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Outfit Post: ♥♥ Learn to Love ❤ Again with Edressy ✻✻✻

5/12/2013 08:27:00 AM Ice Goddhez Blog 104 Comments

As promised, I'll write about the dress I got from my new sponsor, and I must say, I really chose the one I could wear in local parties and events. This post is then an "outfit post" and a "product review post" at the same time! Woot! You've seen a preview of this on my last post - Save Budget and Be a Party Belle with and now you'll see it full! And when it comes to party dressing, you'll see I really put effort in my expressions, makeup, style, and show my creativity in it. My love for cosplay would mostly be reflected in the looks I create. Of course, from time to time, we show our individuality.

Here's a comparative photo of the dress I received and the advertised photo from the site. I must say it's very accurate. The length of my dress is a little longer because I chose it to be that way. I have a bigger "behind" and if I choose shorter ones, I might flash you guys with ungodly scenes. LOL!

A-line Strapless Organza Short / Mini Homecoming Dress With Ruffled Skirt
Me vs. Site Model ... LOL is an online bridal shop, specializing in selling wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, flower girl dresses, prom dresses and other special occasion dresses. Since their goal is to make all of us customers and shoppers alike to be happy and satisfied, they are committed to offering high quality dresses with competitive price.The shop has then grown from providing just wedding dresses and entourage clothing to parties - prom, homecoming, among other styles.

In my country, I mentioned wearing glam dresses may not be as common since the parties we have are not as big as those in other countries. It's getting more costly nowadays. But luckily, there are shops that offer budget-friendly dresses at online shopping convenience like Go check after the cut to find out more about my views on this shop ...

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--- offers a range of beautiful dresses, matching shoes, exquisite accessories for brides and fashion ladies. The dress collections are updated every season according to the fashion trend, in order to provide us shoppers with the latest styles. Moreover, we can also have our dresses or gowns custom made if you can’t find a right size.

Before I even got the dress, I already envisioned this look. The materials of the dress gives me this romantic or somehow Victorian-style dress - organza + lace + black & white + see-through material + sexy + backless ... it has that sexy formula! And so, as soon as I got it, this was the result!

The shop offers good quality product with keen attention to details. I am very keen on details too and I was observing how accurate this is with the product advertised on the website. I must say, very little difference on the lace patterns on the skirt. Other than that, it still look pretty much the same. aims to be budget-friendly dress provider, the moment they've established this online shopping haven, No matter where you are, or who you are, offers the same low price to you. Whether you’re a retailer or a simple fashionista customer desiring to catch the latest fashion and style and trend, you can get an unbeatable low price from the site. This dress I chose, I must say; even though it's customized, the value did not change for me. It costs $125.94 USD (roughly Php5,037.60 in my local currency) when this was sent to me (please note price may change depending on the provider). Customized dresses would normally cost as much, I believe; and even more. But this one didn't change even price for my size.

I styled the look with some "blings" to add to the glamorous effect of the outfit. I believe I achieved a romantic glam look with it, don't you think? Most of my accessories are just reused from some of my past outfits hehe. I don't have an endless closet and accessories drawer anyway. I just mix and match. I can say I'm satisfied with this look. I was able to play around with the lovely outfit and the "love" I wanted to showcase in the mood, staying true to its "romantic" vibe. You can see I also used a fascinator as my hair accessory.

Pink's song has been stuck in my mind for months ... and I think it suits this look ...
Just Give Me A Reason By Pink
Just give me a reason Just a little bit's enough 
Just a second we're not broken just bent And we can learn to love again 
It's in the stars It's been written in the scars on our hearts 
That we're not broken just bent And we can learn to love again 

This outfit is as close to the song as I can see - romantic, lovely ... what more can you ask for? Learn to love again these dresses ... feel the romantic vibe ... offers such styles and a safe and easy online purchasing experience. Their payment processes guarantee a safe and secure purchasing environment with worldwide recognized safe methods. They've taken out the hassle of international trade —from product sourcing, secure payment and shipping.

Behind is an amazing team of real, live specialists who are happy to handle any issue you may have. The customer service is always ready to solve the problems you may come up, so feel free to turn to our customer service when you need help or have any question. I can vouch for this since for me, when I was still choosing my color, style, and sizing and how-to questions on measurements (yeah it's self-explanatory but given mine is customized, I wanted to make sure) ... their staff has been friendly enough. The one handling me as a fashion blogger was also very helpful.

The shop promises to know and believe in every fashionistas' mindset - that the dresses do mean a lot to us, so they ensure that each dress is handled with care and arrives from their warehouse to our own homes in style! Additionally, they offer fast delivery to make us get the dress in time for our big event - whether it's sooner already or if it can still take some time. I can attest to this! Their staff kept on following up with me if I already received the dress after their targeted timeframe. It was a bit delayed for me due to customs handling - there was miscommunication on the address, etc. But nevertheless; I got it as I expected it!

