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I Know! I Want a Tokidoki Watch! Birthday Gift Please?

10/29/2011 06:17:00 PM Ice Goddhez Blog 4 Comments

Tokidoki Sun Watch
It's been about a year's (or more?) struggle for me to decide what kind of watch I'd buy next. I know I need one sooner or later and I have somehow semi-decided since I blogged about it a few months back. I can't imagine why until now, I haven't bought one! Gosh! I ain't really that-indecisive. I normally would buy something in a snap when I know that's what I want. I guess I just really want something that will match my personality and so far, the ones I thought I wanted have never come close to that goal ...

Ms. C from have posted a number of recommendations already, primarily from Swatch Watches. I loved all her entries (outside of the Swatch pieces of course) and yet, I dunno why I still haven't bought one. I liked the heart piece and leopard (?) prints from a Jeremy Scott collection she posted. I also wanted to buy something with advocacy so I thought I'd get the Breast Cancer Awareness piece since it's PINK and I love that color too. When she shared her dunny gift photos, I overly drooled and thought I'd get the pink one too! It's soooo cute I want to have all of the eight dunnies from the eight pop artists! The Kidrobot collection is surely an eye-candy! Then I thought why not get one of that and my next fave from the Hiroyuki Matsuura Collection, which I first liked anyway (Strawberry Switchblade or Windy Bunny). *le sigh* I can't decide.

I got all crazy and thought I'd just buy the same Mango Watch I owned before (coz mine's already broken). Turned out that all Mango shops I went into and watch / timepiece stores don't have stocks of that one anymore. There are other more classy styles, but I don't want them since ... I can only wear them in formal or coporate events ... I guess. *le sigh again*

Then, I saw that timepiece online and it caught my attention ...

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    I remember this Tokidoki stall at SM Makati a long time ago (well, not really) and I realized; damn! I want that style! It suits my cheeky-bubbly character ... I mean personality; that sexy-yet-cute aura; that fits my casual to corporate style. From every piece of it ... hoodies to shirts, to the vinyl collectible toys ... etc. Being a corporate chic and a cosplay-enthusiast at the same time, I need that "mix" in my watch's design as well and when I checked more styles online, I found a few favorites that I'd love to have. Aside from the 1st one I liked (i.e. the Tokidoki Sun Watch I posted above), there are a few more items I liked at random ...

    Bubble Watch

    Rondine Watch, White

    Nurse Watch

    Donutella Watch

    Discotheque Watch

    Sox Watch

    Pink Adios Camo

    I might be filling up this whole page with a lot more faves so I must stop now!

    I just hope I can find stocks of these watches still, at this point. I tried to shop online but the stocks are of course, the new designs already. I went back to SM to look for that stall but I was advised it was pulled out already. *cries now*

    If anyone out there knows where I could get these stocks, please tell me and I'll buy 'em!
    Okay so maybe not all of them (I'd go poorer than ever!) since they're quite pricey too, I know. I'll buy just one, brand new, all original watch that I can wear for a long time. (T_T)

    If my friends out there are reading too and going to/back from other countries *wink*- do get me this one instead for my birthday! Nyahahaha! December is fast approaching anyway sooo ... care to gift or donate to the poor me? LOLZ. Com' on ... it ain't too early to ask right? You guys still have time to save up for your gift for me. Harharhar~

    Okay I must really STOP now ...


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    1. you have great taste and now i regret reading this post of yours coz now i want me a tokidoki watch! orz

    2. So cuuute! I want that baby green one too - Happy birthday!

    3. Yeah! It's addictive! If I have the money to buy all those, I would! Haha!

    4. Yeah it's soooo cute! :)
      My birthday is on December 10 heheh ... just asking in "advance" LOL. :p


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