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BTS: Chalk and Star Studio Magazines Feature!

9/23/2012 09:16:00 AM Chai Chen 44 Comments

Can't believe that it's been a year since this shoot and yet it feels like it's still so recent. I just recalled that I haven't written about this experience until I read about the event that happened a few days ago - Chalk Fashion Rocks 2012. This made me reminisce the opportunity given to me last year, where I was featured in a local teen / fashion magazine and in a celebrity magazine.

It was September 15 last year when we had our shoot and it was really fun and entertaining. A break from all the stress at work and something fresh; an activity I truly miss. Not that I'm new in shoots since I do attend photoshoots for cosplay, among others. Also, I ain't that new in getting featured since a number of my cosplays or characters have already appeared in other published materials (which reminds me, I gotta write about it too hehe). But getting featured in these magazines with a nice article is something I'd treasure for life.

I also can't believe I'm only posting this just now. LOL. Actually, I think I have a lot of other posts I need to queue. I haven't written about the other great finds lah~ Dang! I lack days to write! I normally just write on weekends and schedule them for posting (due to my busy work life lah~ sorry!) and spread them out. I guess that made it slip my mind on writing about this experience.

Nevertheless, here it is ... check out our fun moments in the shoot!!! Behind the scenes ... here we go!!!

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The opportunity was given to some of the employees of our company who had valuable contributions in our work and overall industry and at the same time, lives life to the fullest with extreme hobbies, different from what a regular BPO employee would do. I ain't talking something "weird" you know hehe.

Rocky, Anna, and Doms
Art Movement Studios
So, each of us were asked to bring three (3) sets of clothing at least.
  1. Formal / Corporate (or our regular office look)
  2. Casual Attire (non-office look)
  3. Hobby Look (how we look when we do our hobby)

women's flat

I brought my regular "cosplay make up kit" just in case. I didn't know we'll have a make-up artist in the studio. I am not sure how my make up would turn out though so I was a little hesitant. There are very rare occasions I really have people do my make up and most of the time, I know I look different in a way hehe. I guess my face doesn't really like make up haha.

Pam getting her make up done
by Angelee Chua
Thankfully, the girl doing our make up, Ms. Angelee Chua was all set with her big makeup kit / box or whatever you call it haha. I was checking out all the make up she had and they all look awesome. I was intrigued by the many pieces hehe. I ain't really a "make up" person if you know what I mean lah~ I probably have just a maximum of 3 pieces per kind - for example, lipstick. I think I only have 2 ... haha. I'm really amazed by these little things. (^_^)

My turn on the make up seat!

Me and Angelee Chua
It's funny how we all took turns and got nervous (just a little) while having our make up done. Even I was a little ... er ... trembling! LOL.

I was thinking how I'd look after all the make up haha. I was scared to look too-made-up after. Angelee explained that it has to be a little thicker because it's for a shoot and with all the lights in the studio, it might easily melt my make up so nothing to worry if there was a little more. LOL. I felt so noob!

Thankfully, Angelee was so kind and kept on chatting with me as well - she said she was also a bit nervous haha. So that we can both alleviate the tension, we chatted all the time. After all, I had to change make up 3x because of the three different looks. Not only that, she had to do that to all of us. That's lots of work for her too. Just doing my makeup for myself is already tiring. What more with all of us haha!

Anyway, the organizers of the shoot decided to keep the make up for 2x only - 1 for the casual and corporate look; and 1 for the hobby look. Whooossh! That's a relief for Angelee and us too haha.

Here's how my make up turned out:

Make up done by Angelee Chua

I can't recall what types of make up she used anymore so I'm so sorry I'd be unable to share the brands used nor the shade and what-nots. I didn't realize they were important back then. Eeeek! Kill me now ...LOL. All I know is, we did ...
  • put a concealer + BB cream + foundation
  • shape my eyebrows and put light eyebrow pencil color
  • put light and thin line black eyeliner (away from my regular thick ones hehe)
  • light eyeshadow and white eyeliner for my water line
  • lightest pink blush for my cheeks
  • light shade lipstick
  • curled my hair (just the edges)

The goal was to make me still look young & vibrant as the young professional in me. Despite being corporate and holding a role that is mature in its sense, I had to keep looking like myself so this was done. I guess they were successful in doing that! (^_^)

On the set
Art Movement Studios
The photographers were also very kind and experimental. They had the vision in mind and the result on hand so we all had our shoot done quickly but with many shots. They were fast enough to pick which ones would go on the layout and were discussing real time! What a work!

Dan before and after!
We took turns then in having our first and second set of shoots for the 2 looks and then quickly changed to our hobby looks before finally getting our last make up done. Mine was the trickiest because of my cosplay look and Angelee wasn't familiar about my character. Awww...thankfully I had a photo of my character on my cellphone and she quickly adapted. Good job I guess!

I am pretty amazed with Angelee's make up skills anyway in making all of us pretty! LOL. Take a look at one of my colleagues' make up - for Dan. His skin eventually looked smoother and fairer with just a few strokes! Really amazing! Haha~!