As I mentioned, I really got mt size much-customized than the advertised photo. I really can't go with such a very short length. My behind is really bigger - not in proportion with my whole body. LOL. And, my chest area is also ... uhmm ... bigger. So I my dress is really longer than the photo on the site. And the tube dress top itself is really bigger too to accommodate my ... erm ... my humps! The materials are of good quality as you can see on the photo. I chose this because it's not too-shiny and not too-bland as well so it's perfect for my personality and the events I'll go to. Not too grand, not too plain! And choosing it in black & white makes it a "safe" choice for any event!

I am really grateful for this opportunity to get this dress from edressy shop and write about how wonderful this dress is; and the experience in getting outfits and styles from the site. I also enjoyed the photoshoot with my sister for this look! Not so grand as well but all lovely and fun! (^_^)

What do you think?

  1. Black & White Edressy Mini Homecoming Dress with Ruffled Skirt, 
  2. Zara Trafaluc Black Slingback Chain Court Shoes TRF, ZARA 
  3. F21 Black Glittered Diamong Handbag Clutch, Forever 21 Philippines 
  4. Black Fascinator Hair Accessory, ACCESSORIZE 
  5. F21 Black and Silver Teardrop Earrings, Forever 21 
  6. F21 Black & Silver Rhinestone Collar Necklace, Forever 21
  7. F21 Stretched Silver Beaded Bracelet, Forever 21
  8. Silver Star Ring, Itsy Bitsy 
  9. GEO Super Nudy Blue Contact Lenses, GEO LENSES GWYSHOP 
  10. False Eyelashes, Shawill Makeup
  11. Aldo Accessories Black & Silver Rosette Ring, ALDO Shoes - Philippines 
  12. LOVE Silver Connector Rings, Love FIVEbyFIVE 
  13. Rei Miyamoto (宮本麗, Miyamoto Rei) Highschool of the Dead Cosplay Wig, My Little Prince! Shop 
  14. Lash Genius Clear Waterproof Topcoat Mascara, Anastasia Beverly Hills

Where to find this look?
♥♥ Learn to Love ❤ Again with Edressy ✻✻✻
Lookbook | Tumblr | Facebook

To summarize my thoughts on this as well ...


  • Quality matches the Price of the actual product
  • No false advertising
    • Actual Product appears really close to the product photo on the site
    • Minimal difference on the lacey cloth used as accent but not much
  • Shipment seems acceptable enough.
    • I put my blogger order on Feb. 4. 
    • Item was dispatched sometime Feb. 11-15 week following my customized sizing.
    • Item arrived Mar. 18 (but our customs and courier service had issues initially)
    • I was on a business trip away from home so it was only my dad who received the item and it reached us come April 1 instead after courier attempted to re-deliver
    • I got to shoot the item last April 16
  • The dress is very much up to trend and keeps up with my style
  • Friendly customer service experience

Buy now!!!

Visit the following for more information:
Do you have experiences with this shop? How do you find their services and style? Share them with me below in the comments section. (^_^)
PS: I'll be uploading a video of this outfit. Hope you'll watch out for it too from my Youtube Channel: Subscribe and let me know! I'll subscribe back. (^_^)
And ... As you see, Romwe leggings are creative and unique,
So many people like them;)
Now we prepare a big sale for the leggings,
only 19.99$ for 300+ CRAZY LEGGINGS from 2013.5.15 to 5.17


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  1. The dress is almost true to the picture from the site. I love how flirty lolita it looks. Great job on the complementing hat too. Haha I love the way you said flashing your ungodly series. That got me rolling off my chair.


  2. Hi Chai! That site got lots of fab dresses, I like the fact it could be customized, it makes it unique! I like yours, suits you very well! Your review are always informative and complete dear! Happy Sunday! xo

  3. great review! I also recommend this shop :)

  4. Wahh.. the dress looks so beautiful!
    You look amazing dear.

    Happy sunday! :)


  5. Very nice post. I just stumbled upon your weblog and wished to say that I've really enjoyed browsing your blog posts. In any case I'll be subscribing
    to your feed and I hope you write again soon!

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  6. I have never heard about this site, probably because I'm not into dresses =D
    I like your accessories ^-^

  7. My Scrambled StyleMay 12, 2013 at 7:13 PM

    You look beautiful! I also like the hat. Suits you very well.


  8. Nice post!!
    I follow you,
    I hope you do the same

  9. Darling I already hyped this look, it's super! You certainly know how to model! Thank you for your Mother's Day wishes, I was very moved! xoxo

  10. wow beautiful!!:)

  11. woww you look like a doll perfect figure to wear such dresses

  12. that's a very fancy outfit, i like it :)
    especially the lace!

  13. gorgoeus dress :)

    Marisa x

  14. Ohoooo.... you look super stunning, the dress looks so beautiful on you, i love it!!!

  15. Lovely pictures and very beautiful dress!


  16. the dress looks really good on you! Lovely how you paired it. I'm waiting for my Edressy dress to arrive, so excited! :)

  17. Such a pretty dress! I'm really loving all the ruffles!

  18. You look lovely Chai Chen, I had great fun wiith your "behind" I'm sure is not that bad...but is good they could do it larger for you.

  19. The dress is so charming, I am a fan of he adorable frills, it does look like the original picture, but your styling is a million miles better! I appreciate you taking the time to stop by and comment. May your week be a great & productive one!

