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This Year, VXI Also Brings You ... Chalk Fashion Rocks 2011!

10/08/2011 12:18:00 PM Chai Chen 2 Comments

Party in style with CHALK Magazine's anniversary event! CHALK FASHION ROCKS 2011!

Chalk Magazine, one of the most prominent teen magazines in the country, brings you CHALK FASHION ROCKS 2011 this October 15, 2011. Every year, this event is well-known for bringing top line fashion icons and items for everyone to enjoy, plus one-helluvah-geddemmit-party. This year, it's no less than every teen and "feeling teen's" (LOLZ) expectations! Woot! Enjoy a wide-selection of fashionista items from the bazaar ... run the ramp with the models at the fashion show ... and party all day long!

Teens ♥ fashion, music, parties, and-more..♥ CHALK Fashion Rocks!
This year's event features models from our company as well, VXI Global Solutions. Our best bets to grace the ramp will be there to showcase top fashion clothing from SM Fashion. Witness as they strut their stuff together with other guests.

There's a number of guests and stores you'd love to check out and all you gotta do is be there when it happens ...
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    The event features fashion stores namely: Ruckus. Bell Charm. Matthew and Melka. Gold Dot. DAS. CoExist. Dream A Little More. Frou Frou. Iconique. Niche. Dale. Olivia and Fifth. Nude Clothing. 8x8 Clothing. FC ukay. Grease and Glitter. Sheena loves Sunsets. Belle York. Witty Will Save The World. Fich Styl ... and a whole lot more! I feel like writing an advertorial for them now. LOL.

    [I'll definitely be there to support and watch our very own, the pride of VXI - the fashion models who will showcase the latest fashion wear! I know some of my friends have asked why I ain't part of it (LOL) ... so lemme answer now ... I am somewhat part of the organizers? I guess hehe. I mean, well, we were selecting the models [sort of hehe] so it wouldn't be fair to include me in the female line up haha! Plus ... Did I mention I'm fat now? Bwahaha! Naaah this ain't for me anymore. Spice up in cosplays but not in modeling ... it's for other people to shine now hehe. Get in style this season folks!]

    Celebrate the magazine's anniversary with your friends and simply have fun! Just bring your Chalk October Issue for submission! Magazines will be sold on site as well.

    Chalk Fashion Rocks 2011 is co-presented by G.S.M. Blue and also brought to you by SM Men's Fashion and VXI in cooperation with Bella, Panoxyl, Nivea, and Samsung Galaxy Y.

    CHALK FASHION ROCKS 2011:October 15, 2011 (Saturday, 11AM onwards)
    Playground at Ronac Art Center, Greenhills, San Juan, Metro Manila

    For inquiries, call: (02) 415-2272 local 3211.
    Check out Chalk Magazine's Facebook Page and Twitter for more details.

    See you there!
    This photo? Story soon ...
    Meanwhile, go see the event!


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