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Nuffnang Blog Awards, Here I Come!

11/03/2011 05:37:00 PM Ice Goddhez Blog 4 Comments

In about two (2) months' time, the most anticipated blogging event of the year is about to happen. I'm talking about the Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2011. As soon as I saw it posted on Nuffnang PH's home page, I didn't think twice to participate and nominate my favorite blogs. I am still new to the Nuffnang Family so-to-speak, but I've been a constant follower of their blog posts, email newsletters, and Twitter posts. It was like two years ago, when the "best of the best in the blogosphere" were celebrated and rewarded with the inaugural Asia-Pacific Blog Awards, and now, the regional awards ceremony is back, this time to Malaysian shores!

#phchurpchurp is the newest social media community!

Come 16 December 2011, 500 bloggers from around the Asia-Pacific region will flock to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for the Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2011 in Putrajaya Marriott. The Awards aims to not only honour the region's best bloggers, but also to bring together blogger communities from across Asia-Pacific. The Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards is brought to you by Volkswagen Malaysia and Putrajaya Marriott.

It's not really easy to choose whom we'd like to win and nominate especially selecting "the best" in each of the categories. I remember when I had to choose my picks for the Nuffnang International Blog Day (My Magic 6), as well as Nominees - it took me some time to finalize my lists. This time, I guess it's even harder - it's international now! The nomination period starts 25 October 2011, and nominations will be closed at 11.59 pm, 2 November 2011. So that makes it even harder for me since I'm pressured now for time ei? Nevertheless, I didn't falter in thinking carefully on who to nominate and finally made my complete list this time! I've made it before the cut off! And now, I'm more than determined as well to "want" to witness this amazing event. I can score an exclusive invite to that event, as well as any other Nuffnanger out there too! is giving us the chance to win this invite to the Blog Awards, simply by participating in the blogging contest! How does it work?

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There were two (2) options presented:
  1. "My Nuffnang Story"
    - Tell the Nuffnang team about your Nuffnang adventure or if new, write about what you look forward to, in the community ...
  2. "Nuffnang Blog Awards, Here I Come"
    - Write about the top three (3) reasons why you'd want to attend this highly anticipated event
I preferred the second option then. I guess I find it easier to boast about why I'd want that invite than bore my readers and guests about dreamy thoughts. LOL. Hahahah! Do I sound bi@tchy? Just kidding! I just really wanted the second option because I can easily hype the event writing about my reasons, and post my nominees at the same time; than if I chose the first option. And given that, allow me to tell you why I think I should get that ticket!

I'm sure everyone else like me, fellow Nuffnangers, would want to participate in this event. I know creative writers and creative bloggers alike would be able to spice up some neat entry for their fabulous reasons why they should get that invite instead. I guess I should give up the thought instead right? *sobs* But what the heck?

I have my own simple reasons and the best way is just to share it ... There are many reasons but I'd sum it up to three (3) major reasons and explain why ...
  1. An attractive package awaits for the winning entry for foreign bloggers!
    • Winning Entry would get:
      • One invite to the Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2011
      • A 3D 2N stay at Putrajaya Marriott, with breakfast included; 
      • a semi-guided itinerary around destinations in Kuala Lumpur; 
      • and One invite to an exclusive Blog Awards after-party at a secret location in Kuala Lumpur
    • Come on? Who wouldn't want a Marriot stay with free breakfast? And take note, it's not just for one day! My clients from an international company I work with are all cravin' for Marriott points and the rewards they get right after. It can come from "miles" to other freebies ... so I guess, all-the-hopes ... if I win, this is the start of my Marriott journey and I start off from Putrajaya! Yipeeee!!!
    • There's a "semi-guided" itinerary to tour Kuala Lumpur! Whoooaaa! This time, I'd get to be the traveler and not the tour guide! LOL. Well, my work requires me to tour my clients around too for fostering business relationships. I did tour European countries before but that was un-guided. Me and my friends were just like, "backpacking" around Europe after a student conference hehehe. We got lost multiple times so this time, I'd be lucky to be in a tour and yet guided! Hooray moment! Don't forget that secret location! *excited-much!*
    • This also means then that finally, I'd have a valid reason to file for vacation leave during that time hahaha. I almost always do not use my leave credits so I just get the converted amount thru pay. This year as well, I've used mostly all my credits from 2010 because of my scoliosis treatments and therapy. My 2011 credits are not used at all. I've been thinking and planning for it but almost-always, I am unable to file due to business needs. However, I'd be granted for this, for sure! As long as I file in advance ... so when we know who'll win come November 7, and my name is on there; gosh, I'd rejoice forever! My bosses would allow that!