  20. Lovely dress! I love the details on it! :)


  21. It does look very lolita-esque!

  22. Hi dear! just found your blog! Love it!!! Do you want to follow each other? Let me know please and I follow you back!! See you sonn and kisses xxx

  23. Adorable!

    Happy Monday ,kisses

  24. Such a cute dress! I checkout out the website they have so many gorgeous dresses. Thanks for the link :)
    I hope all is well lovely! Feel free to check out my new post.

    Kim xx

  25. You look really classy in this dress and I love the way you added that fascinator, makes the outfit even more feminine!

    Feel free to check-out my latest blog post and if you like, follow me on GFC, I'll follow you back :)

  26. You look SOOOOOOO pretty in this dress! I absolutely love how you styled it with the hat and accessories. I definitely agree that it has a Victorian feel to it. The details are just stunning, especially the cutouts in the back. You are so pretty :)

  27. Cassandra DotzelMay 14, 2013 at 2:08 AM

    so glam, Chai!
    Love the headpiece.
    I agree with the girl below me- totally lolita-esque.
    ow ow! haha.


  28. The dresses look so similar! Love the blonde wig on you! :D

    Adly of WIsh&Wear

  29. wow beautiful!!!!:)

  30. Thanks for your kind visit sweetheart!

  31. Sooooo beautiful ❤

    Thank you so much for your sweet comment.

    Happy Tuesday ^__^


  32. Very original look sweetie, keep up the good work!!



  33. Thank you for entering my giveaway hun!!

  34. I love your dress, you look awesome with it!!! Great style!! :) I know Edressy, their stuff is really nice!!



  35. You are one foxy lady hehehe, the dress suits you and I like the way you accesorize it. Love ti! xoxo

  36. Nice!!

  37. perfection and harmonyMay 15, 2013 at 7:11 PM

    Gorgeus dress. You look so sexy in it.

    I hope you will visit my site:

    and maybe follow if U like

  38. Adorable dress!

  39. Love the enitre look. This black really rocks.

  40. Adorable dress!

  41. Love the enitre look. This black really rocks.

  42. perfection and harmonyMay 16, 2013 at 6:52 AM

    Gorgeus dress. You look so sexy in it.

    I hope you will visit my site:

    and maybe follow if U like

  43. you look so stunning Chai! you look really elegant and powerful =)

    I hope you're having a beautiful day ~ XO
    Let's connect at GFC and BLOGLOVIN'

  44. Hello! I realize this is sort of off-topic but I needed to ask.

    Does building a well-established blog such as yours take a lot of work?

    I am completely new to writing a blog but I do write in my journal everyday.
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    Feel free to visit my homepage: diets that work fast

  45. You look adorable Chai, like a vintage doll, love it!

    xoxo Pakize

    from Madame Keke

  46. Wow! Love that dress! You look fab in it ;)

    My Blog: The Sassy Theory

  47. you look beautiful!!!!



  48. Haha thanks Jo! The dress is awesome! I love it :)

  49. Thanks Lilli dear :) I love that dress. So cool :)

  50. Thanks a lot Anya! The dress shop is cool :)

  51. Thanks dear Roxana!!! :) It's indeed my creative way to style it :) Follow you now ... #493 on GFC, same name chenmeicai :)

  52. Thanks for visiting Nina Cruz! Will check out your blog and maybe yes, follow each other :)

  53. Indeed my dear Laia! Otherwise, it wouldn't fit me haha :)

  54. Weee good for you! Can't wait for your edressy photos too :)

  55. Thanks Jolien! And thanks for leaving your link ... imma visit you now :)

  56. Oh dear thanks a lot Marisa! :)

  57. Yay thanks so much dear @xLoveHappyx :)

  58. The ruffles are really lovely indeed Caroline! Thanks for visiting :)

  59. Thanks my dears! I appreciate it :)

  60. Oh thanks my dear Sadee! You're so nice :)

  61. Thanks my dear kim for all your kind words :)

  62. Thanks so much Sam! I know you love frills and thrills! LOL :) Really appreciate your support as always :)

  63. Yay thanks Kristine my dear :)

  64. Thanks Helena Nicolau! I wish you can leave your link so I can visit you too :)

  65. I really appreciate your nice words my dear Marie :)

  66. Thanks Adly :) Really appreciate it ;)

  67. Love lolita fashion too my dear :)

  68. Thanks so much dear Gloria! I appreciate all your visits :)

  69. Thanks for visiting me again dear Anna :)

  70. Woot thanks as always dear Sam :)

  71. My dear Nico I really appreciate your support all the time :)

  72. Thanks dear Babi! I really love the dress too :)

  73. Weee thanks for visiting me again dear Joice :)

  74. Oh ok! Seems like a nice site perfection and harmony :) Thanks for visiting :)

  75. Thanks a lot Saskia! Will check out your Sassy Theory blog too :)

  76. Woot thanks as always dear Christine :)

  77. Thanks sooo much sweetie! I appreciate it :)

  78. Thanks dear Maria! :) Nice photo here too my dear :)

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