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Arci Munoz,

[BEAUTY] My Cosplay & Non-Cosplay Looks with Sleek Makeup Matte Me Lippies (Review)

3/25/2017 02:25:00 AM Ice Goddhez Blog 26 Comments

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I must admit; I've been a cosplayer since 2008 and yet I don't own a huge collection of makeup! I only have the basics - 1 eye palette with just 5-6 colors that I got from a train station; 2 shades of blush on in a compact; about 5 different shades of lipstick only; 2-3 brushes for all purpose (blush, eyes, and another one). All these I survived since then ... not until in 2013 when I started getting a few more addition to my makeup kit - from gifts. And last year, I started adding more. I started receiving makeup as gifts mostly, which increased my collection overall. Then I got this set of matte lipsticks from this line that I now definitely love!

Chai Chen's Collection of Matte Lippies!
Sleek Makeup: Matte Me

I don't have all the colors yet from their sets but I definitely love their collections. So far, I got these few pieces from Sleek Makeup "Matte Me" series and Detail Makeover "Matte in Detail" series. In this post, I'll be reviewing Sleek Makeup's Matte Me collection (at least for the 6 pieces I have). I'll reserve my review for the other set in another post. Check after the cut to see how it looks for each color and why I love it! Hop on the next lines for my Sleek Makeup Matte Me Lip Cream Review with different looks ... cosplay, and non-cosplay, daily makeup looks!


This addiction just started last year and it just kept on going. Well, not that I wanted all lipstick lines and all matte lippies. Maybe just these sets from these 2 brands, actually. I don't think I'll need more hehe. At least they got the colors that I need. So far, I have the following shades:

Sleek Makeup: Matte Me
  1. Matte Me in Birthday Suit (Nude)
  2. Matte Me Fandango Purple (Dark Purple)
  3. Matte Me Velvet Slipper (Rocker Chic)
  4. Matte Me Petal (Barbie Pink)
  5. Matte Me Shabby Chic (Nude Dark Pink)
  6. Matte Me Party Pink (Orangey-Pink)
Not all of them are "faves" per se ... coz there are some that I rarely use, given the color. But for the ones I really use a lot, on a daily basis at the office or during cosplays and photoshoots / modelling stints, these are the looks ... I mostly just had selfies but enough to see the color, I wanted to share the results and how I match them in style.

The names in parentheses () as I listed them above are just codes that I added, to describe how each color looks. They're not the official names of the lippies. It's just to help myself as well hehe! At least I color-code them myself so I don't get confused with the colors. Oh and by the way, in the photos below, all of them are just using one (1) coating of the lip creams. I tried to double-coat at some points and I didn't like the result. It's either they get flaky (as it easily dries up, putting another layer results to chapped parts) or result to a different, darker color.

Anyway, let's start. To achieve dark, heavy metal, rockstar chic look, I recommend the Velvet Slipper. I actually call it as well the "Arci Munoz" lipstick look. Arci is a local actress / celebrity who's also a frontliner in a band. She does sing and rock metal / dark music as well so the looks definitely suit her. I love Arci Munoz! I love her dark-lippies-looks like this one! She's like a goddess, really! I know I'll be channeling more of her in my looks and my matte lipstick reviews hehe!

Arci Munoz Rockstar Look - Dark Lipstick

Me in Sleek Makeup: Matte Me 
"Velvet Slipper"
In Costume: Gypsy Dancer Look / Rockstar Chic
I love this color as it gives that dark, mysterious personality look as well. Not to mention it gives that extra boost of confidence ... a stronger aura! What do you think of this look? Did I achieve that Arci Munoz matte lips look? LOL. But, if that's not your style, and sometimes I also want a little tamed yet fierce and girly look still, I go with this other color - the Fandango Purple. It's not an everyday color, I must say. It only looks good on some fashion styles and dress colors, of course. Otherwise, I guess it'll look too-off-color.

Me in Sleek Makeup: Matte Me 
"Fandango Purple"
I recall that I was actually taking a photo of my braids instead, when I had this so sorry for the lack of closer reference. Here's one I found online, that resembles the actual color when you look at it personally.

(c) @lizbranquela Fandago Purple

And now let's move on to lighter colors, one light shade I also like is Sleek Makeup Matte Me's "Petal." I can describe it as the lightest pink, pastel, bubblegum pink color that can achieve that "Nicki Minaj" kind of look. It's not bright pink but when you wear all bright colors and use this one on the lips, it'll stand out. It is light yet stand out. The closest color I can find on the web is this one. The following photo is me wearing it.