    • It'll be my first time to visit another Asian Country, and representing the Philippines as well!
      • I've been a Xanga blogger since 2003. If people who follow me (or stalk me) were able to see my dream destination anytime when time permits, it'd be another Asian country. I've never been in another Asian country than the Philippines and sad to say, it's getting boring! LOL.
      • Like I said, I did have a tour in European countries before; that was way back 2003 when I attended the International Student Week in Ilmenau. Ever since, I've dreamed of touring an Asian country, which hasn't materialized yet. That time, I was a delegate of our school, UST, to the international conference and me and my friends (there were 3 of us from UST) took the opportunity to tour since we were granted Schengen Visa anyway hohohoh! It wasn't just a regular German Visa, supposedly for all the attendees. Take note, it was Schengen so we were granted multiple entries for 1 month for European Union countries! So even though I lived on sponsorship only during that time, and had a lot of cup noodles as my "packed food" to save up on cost, I joined my folks in touring, "backpack" style hehe. We were thrifty anyway.
      • This time, if I win this chance, of course I'll have my own money then hehe ... so I wouldn't be so poor and live on limited means, LOL. I can tour and shop at the same time! I don't have to wory then about accommodations hehe.
      • This year, I wanted to attend the Anime Festival Asia 2011 (AFA 2011) in Singapore but sad to say, it wouldn't push thru. Me and my partner were supposed to compete and win in the Cosplaymania TORCH Finals first before we get to represent the country in SG for AFA. We weren't able to participate because he forgot his passport (a prerequisite in the contest) so we weren't able to register on-site. And then I officially say now, Goodbye AFA because I have another client visit to attend to at the same duration / dates. Work is a priority for me so even as a regular attendee, I couldn't. That broke my heart (T_T) coz that means I lose my chance of visiting an Asian country ...
      • But if I'll win this blogging contest, I'd be able to visit Malaysia this time PLUS represent the country once more ... maybe not in an actual contest but as an attendee! That'd mean so much to me and my fellow-Filipino bloggers I guess!
      • Malaysia is also very rich in culture and that is another hot item for me to find out. Not to mention that the country has also recognized Filipino talents like Christian Bautista's stardom there - a good addition to the Filipino music recognition! And, the opportunity for their renowned actress Carmen Soo to work with several Filipino projects. Who knows, I might meet her too, right? (^_^)

      • I'll get an opportunity to live a life like Xiaxue!
        • Or better yet, I might get a chance to personally see her and chat with her, the real Xiaxue!
        • Don't get me wrong though ... it's not like I want to be like her nor do I want to be her. We have different personalities too. But being there would give me the opportunity to walk down the red carpet with the stars of Asia-Pacific Blogosphere as the event promises. And Xiaxue has graced a lot of such events already haha ... being treated like a VIP or so .... photographed by many ... and yes, walking down the red carpet is the "real deal." Hollywood now? Live like a star!
        • I know I'll also meet a lot of awesome bloggers and be able to chit-chat with them. Prolly they can share best practices, esp. for a noob like me in this world ... I mean, yes, I've been blogging since 2003 but I only recently became a "Nuffnanger" and that's different! A Nuffnanger Blogger is more prestigious right? And I want to learn from them. Earning money while blogging and capturing different groups of audience thru various social media is the new business! This drives me to success!
      With that, I know I'd get a ticket and fly to Malaysia for this event! Yeah think positive!!!

      I leave you then with my nominees now! I wanted to concentrate on Filipino bloggers, actually. I believe they are well-deserving as well. I may be biased yes, but I guess it's about time to recognize such fine talents!

      Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2011 Categories


      I guess, I'd give this to In my aim to find one blog from my reading lists that satisfy the "influential" aspect required in this category, I wasn't able to find any other blog. I guess it borderlines spiritual influence or religious of some sorts. However, this site of Mr. Abe Olandres focuses on reviews, technology, and other product specs, gadgets, etc. has this "sphere of influence" that moves people to action. I've read about his reviews on Samsung Galaxy S2 and that has been a factor in my decision making for phone selection last July. He has this "influence" in his posts that launch a lot of feedback and site traffic. He is surely deserving to win here.

