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No Big Pores! Thanks to Etude House Mini Size U!

9/09/2012 09:21:00 AM Chai Chen 25 Comments

No woman appreciates having ugly marks on their faces - be it pimples, moles (though sometimes it achieves a sexy look), and of course; "big pores." While that could be an accumulated result of unhealthy habits, nobody appreciates suffering on that for a life time right?

We would always find ways to cure that - no matter what it takes ... I'm glad that one of my very first items from Etude House is its Mini Size U set - the possible answer to one of my big problems too ... big pores. I've blogged about that last year as I posted about My Etude House Beauty Collection.

I started with just a sampler size - a mini set. And after trying it out for quite some time, I decided to buy bigger bottles and more from its line ... and can you believe it? It lasted me for about a year! Such great savings!

Having sensitive yet oily skin is no joke. It's hard to take care of it since there are not much beauty products you can trust. For sure, a lot of claims are out there and somehow, they are very promising. However, when you try them, they won't deliver the results you need. Take it from me! I tried lots of them already and sad to say, they didn't make my skin any better. Some of them did even worse - as such, I developed pimples, yeah worst acne attacks, redness, rashes, dryness ... loads more! All I wanted was to take care of my skin, especially my face. Unfortunately, I suffered more.

Thankfully, I found out about Etude House's Mini Size U and it did wonders on my face! I can't thank this brand enough and this line, for not just making my skin better, but for even making my face glow!

Think it's too much for words? Take a look ...

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From my initial post, you'll see the exact collection I have. I was hesitant to try out more because again, I normally develop rashes from some other brands. So I started with just a small pack.

Etude House Mini Size U Set (My favorite!)
Pore Smoother Serum
Pore Powder Toner
Pore Control Emulsion
I still have my Etude House Black Head Cleansing Foam back then so I didn't have any other facial wash or foams from other EH lines. I used that together with my Mini Size U set then. After several weeks of using it, take 2-3 weeks, I was already running out of toner and since it was too good for me; I started feeling that my skin was smoother than ever, I did get bigger packs.

Etude House Mini Size U Set (Bigger Packs)
Pore Refresher Astringent (with cotton pads)
Pore Control Emulsion
Black Head Cleansing Foam (another set, not from Mini Size U)
I've acquired more pieces of it during the SM Holiday Glam - Etude House Beauty Caravan so I had more of it in stock hehe.

My routine then would always go like this:

Chai's Pore Refining Routine
  1. 3x a day Facial Wash using Etude House Black Head Cleansing Foam (upon waking up, after work, before sleeping)
  2. Dab Mini Size U Pore Powder Toner and let it dry for some time
  3. Apply Mini Size U Pore Control Emulsion as moisturizer before any BB cream and face powder
  4. After work, facial wash time again of course and then dab Mini Size U Pore Refresher Astringent to remove excess dirt on my face
  5. Put with Mini Size U Pore Smoother Serum as night cream
After doing this for about three (3) to four (4) months, I already noticed the difference. Although I cannot fully say that I've baby-smooth skin now; I can only see that my pores are getting tighter and I was less oily.

The Mini Size U Pore Control Emulsion is more liquid or fluid than a smooth cream. I guess that kinda helped better than creamy moisturizers, which make my skin more oily. This one dries up faster and easily absorbed by my skin. Add the fact that the Mini Size U Pore Powder Toner ends up with a matte-finish, I don't have to fan it or wait too long for it to dry.

Take a look at this photo of myself on the right. I blogged about this a few months ago - about Hello Kitty glasses. Click the pic for higher resolution on my tumblr. It was taken a few months back, still... I think some time April. I didn't take the pic for this review however, it is already an example of how the Mini Size U set has been effective for me. I have fairer, smoother skin without too much pores visible!

The set also has a very mild scent that doesn't disturb me at all! It's all about its effects!

