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SM Holiday Glam: Beauty Caravan with Etude House

11/15/2011 04:44:00 PM Chai Chen 72 Comments

Annie and Chai
Etude House, SM Megamall Holiday Glam
I was on a "tour guide" duty (LOL) for my friend, Annie Kao though I wasn't really feeling at the pink of health. Still, I decided to go on and not miss this chance since Annie will be going back home soon as well. We decided to go to Greenhills Shopping Center for some goodie bags and more swags but to our disappointment, we found nothing. The stalls were reshuffling and they won't be open until today instead (we went there yesterday). Not a lot of stores are open so we decided to go malling. I didn't have any other idea on what to do so I just kinda briefed her about the big malls here (HAH! As if I'm an expert now. LOL!) The nearest-biggest mall I know of is SM Megamall so we decided to go.

The first thing I remembered was, there is an Etude House Boutique Shop here so that was were we went first. Annie buys most of her skin care and beauty products in Thailand instead. Well, she's from Taiwan but her family resides in Thailand instead and such items are cheaper there, she said. But as we rummaged the stocks from EH, we had some good finds yeah! I'll blog about my Etude House fandom soon hehe. For now, here's what I wanted to share. I was looking for my favorite line actually, the Mini Size U set since that one has helped me minimize pores for real! And my skin has largely improved - clearer and less oily. Unfortunately, as per the staff, EH has already stopped its production. That kinda saddened me so I thought of finding it inside Watson's instead. The sales girl also told me that it's been phased-out. *sobs* But not to worry as she said; I may find other good stuff at the Holiday Glam event. What's this HOLIDAY GLAM you asked? I had the same question so I tried to discover it for myself. This is where you can pose like us in this pic and have it printed ... with free makeover! How is that possible? Read on!
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We immediately tried to find this location and to our surprise, it's indeed a GLAM event! Despite the fact that I wasn't really feeling well due to bad weather conditions (yeah I think I developed colds too fast); and Anne having an upset stomach after drinking hot chocolate for breakfast, we still went on with our girlie stroll and this is a good find. It wasn't hard to find ... the pink stall identifies it best - the ONE WE HAD TO FIND!

With major parties and year-end celebrations to attend this season, it's about time that we glam up our look and it's best to do that with cosmetic brands you trust, right? My choice is Etude House and with my search for the Mini Size U sets, I found other good deals instead! Woot! As we passed by the area where this so-called Holiday Glam is held, we went straight to the EH booth and looked at what they had to offer. Other major booths are in there too (like Maybelline, Revlon, etc.)

I'm all-pink as the girls saw me so they immediately (I mean the sales girls at the counter) pulled me in for more pink finds. They didn't have a hard time selling to me though hehe. I'm more than willing to get a few more loots. With that attractive counter, who wouldn't get pulled in, right? LOL. I am sooo-loving that makeup box with lights! I wish to have one of those hahaha!

The deal is, for a minimum purchase of P500, you'll get to a chance to spin the roulette to get a free item. At Etude House Sweetie Spin, the prizes at stake are:
  • Missing U Bookmark
  • Peel So Good Enzyme Peel
  • Dress Room Body Wash
  • Mini Size U Pore Kit
  • O2 White Skincare Kit
Can you imagine my eyes twinkling then? LOL. A Mini Size U kit is at stake!!! I didn't let this opportunity come w/o us participating. So even though Annie and I are already worn out from the travel to Megamall from Greenhills and lotsa strolling, I managed to rummage their stocks and bought a few good deals. The girls there simply matched my pink ensemble so I'm more PINKISH!

Me and my Etude House Makeup Kit! LOLZ! (Alright I just want that!)
In participating here at this Watson's Beauty Caravan (as it is more appropriately called), each buyer gets a chance as well to have a photo taken at the "HOLIDAY GLAM" booth! Free photo prints! Yay! I thought it's best to give this photo to Annie so we gladly participated. There was a makeover involved haha! So the 2 pale Chinese girls were pulled for a make-up and glammed up for the shoot! Woot! They kept on saying we look like Koreans though haha (or KPOP Idols lah~ like EH endorser Sandara Park and/or 2NE1 trololol!) and with the more colorful tunes applied, imagine how our looks turned out! So ... makeover ... here we come!

They first put makeup on Annie while I try to scout for more good finds. Given the measly amount I had for the day, I didn't buy a lot anymore hehe. I hope I wouldn't go home w/o money this time! LOL. While waiting for Annie to be done, I tried to play around the items and test a lot of the stuff around. Annie was picky (LOL) since she really doesn't put on anything on her face. She's not into make-up hehe. Even base, foundation, BB cream, etc. However, the one that they've put on her was nice and she loved it. She considered getting it so that makes her a new Etude House Convert! LOLZ. They had to redo a lot on her though since most of the colors, she didn't like (haha!) I mean, they were nice but as she looked at her attire, the colors don't match her outfit. The final touch was on her lipstick which was more pink hehe. Finally, they settled with tangerine hehe.

Annie getting make up from Etude House!

Etude House Sweetie Spin!
Overall, it was fun! We really had lots of fun at the booth and with the friendly staff. They even allowed us to get copies of our photos via Bluetooth. They also allowed us to have a photo together on top of the solo shots. With that, I had our photo together as the one they had to print so it serves as a remembrance for Annie's visit. The printed photo lists down the types of make-up they used on us which is good enough so we could (esp. Annie) recall which products to buy next hehe.

Here's our loot for this minimum-girlie shopping:

Green Tea Mask, Black Head Remover, Peel So Good (and some other masks not in the pic)

Nymph Aura Lip Gloss and Jelly Tint, and my Mini Size U Pore Kit!
Here's the end product of our photo:

Annie and Chai SM Holiday Glam at Etude House
(They had our name on it ... w/c got covered by my photo text bubble)

They used Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream and Pressed Powder on both of us. It kinda made my face look darker I guess but it's ok hehe. A tone darker though ... but it's already the lightest color they have. A slight dab of green eyeshadow on Annie and gray on me I guess, with a slight dash of pink. Blush ons aren't our thang though (LOLZ, as for me and Annie) but surely, they did put a few hints on our cheeks. Lastly the lipstick, they used Lucidarling Nymph Aura in tangerine and pink for Annie and myself respectively.

The Holiday Glam Event is on from November 10 to November 15, 2011 ONLY at SM Megamall.
Who knows? This Watson's Beauty Caravan may go from mall-to-mall this holiday season right? You might still have your chance! So go visit your fave stores now! From sickly look, we both looked all styled up instead and had colors haha! Nice! Really had fun girl-bonding this day! And ... I was so happy to still get one of, probably the last packs, of the Mini Size U set.

Window shopping wouldn't be your option ... you will really buy here for sure! Get on the colored lifestyle hehe! Color it with Etude House like us! (^_^) My product reviews soon!



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