      There's only one person I can think of that's no other than Tim Yap. Been following his tweets this year under the nick @iamtimyap however, it was recently hacked and renamed to @TheMichaelHD. Because of his many followers, he was able to regain his account and he now goes with: account. He is a local celebrity and a well-known entrepreneur that has captured the global market as well. His tweets are not just about his events and promotions but he does share a lot of emotional and spiritual reflections and quotes. I support his thoughts and retweet most of them too. I am a fan of his hashtag #Yap4Grabs since he normally hosts contests and he has a lot of giveaways. Who knows? I might win, right? Heheh. With him being active in here and shares advocacies as well, I believe that even with just his micro-blog posts, he's able to influence a lot of people hence making me consider him as having the best micro blog.


      This will be no other than, Ms. Cecile Van Straten's Blog -!
      From her witty and intelligent posts, to advertorials, to celebrity news, gossips, to inspirational and advocacy campaigns, to local and international events, name it you have it! I always get a good laugh just by reading her blog posts. I consider it on this category because it never fails to entertain its readers. CHUVANESS has gained that respect from many of us. Ms. C's posts are honest-to-goodness notes and she's not scared to voice out her views on certain items like movies, celebrity personnel, to products, etc. She definitely deserves to get more recognition and in fact, to win this category. Almost all eventful-happenings locally and in the world, she's got it! She's a frequent traveler too so her reviews on food, places, especially hotels and their bathrooms (I always LOL at this) come in handy. Every reader will definitely enjoy what she has to offer. Aside from that, she's also an influential blogger ... I've never been engrossed in a lot of promotions until I've read her blog when I read a lot of them and take note, her posts have the power to convince me to buy those items! With a tinge of fun and entertainment, her words are truly convincing!

      BEST FOOD BLOG has captured my cravings and appetite this year. Whenever I search for food reviews, while this blog is not always the best blog or the first blog that appears on my search results, I always end up on this site and love it already ... and then I'm satisfied. I believe that the photos, combined with the Fran's literary prowess in writing gives her blog the power to captivate groups of audience, not just food lovers. I believe that food blogs doesn't necessarily have to rely ONLY on graphics but the texts as well. With enticing entries, this blog does entice followers and simple viewers like me to enjoy the write ups and eventually check out the recommendations. No wonder I keep on coming back! Definitely, this site is not just about a personal recount of a girl nor a travel blog. All those and add food, makes this center on FOOD and for me, it's the best!


      I learn about the best budget traveling, hot adventure spots, and some neat sports hangouts from one of the best blogs I found. Where else but at Ms. Hannah Villasis' web turf - She immeadiately gives scoops on the hottest deals in town, how to get them, how to get there, and adds some spicy tips to her readers. From personal views, to benefits, to honest advertorials, she does give it all on her blog. What's best is that she doesn't forget to put a lot of pictures to entice her readers more. Whether is a local scene, or an international event or vacation spot, she never fails to share them and amuse her readers altogether! An F1 enthusiast, active blogger, and beach babe all in one - yeah that's the type of blogger she is! LOL. She's had her turn in the limelight too (blog speak wise), she has Won Best Personal Blog at the Digital Filipino Awards (link) and was Nominated Best Personal Blog at the Philippine Blog Awards before ... and now, she deserves another title! Her travels should not go to waste!



      The writer herself is an epitome of beauty and brains. A female geek I would say! I guess in the aspects of fashion as we can see in her LookBook, as well as in beauty, photography, style, and "girlie-ness" if there's such a term; she's that Fashion Goddess that we can call. A lot of girls follow her works and admire how she converts simple pieces to art forms. She's been an inspiration to most women like me too. Very good-looking and yet very down-to-earth as well, I guess. She seems pretty humble considering her achievements - even though she has already met a lot of known-names in the fashion and make-up industry around the world. Truly someone who has great sense of style! What's good about her is that she shares a lot of great finds to everyone thru her blog: and she's not scared of competition. All her succeses have truly been inspirational to a lot of women but she never seemed to boast about it. Currently, she's Forever 21's Brand Ambassor here in the Philippines and that in itself, is WOW!


      I nominate no other than my friend and cosplay photographer, Jonathan De Belen a.k.a. Zell. This is just a hobby for him but his works are definitely amazing! I started to follow his works in Deviantart ( 2 years ako. Zell's Photography has improved in a major scale and his photos always tell a story. He's no longer confined to the bounds of cosplay but to events, sceneries, and other fields as well. His blog has gained quite a number of following as well as he posts highlights of his shoots or his best sightings. I know he aims to show the world what he sees through those lenses and luckily, those he sees are amazing! He's been featured in Cosplay Gen, an international cosplay magazine / community showcasing the best talents worldwide. The article ( featured his favorite shots that really boast of this fine young talent. This guy, while getting a number of recognition already, stays humble and continues to share his passion with fellow photographers and aspiring new ones alike!