Here's the roster of featured employees (in no particular order):
  1. Kim Mendoza - Sr. Group Manager, Singer (band / group)
  2. Chai Domingo - Client Services Manager, Cosplayer
  3. Rocky Sunico - Marketing Manager, Toy Collector
  4. Pam Romasanta - Training Specialist, Mountaineer
  5. Dan Cachero - Audits Officer, Photographer
  6. Meg Legaspi - Operations Manager, Drummer (band)
  7. Dom Tancinco - Leads Management Officer, Guitarist (band)
It was a tiring yet fun photoshoot. We were lucky enough as well that we had all the support from ABS-CBN and their team organizing this shoot for the series of articles that went out.

My Cosplay Hobby Look - as Lili Rochefort (Tekken)
Make up done by Angelee Chua
This endeavor was truly a success! It's such a nice move as well for these magazines to feature us and at the same time, a good opportunity as well for our company, VXI Global Solutions, Inc. to showcase talents that are beyond ordinary ... not that we're not normal. LOL. But it's because, we're extra-ordinary! Woot!

For more information about the magazines, check out the details below:
Website: or MYX Multiply.
Facebook: MYX Philippines / MYX Magazine on
Twitter: @myxphilippines / @myxph and @myxmag 


Kim Mendoza and Chai Domingo
VXI Features for November 2011
Chalk and Star Studio Magazines

(I edited the pic!
I covered the write ups with the mag covers ...
For more information about VXI, check out the details below:
CALL: (02) - 899 - 2200
Makati Head Office, SM Cyber2 Jupiter St. corner Zodiac, Buendia Makati (near Buendia MRT Station)
Quezon City Office: 1024 Global Trade Center EDSA Quezon City (along EDSA, near SM North EDSA, beside Iglesia ni Cristo)
And for you to get the same kind of fun at work, go check out VXI now and see what the company has to offer for you! Be One of Us! (^_^)v

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And there you have it! If you happen to have those magazine issues - Star Studio with Bea Alonzo on the cover; and Chalk Magazine with Jessy Mendiola on the cover; both released November 2011 (ermm yeah last year hehe) - I was there. (^_^)

Succeeding issues of both magazines featured the rest of us in the roster - I think it went to 4 series magazines. It was such an honor and great experience to share our passion and be a person of influence to others.

Hope you had fun as much as I did! (^_^) Thanks for reading my behind the scenes post! If you read the actual articles, I'd love to hear your insights!


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  1. What an experience! I didn't know you do cosplay. I guess it was super fun being in a photo shoot. :3

    You cosplayed my fave Tekken character! Lili! Seriously, you pulled of the Lili looks greatly! <33

    RE: I guess so. I still hope everything will be okay. Thank you, <3

  2. Thanks girl! Really appreciate it. :)
    You can check out my Lili Cosplay here:

  3. I agree! It's hard to "trust" other people to do your makeup! It happened to me during my graduation pictorial. They had to apply eyeshadow to my eyes so of course, I had to close my eyes. When I opened them, I didn't liked what I saw. @_@""

    anyway, lucky you for getting featured! And I would like to see more :)

  4. Thank you soo much Chai for stopping by my blog and the follows dear ! Your blog is lovely ! I am following you now via gfc, twitter & bloglovin!

    xoxo Keke

  5. You look beautiful! This makes me miss model work :(...


  6. Wow, this must be so much fun :-). You look great.

  7. wow the shoot must be fun, you did a great job i believe! <3

    Letters To

  8. Haha we feel the same.:)

    I'm yet to get the other photos from the shoot. Haha. I didn't really pay attention to it before. LOL. Once I get them I'll post the photos here. :D

  9. Thanks Rosalinda! Yes we did have lots of fun. :D

  10. Thanks so much dear! Of course I follow you. :)

  11. Thanks Elise! Awww I'm sure you had lots of fun too when you did model work. Why not do it again? :D Share with us! :D

  12. Haha you bet. Yes it was loads of fun! :D

  13. It was definitely fun! Thank you. :) Yay!

  14. Hello my dear,

    Awesome post!

    Lots of love,


  15. Lovely Blog :D **New Follower**

  16. Cute pictures and great blog! Greetings from Munich :)

    Vanessa -

  17. That looks really amazing!!!
    kisses pretty!

  18. Congratulation on the feature!!! You look so beautiful in both the cosplay look and the feature look :)

  19. i didn't know u do cosplay! that is so interesting :D congrats on the features <3


  20. Sounds like a great experience at job, you work in a fun place Chai Chen.
    Kisses and have a great weekend

  21. Great pictures :) Congratulations!!!!

  22. grat post :)

    would you like to follow each other in gfc? let me know! :)
    lovr, xoxox

  23. Thanks as always nicoleta! *hugs*

  24. Thanks vanessa! I appreciate it! :)

  25. Weeee thanks a lot! OMG I blush now. :D

  26. Weee thanks so much my dear! :) I appreciate it coming from you. :D

  27. New and nice ideas.

  28. Great Post ,love it to look "behind" :)
    Your Make up was beautiful!


  29. wow! congrats on the features chai! :)


  30. DressCode:HighFashionSeptember 29, 2012 at 8:29 AM

    Your makeup looks fantastic and so do you!

    Have a nice weekend.

    Best, Jen

  31. you looks so fantastic! the photoshoot seems like so fun <3

  32. Weee thanks so much! Really appreciate your nice words, always! :)

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