And just recently, because of an accidental close up shot I got while taking pictures of my Steelers Logo Face Paint for my Outfit Post - NFL Steelers Babe; and taken with a digicam, it clearly shows how "clearer" my face is by now. After using the set for a year (almost, since I bought 'em some time November 2011); it has given me more than positive results!

Clearer Skin thanks to Mini Size U Set!

I am really happy of the results! (^_^)

Overall, this has been my beauty secret and I've never deviated from it! I'm happy to share it with all of you. Currently, there are no more Mini Size U sets available and production has stopped as per the sales girls and Etude House Facebook page. But don't fret, it's been replaced with a much better product called Wonder Pore and honestly, I've been using the Wonder Pore Freshener - Total Pore Solution for about two (2) months now since my toners and astringents from Mini Size U are all consumed already. I will post a separate review of it as it deserves its own write up! (^_^)
CHAI'S VERDICT: ★ ★ ★ ★ (5 Stars!!!)
Visit the following for more information:

Get your pink cards too! Inquire now from the nearest boutique shop how to earn points & get exclusive discounts! (^_^)


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  1. Love this!♥ OMG OMG OMG. I really wanna try that thing!

    If only there's an EH store near my place. >_<

    Love this post alot!♥

    And thanks for commenting on my latest post. You made me feel better. I guess you're right. Such thing happens. Thank you!

  2. No problem girl! :)

    Thanks for this comment too! Glad you liked my post. :)

  3. So beautiful post, my dear!

    Have a great week,


    New post: Milan VFNO - Focus on TOD'S!

  4. Amazing! I wanna try the blackhead thing they have before I try this one. Sounds wonderful. Thnks for sharing your discovery!

  5. Yo! I got this product bottled samples from etude last year and I haven't made any review yet because I don't know what the heck is that product about due to the arr.. foreign languages.. Just randomly got it from etude, so yea.. still in the box.. haha! but thanks.. now I know what's the product about.. :D and.............. thanks for dropping by babe!

  6. I have the same kind of skin that you have. And it's very complicated to find something useful. But i have another problem, and it's that I´m not very constant, so I can't complain, hehehe...

    Kisses :)

  7. Ohhh hehe sometimes I don't get too consistent too so I get breakouts. :)

    Love your new crafts girl!:)

  8. Haha glad I helped! :)

    And no prob! Will try to visit more often! :) Thanks for following :)

  9. Glad I helped Adly! :)
    I don't know if they still have this though but I think they have a better product - Wonder Pore. :)

  10. Thankies! I already visited your blog girl! :)
    Don't worry! I'll always visit you too. :) Luv your new in stuff! :) And woot! All fashion finds! :)

  11. cute post! i like it :)
    i hope you could visit my blog too and follow! :))

    Raellarina-The Ballerina on Fire

  12. Mini size U sounds goodddd for your face :) Love it!! Enjoy it girl.. oohh love your funny glasess jaja :)
    My blog By Joyce ♥

  13. Amazing! Thanks for the review. Well I dont like having bad skin too

  14. love this, great post! followed you in gfc, hope you can follow back!

  15. Aww, thanks for the review! :)
    I love Etude House, but never realize they have these products~

  16. Thanks Yvee! Checking out your blog too. :)

  17. Haha thanks Joyce! I appreciate it. The glasses look cute indeed. :)

  18. Ohhh thanks Rebecca! Following you back. :D

  19. Oh glad I helped Vienni! I think they have a better product now - it's called Wonder Pore. :) I'll write about it soon. :D

  20. oh God I need this set too! I would get rid of all the pores covering my face..
    I'm following you dear!<3

  21. Thanks Cleo! :) Glad you liked my post too. :)

  22. Thanks Jessille! After so many attempts to sync comments from Blogger to my Disqus, this one appeared now. :D

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    It was practical. Keep oon posting!

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    future as well. In fact, your cгeative writing abilities hass
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  25. Wow. Looks good! Do you think it's still applicable after 2 years?


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