      The geek in his own right! More of ... a truly certified geek. The geek of all geeks! Rocky's Geeky Guide - He was first a colleague then a boss. A leader who's also been a friend to me. He has never failed to enlighten me in a lot of things be it about cartoons, techie stuff, food, anime, blogging, social networking, robots, movies, and many more. He's like a walking encyclopedia! His posts are always thought-heavy. You will surely learn a lot from him. He's a proud gay and dammmmm happy about it! Who doesn't wanna be gay? I'm gay! Happy outlook! (^_^) His colorful life is known to many. And that adds more color to his insights about everything His Geeky Guide is a wonder on its own. This blog is indeed a geek guide to everything. Oh boy! Not just one interest fits in ... it's EVERYTHING. I also nominated my friend's blog to the recently concluded Globe Tatt Awards. Sad to say it didn't meet the cut though (T_T) but still, his posts are cool. I do randomly read it before and now, it's more often since I've added him on my "Reading Lists." I've "rediscovered" the wonders of his posts then. I like his reviews about technology and movies, including comics, among others. He is surely an online resource for geekery! Imagine learning nitty-gritty tidbits of information you didn't know you'd even learn! That's the type of geek infos he offers!



      This is actually the hardest category, I'd say, since I really don't have any parenting blog in my reading lists but since I wanted to complete my list, I looked at what interesting blogs do I think should win. I chanced upon and aside from the pink site layout that attracted me, the contents appear to be more of a personalized-mom approach, which kinda influenced me to "follow" esp. when I get married and become a mom. The site has cool features of what kids love, reviews, tutorials, etc. Hope I won't get in a hurry to be a mom soon though! LOL.


      As the blogger Kring Elenzano puts it, "Funny is the new sexy" and I just have to agree! With various successes in the social media world, Kring is also active in a lot of other production and events, primarily related to music scenes as I see it; esp. KPOP, which I really love as well. As intellectual as she is, she maintains humor in her posts, giving her blog a unique twist that readers love and await. With her online handle, and main blog bearing the same title,, Kring has taken the world on her hands! She's definitely sexy as well, mind you! Her photos will make you go wow. She shares this good lifestyle through her blog! I enjoy reading her food and restaurant reviews, event venues and announcement of events, her "Korean" boyfriend (LOL), witty promotions, and loads more! What she writes, people like me normally would go follow! I wish she gets this title!


      Grace as she'd like to be called, owns a blog designing website called "Dress Up Your Blogs" where she helps bloggers who'd like to spice up their blog designs. Her personal blog is at where people could read more about her personal points of view on different matters. Knowing that she's very creative and designs her own blog as well as many other blogs, I find her site as an eye-candy. The lovely vector art, the thematic colors, the advertisement positioning ... everything seems to be in-synch! My taste for girlie themes strike back! With her passion and dedication at work, it shows in her blog posts! I believe this humble online space would then need her own recognition.


      I only have one option in mind and this is no other than A schoolmate of mine is a co-blogger of this site and this has been my best source for online comics and DC or Marvel news / reference, before even checking out related posts or official websites. They post previews and excerpts of anticipated series and/or online comics plus reviews. Their points of views go from whacky to tacky; from most-honest to most-advertising-like post whatever! LOL. I simply enjoy reading them! Yes, they concentrate on comics and reviews, and I believe that's what makes this site a "hidden gem" needing more recognition and awareness! It's special!

      And with that I ask Nuffnang - PICK ME!!! I'm your best choice! (^_^)


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      1. all the best for this and good luck! :D


      2. WOW!!! You had a lot of missed opportunities to go and compete in another country. If it's one of your dreams to do so, never get tired of trying, always perseve!  I do hope they pick you so I can finally meet you too!

        And thank you for nominating me ^_^ *hugs*

      3. Thank you! Yeh I hope I win and get that chance! LOLZ. :)

      4. Thank you sooo much! I appreciate the encouragement. (^_^)
        Yey! I hope I win too hehe. It's not too creative as a post though (which is required hehe) but it's the most honest entry I could put up. LOLZ. Just free-flowin' thoughts! (^_^)
        And hope you win the award too! I hope my nomination won't be put in vain. LOL.


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