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10/23/2011 08:47:00 PM Chai Chen 2 Comments

Chai for Chalk Magazine

I know this is kinda late, like, a week late but it's better late than never, as they say. Hehe! And in here, I bring you my event review of the recently concluded Chalk Fashion Rocks 2011.

CHALK Magazine, the leading youth magazine in the country, celebrated their 11th anniversary last October 15, 2011 at the Ronac Art Center, Greenhills. The event featured a number of boutique shops and online shop stalls, perfect for the teens and those young at heart. From shoes, to clothes, dresses, accessories, perfumes, etc; name it, you have it! The programme proper was hosted by well-renowned youth icons, DJ Andi Manzano and Dino Imperial. (Follow them on Twitter: and One of the event's highlights was the Fashion Show of course, and this part showcased UAAP and NCAA heartthrobs; as well as the event partner's chosen talents - VXI Models. Clothes were sponsored by SM Fashion. Any youth-event wouldn't be complete without the fun in dancing so at night, DJ's played and attendees partied 'til they drop! LOL. It was surely an eventful weekend!

This main blog photo I used is not connected in any way to Chalk Magazine's promotions or ads for that matter. I personally just edited this to promote the event, which is co-presented by VXI.

Me and my friends and colleagues from VXI have surely enjoyed it. I did not get a chance to roam around a lot. I came from my shift that afternoon and did not get a chance to sleep anymore so I rushed, took a shower, and zoomed right into the event to at least catch my dear co-employees grace the ramp! I was successful in that manner! More photos under the cut ... READ MORE!

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    Chai and Emman
    I went there with my beloved Fafi Emman and as much as I wanted to sleep, and him who wanted to just rest, we didn't think twice into checking out the event. It was memorable too because the entrance stamp that he got spelled out my name instead of "CHALK." LOL. I took a picture of it hehe.

    The featured stores were lovely. I collected cards of the store owners so I can just simply purchase from them some other time. It was bothersome for me to carry a lot of things around hehe. We already brought along two (2) copies of Chalk Magazine October issue (Kim Chiu on the cover) as our entrance tickets so ... no more package for me hehe. I loved the nostalgic look of this one booth (gosh I forgot which one is it - anyone knows?) so me and Fafi posed in front of the mirror. Hehe. I added effects using my phone's app - Pixl-r-omatic. I love the sepia-style I chose and the glammed up look! :)

    Emman's Entrance Stamp: CHAI
    The food was catered by Charlie's. I dunno their link though so if anyone wants to give it to me, lemme know and comment! I love the bottomless iced tea hehe! I didn't eat much though since the event-proper / programme was about to start already.

    Catering by Charlie's
    Our company, VXI, had our own booth in the event. Our Recruitment folks were actively sourcing as well during the event. VXI is a known leader in providing business process and information technology outsourcing offering comprehensive services to its clients. The company specializes in call center and BPO services, software development, quality assurance testing, and infrastructure outsourcing. Headquartered in the United States, VXI employs 10,000 people around the world including locations in China and the Philippines. There were a number of interested applicants as well and they were warmly entertained at the booth!

    Some of the photos here are courtesy of my colleagues Dan Cachero and Robert Recana.

    VXI Booth - Chalk Fashion Rocks 2011
    VXI Booth - Chalk Fashion Rocks 2011
    This also unveiled our tarpaulin advertisement dubbed as the "Be One of Us" Campaign. The first series of thematic ads were featured in the October Issue of Myx Magazine (click link to see my blog post featuring that ad & the magazine too!)

    VXI Ad Feature:
    Music Lovers, Sports & Photography Enthusiasts, Toy Collection & Cosplay Hobbyists ...
    I will write up about each feature in this blog as well so stay tuned!

    And now, for the event proper! Woot!

    Dino and Andi were lively hosts, I have to say. Despite myself being sleepy already, they continued the hype and made it much more fun for all the attendees. They started off with some games co-sponsored by VXI as well. I think it was a cool game with a twist ... it's an old-school pass-on game but this time, they have to pass on the VXI Logo and whoever hits the last stop when the music pauses, the person is out of the game! Exciting prizes were given away including Sodexho Gift Passes and from the event sponsors, like Samsung Galaxy Y phones (I know my Samsung Galaxy S2's much superior though bwahahaha). It was really amazing! I wish I could've participated! LOL.

    Chalk Fashion Rocks 2011
    VXI Games

    After a few more games, the Fashion Show started.

    The lovely VXI Models graced the stage featuring the newest and trendiest fashion from SM Fashion. Our models (nope, I ain't one of them haha) come from our carefully-selected employees who embody the VXI-personality from a wide-range of groups and accounts - from agent, to management, to support groups, reception, and more!

    Another highlight of the event features the handsome cagers from UAAP and NCCA teams. I do not memorize their names (and those from VXI hehe) so it's an assignment for me! I promise to write them here once I gathered their names ... probably this week once I get back to the office where we publicly posted this ad all throughout the company. (^_^) (Note to self: post their names once I complete the roster - I will edit my post with their names soon! Hehe).

    VXI Models

    VXI Models
    After the ramp, the floor was open to everyone to dance the night out! I have to say the stage was gorgeous!

    Chalk Fashion Rocks 2011 Stage - Also Brought to you by VXI
    I guess I can say the event was successful! There were a number of guests and attendees who have surely enjoyed it as well. Any event wouldn't end without camwhores and photobomb shots from folks like me (LOL) so these are a few more shots to share with y'all!

    With Sir Paul Birdseye (VXI EVP & Country Manager) and DJ Andi Manzano

    Me and Fafi ... me busy checking emails on BB ... but still able to strike a pose!

    Julia Seva, Dino Imperial, Andi Manzano, Robert Recana

    Emman, Chai, Dan, Jolay, Bernard (from Chalk)

    VXI Folks at the Chalk Board
    Tina, Jolay, Ems, Nathan, Dan, Kat, Chai, Rina
    I had my own haul as well from some of the booths there when I passed by. Imma try 'em out and post reviews if I like 'em.

    My Chalk Fashion Rocks 2011 Haul
    Nivea and Acqua Bella Stuff
    And there you have it! That's how the event went for me. Share yours in the comments! (^_^)


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