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What Type of LEADER Are You? Find Out From GLOBE Business Leader Quiz!

10/25/2011 04:58:00 PM Chai Chen 0 Comments

I just took the quiz!

Globe Business - What Kind of LEADER Are You?

The @enjoyGLOBE tweet about finding out what type of a leader are you, somehow caught my attention and I just immediately took the quiz - clicked the link from their post and answered right away! While I do know my kind of leadership style, it's still interesting to find out from other resources what style that could be - in terms of their own categories. So I hopped over the page and tried to find out what the fuzz is all about. I have to say, it's really worth-it!

There are several questions that one must answer. It took me just five (5) minutes I guess to finish 'em all. Of course it kinda doubled because I took screenshots so I can blog about it hehe. That's how interested I was ... especially since the prizes at stake include the new Blackberry Bold 9900 and Samsung Nari (and yes, I'm still loyal to my Samsung Galaxy SII). There weren't many questions but I did take them seriously and thought piece by piece how I would react to every situation presented. The results did show a striking resemblance and somehow a confirmation of my style. I guess!

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    My results show ...

    My results! ABRAHAN LINCOLN yeah!
    I am that type who does prioritize others than myself. Personally, I tend to do little to huge scale sacrifices for other people just for them to be able to meet their goals in life, even if that means I do not meet mine. Too heroic, ei? I guess that's just how I was brought up and how I grew up - not easy to be a breadwinner. Being the eldest in two (2) sisters who had to support my family since college as a working student; to working right after graduation to finance my sister's education; and help out my early-retired parents and other needy relatives to make them live day-by-day ... I've learned to deal with many hardships in life but try as much as I can to triumph over those.

    ABRAHAN LINCOLN - Chai's Results
    (and I accidentally clicked something so that adjustment stuff came out hehe)

    In the workplace, being part of the group of Client Services Managers, I may be fierce at some point but my heart is always for my people. Despite how straightforward I get at most points, I always make sure that the actions and results are always for the betterment of everyone. I want unity against diversity. I uphold integrity to the best that I can, at most times ... as much as possible. When people suffer from stress, fatigue, and the likes, I "free" 'em as much as possible so they can still work with ease and comfort. Lincoln's ideologies and principles and leadership styles may still be too-far-off but I guess, yes, to a degree, there's a "resemblance."

    It's funny how my face ended up in that app hehe. Too pretty for that face's shape I guess. Bwahahaha!

    And there you have it!
    You too can have a chance to win a new Blackberry Bold 9900 or Samsung Nari / Prepaid Phone Kit!
    Simply ... 
    1. LIKE the Globe Business Fan Page:
    2. Take the Globe Business Leader QUIZ from the application
    3. Fill Out the Contact Form COMPLETELY (with your particulars)
    4. SHARE your Globe Business Leader Quiz Results or ...
    5. SHARE the Leader Quiz Link on your Facebook Wall
    6. READ the Full Mechanics from this link.

    Easy huh?
    Do check out the "Leader Video" that Globe Business plays while you wait for your results.
    I like it!

    To get a Globe Business account, go visit a Globe Business Store or go to

    Go take your quiz now and share your results too. I'd love to hear what the other results would say as well. (^_^) Do you have what it takes to be called a "LEADER?" Find out with this quiz and who knows? You might be one of the lucky winners in the raffle!

    Photos that appear in this blog post are just screenshots I took as I answered the quiz. This is not a paid advertorial or anything related to it for Globe nor Globe Business.


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