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November Issues of Star Studio & Chalk Magazines Feature VXI and Their Gems!

10/30/2011 10:45:00 PM Chai Chen 3 Comments

This month, two (2) of the leading print magazines in the country (the ever-lovely Philippines of course) namely Chalk Magazine and Star Studio, bring you ad features for VXI Global, one of the leading BPO companies as well. The advertorials focus on the fun vibes that call center employees evoke (primarily, US), and the need to have it in order to destress from the busy work life. Simply put, work meets fun! And where else can you have it but in VXI of course! So it's time to consider now where you want to work yet not feel like working at all because you get to enjoy what you do and spice it up with more fun ... it's time to BE ONE OF US!

Chalk and Star Studio Magazines - November 2011 Issues
Chalk Magazine Cover - Jessy Mendiola
Star Studio Magazine Cover - Bea Alonzo

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VXI is a known leader in providing business process and information technology outsourcing offering comprehensive services to its clients. The company specializes in call center and BPO services, software development, quality assurance testing, and infrastructure outsourcing. Headquartered in the United States, VXI employs 10,000 people around the world including locations in China and the Philippines.

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I mentioned in one of my older posts, Grab a Copy of MYX Magazine October 2011 and Be One of Us at VXI!,that I will write about each of the VXI personalities featured in this campaign. Carefully chosen achievers from the company with various hobbies graced the pages of MYX Magazine in a work + fun theme. Luckily, I was one of those individuals. *wink* These thematic campaigns are featured now, not just in MYX Magazine (October 2011 Issue) but also in Chalk and Star Studio Magazines (November 2011 Issues). So prepare now for these write ups ...

VXI's thematic campaign has been formally launched in the recently concluded successful event - And That Was CHALK FASHION ROCKS 2011! VXI's stellar Recruitment Team has been actively accommodating guests and applicants alike in the stall allotted, just for VXI! Banners and tarpaulins for VXI's Be One of Us Campaign were almost everywhere in the event venue! Take a look at this ad feature - click the photo link on the right!

And now, VXI adds more fun in the work environment by showcasing a few, carefully selected company achievers to its roster of success; featuring each of these employees' successes as well as their out-of-work hobbies that really embrace the theme - having fun at work. These hobbies and interests show each of these individuals' different personalities and characteristics as well. By sharing these to the public, it helps encourage other call center employees as well to add that kind of fun in life, esp. in their work life, and prove that it is indeed possible! That balance between fun & work is achieved, where else but in VXI!

This month of November, the first two (2) of these VXI employees are featured in Chalk and Star Studio Magazines. And these two are no other than: Mr. Kim Mendoza and Ms. Chai Domingo (ehem ... me! LOLZ).  

Kim Mendoza and Chai Domingo
VXI Features for November 2011
Chalk and Star Studio Magazines

(I edited the pic!
I covered the write ups with the mag covers ...
Kim as he's more commonly known, is one of VXI's tenured employees who has worked his success in the company from the ground up! Being one of the company's active member of the Operations Management Team in the Philippines is really tough, managing different people and balancing performance metrics at the same time. It may look impossible but this dude certainly proves it wrong and he can juggle from career to hobby in a snap. Kim is also part of the second-generation singing group called "The FOURTunes" - a fresh group of male singers, performing at different event venues in the country, particularly in top-notch comedy bars. The group has held several mini-concert scenes already, flocked by many music enthusiasts. So despite the many hardships of his work, Kim adds music to his life and makes it smooth, well & good!

The other featured employee is Chai (ehem again, yes, that's me!). Like Kim, Chai is also one VXI's tenured employees who worked her way up the corporate ladder from an entry-level position. She's part of the company's Client Services Management Team, managing both the client's business expectations and the company's operational metrics at the same time. The job is rather demanding and yes, at times, can be difficult considering that weighing priorities between the 2 aspects can be very exhausting and stressful. But despite this work expectation, Chai evokes a happy outlook and destresses by means of one of the rising popular hobby in the country - "cosplay." This shows how she does work with grace under pressure. She believes that all these can be done with ease, as long as one finds the balance ... and with her, she adds that cosplay in her busy life.

So how does Kim and Chai manage their work life and fun (music + cosplay)? Go grab a copy now of the latest issues of CHALK and STAR STUDIO magazines and find out! (^_^)

For more information about the magazines, check out the details below:
Website: or MYX Multiply.
Facebook: MYX Philippines / MYX Magazine on
Twitter: @myxphilippines / @myxph and @myxmag 


MYX Magazine, the country's #1 Music Magazine started this campaign last month, October. And this time around, November, Chalk Magazine and Star Studio Magazines bring us more of these features!

What else can we expect from these magazines this month?

Chalk Magazine, the leading teen & campus magazine in the Philippines, feature the young and vibrant Jessy Mendiola on the cover (and nope, that wasn't me for those who thought it was me because of our hairstyle similarity and the self-made ad I had promoting Chalk Fashion Rocks 2011 - image on the side hehe). How to dress up in every occasion? Don't fret! The "Haute Holidays" section can answer this for you. Check out these interesting topics as well: How To Get Discovered (DIY Guide) - starring Maria Aragon, Marlon Stockinger, Marc Mcmahon and more; Is Partying Too Much Ruining Your Looks; Mixology 101; Sweetness & Light - feature on the new Nescafe "Sweet & Mild" TV ad model ... and loads more! You favorite campus news, delivered fresh in one mag!

Also, Star Studio features VXI in one of their glam pages this month! The stunning Bea Alonzo appears hot & sexy on the cover! The Best Celebrity Makeovers from Gerald Anderson, Sarah Geronimo, and Anne Curtis-Smith are on this month's list! The mag does reveal it official as well - Bea Alonzo and Zanjoe Marudo is now an item! Take a peek as well in Bea's two houses - for her mom and for her brother. Check out Martin Escudero's big hit - "Zombadings" and what he has to say about his gay role. Read about Albie Casino's controversial issue's statements and how he finds peace now. All these and more in the magazine ... Your Best Source of Entertainment News and Celebrity Lifestyle!

This campaign promotes VXI as a global leader in the BPO industry that considers its employees as "assets." The company supports their employees' individual hobbies and interests that promote work-life-fun balance. VXI's feature in the country's leading magazines in different fields helps reach out to a larger population of young professionals and the more seasoned ones; who haven't discovered their utmost potentials yet, esp. those who are looking for careers and not just a job. VXI then helps them realize where they can "actualize" those goals & dreams, where else but of course, in VXI. These magazines then help deliver this message to the aspiring call center professionals!

For more information about VXI, check out the details below:
CALL: (02) - 899 - 2200
Makati Head Office, SM Cyber2 Jupiter St. corner Zodiac, Buendia Makati (near Buendia MRT Station)
Quezon City Office: 1024 Global Trade Center EDSA Quezon City (along EDSA, near SM North EDSA, beside Iglesia ni Cristo)
More interesting facts and other VXI personalities will be featured in the coming months as well! Stay tuned for more write-ups, guys, and get to know more of the company's fine young talents ... the gems! And yes, I will write about my experience and behind the scenes shots of this amazing project! Watch out for it!

And for you to get the same kind of fun at work, go check out VXI now and see what the company has to offer for you! Be One of Us! (^_^)v


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