as pretty as the real looks of Lili in the Tekken game. I'm still a bit happy though since finally, there's one that did justice for Lili and made a better PVC figure version of her.

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My Lili cosplay has been my most favorite version. Perhaps it's because that is the first official cosplay I could ever claim as mine. LOL. This pose is my favorite. It's a "LILI TRADEMARK" I should say! Hehe. If any maker could make a version of these poses, deeeeyymmm! I'd get 'em all!

Chai's Lili Cosplay - "Gamer Lili Rochefort"
Like I said in my previous post about my thoughts on these figures, I ain't a fan of the one made by the initial maker ... more so, the original maker. It's based from one of Lili's trademark poses too but ... it's not-so-Lili for me.

Maybe this one could pass as a figure pose ...

Chai's Lili Cosplay - Lili's Chapter Epilogue


Someone please make a better ... no ... a GREAT LILI PVC FIGURE please! Please! Please!


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  1. Damn I want that figure so bad!

    The cosplayer and costume look so pro! Even looks like somewhere she'd be!

  2. Oh thank you! I wish I could cosplay Lili again. Been too busy recently. :p


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