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Goodbye, George ...

10/14/2011 05:47:00 PM Chai Chen 0 Comments

It's hard to let go of someone we dearly treasure in life. I guess it's even harder to let them go ... for life ...

Me, with George - 2009 Photo

George is the Shih Tzu pet of one of my friends, whom I fondly call "Ate Joy." She's my rough, elder sister (LOL). And as tough and stiff as she can be, she has a soft heart too. George is her daily companion whenever she's stressed out or after our daily operations management headaches. I've visited their house for, a lot of times already, and I can always remember how sweet this cute little dog is. He's always barking with his little voice, as if trying to scare me away. I can't believe also that he'll be gone too soon ... just like that. In this world, really, no one knows when one's life will end. Sad to say ... it's George's life this time ...

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    I am deeply saddened by the fact that George is gone. I also can't help but cry for his passing, as soon as I heard the news. I guess in dog years, he's indeed old already. Although a normal lifespan for a shih tzu is 15 years; George left us in this world after a short 7+ years. Ate Joy has been telling me that he's been having difficulties already. There were times before when they'd see him sad or just quiet somewhere in their house and chilling. He's shaking when he walks around. He's not the normal active self that he used to be. We were thinking it's just primarily due to his old age ... he's already at his prime and has met half of his total life expectancy so he's most likely gonna go soon. While that fact is accepted, I guess what's harder to accept is at that time when he's actually gone ...

    Yes, George isn't my dog. After our house was caught by fire a few years back and moved to a new apartment, I've never had my own dog again. It's against the current policies here to have pets. While "toy dogs" as they may be fondly called are allowed, I didn't get a new one anymore. I guess, when I lost the last dog I had who was badly beaten by some harsh folks, it was harder for me to maintain or keep one. Maintenance isn't really a problem but the fact that they'll leave after a few years too ... it's sad and it saddens me more when I lose them again ...

    I'm such a cry-baby at these things huh? I am really a dog lover too. At our old house, I can't recall how many dogs we had. I think we normally average at around 12-15 dogs and they keep on growing as we breed. There were different kinds too ... from Japanese Spitz, to Pitbull, to Dobberman, German Shepherd, Dalmation ... there were lots. My last dog was a cross-bred Pitbull-Labrador. We could afford to have lots of them because we had a garage and a open space at front, by the gate, where we house them all but they're free to move around the three houses in the compound. Since I was a little kid, I remember carrying little pups and I had tons of collections of photos with them. Too bad I don't have 'em anymore. I also lost 'em all in the fire ...

    I guess that's why I have the "dog smell" as they call it (LOLZ). Dogs can identify you as a "dog-person" or someone who is close to pet dogs; or is fond of dogs ... and that's why George, though he barks at me (is that even a bark? LOL), I know he loves me too. I normally just snatch him from the floor as he runs away hehe. He doesn't complain anymore anyway after I get him and hug him and tickle him ... He loves it when I scratch his tummy too. I call him cross-eyed because I feel like he is. I joke around and call him a fake Shih Tzu because his flocks aren't long and silky as normal shih tzus are. I only found out that there's such a liver and white shih tzu, which is a rare type; and George is that type of shih tzu.

    George - during my 2009 visit

    Without George, no one would welcome my Ate Joy back at her house when she's tired from work. No one would bark at her too when he's mad for her for being late. There's no liver-nosed shih tzu anymore who would lick them when he's happy. The cutesy little dog who runs around their house like there's no tomorrow but let's you catch him anyway, faking his escape, is not in this world anymore. In my visit a few months back, he's already shaking indeed. We didn't know what problems he had nor if it's indeed just due to old age. They decided to have him checked up just recently ... and there were medical findings. It's just sad to hear such a tragic story ...

    Losing him is hard. As hard as it is for me now ... I know it's even harder for his owners ... his family ... Ate Joy's family. I can't express the sadness and how I could comfort them for their lost ... I know this post may be unnecessary but I decided to post it anyway ... as my tribute for George ... my thank you for him for giving me smiles as well ... I guess now we can only remember the good times when he was around ... happy memories of having him ... and how we was also able to give me happiness ... to give happiness to people even outside of his own family or house. I'm sure Ate Joy's family would be delighted to hear good stories of George's funny antics to other people like me ... He was an angel ...

    To George ... you will always be remembered. We love you. May you rest in peace now hun ...


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