Sleek Makeup Matte Me in Petal (Barbie Pink)

Cosplay! Sheryl Nome from Macross Frontier (Anime)
Me in Sleek Makeup: Matte Me 
"Petal" a.k.a. Barbie Pink (indoors, well-lit space)
Channeling my inner-Sofia Andres in this look!
Me in Sleek Makeup: Matte Me 
"Petal" a.k.a. Barbie Pink (inside the car, dark, no lights inside)

The only one that I don't have a photo of is the "Party Pink" one. I haven't worn it in the office nor in any official event as of yet. I guess I haven't found the right overall getup color yet for that lippie. Well, moving on! And I guess I'm saving my top 2 best picks at the end ... my 2nd best favorite is the "Shabby Chic" color. I'd say, it's also natural looking but a lil darker than nude colored ones; but lighter than the pinkish tone. Also perfect for an everyday makeup look.

(c) @lizbranquela Shabby Chic

Me in Sleek Makeup: Matte Me 
"Shabby Chic"
Outdoors (it looks pinkish)
Me in Sleek Makeup: Matte Me 
"Shabby Chic"
Indoors (Night Time, bright lights during our Indie Film shooting, it looks darker)
And I guess you guessed it right ... the last piece of color is my most favorite one! The one I haven't mentioned again yet ... the Birthday Suit color. It's also close to "nude" type color. Can I say, "brownish nude" color? Oh well! I use it everyday ... well, almost. Since I started last year, I'm already using my 2nd piece now and maybe needing my 3rd soon! This color is really my fave above all! Pardon my 3 selfies but this is the best ones showing how the shade looks like in different lighting conditions.

(c) @lizbranquela Birthday Suit

Me in Sleek Makeup: Matte Me Birthday Suit
"Birthday Suit" (Outdoors, Inside the Car coz it's too hot outside, natural lighting / sunlight)

Cosplay! Suzumiya Haruhi from "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya" (Anime)
Me in Sleek Makeup: Matte Me 
"Birthday Suit" (Indoors, well-lit space)
Me in Sleek Makeup: Matte Me 
"Birthday Suit"
Indoors: Model Photoshoot (with ring light)

There are other similar colors to the Shabby Chic and Birthday Suit ... I think about 3-4 more colors in the same "Matte Me" line. But these 2 will do for now. Of course, my most favorite remains ... this Sleep Matte Me Lipstick Birthday Suit is the best! I still need a dark red type from this line though; that is what I'm missing. The fiery red type that gives that ooompphh-factor! Or should I say, girl power ... no women-run-the-world-kinda-look. That's the one I need. And from the other colors available, these are the ones I can get next.

Red-Colored Swatches - Sleek Makeup: Matte Me 
"Old Hollywood" (similar to Velvet Slipper but lighter, more brownish red typ)
"Fired Up" (more like old rose? but more reddish)"Vino Tinto" (wine red, but I think it's also similar to Velvet Slipper, just more dark purplish?)"Rioja Red" (bright red)

Which one do you guys think, should I get next? The closest color is the Rioja Red if I want that fiery red color but still, it's not the "bloody fiery red" that I'm expecting. I just tested these from the mall as they are the ones recommended by the salesgirl and I did this swatches thingie. The other swatches you see above are from Instagram posts by @lizbranquela - I love her posts! I think she has the best Sleek Matte Me Lip Cream swatches / photos around!

Let me know your thoughts and other recommendations in the comments below!

In summary, what I can say is ...
Chai's Sleek Makeup Matte Me Lip Cream Set
  • the packaging stands up to its name, sleek & chic
  • rich color & texture 
  • very good, high quality, great staying power
  • perfect line to doll up and do a daily makeup look
  • 1 coating is enough to mattify the lip colors
  • double-coating them may result to a different tint / shade of that color
  • easily dries up, no need to wait long to set the colors
  • doesn't dry up the lips, they still feel smooth after
  • ultra smooth lip creams, easily glides on the lips
  • it doesn't fade off easily even after dining, except the Velvet Slipper (gets slightly chapped)
  • strong hold, you'll need a makeup remover to take it off
  • i actually think this is one of the best matte lipstick kind in town

CHAI'S VERDICT: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (5 Stars!!!)
Visit the following for more information & shop away:

Would I recommend this? Definitely. Shop now!

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  1. I love to try the Shabby Chic <333 I tried the Birthday Suit pero ang pale nya sa lips ko huhu :(

    1. Ay ganun? Hehe mas fave ko yung birthday suit :)

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  3. awesome post :)

  4. Great review! Sleek do awesome beauty products, my sister is also a huge fan of their lippies. Xx

    1. Wow thanks a lot for visiting me again, my dear :) Keep in touch!

  5. those are really pretty lipsticks! :)

  6. A wonderful post, dear!
    I'd be happy friendship blogs ♥
    Julia Shkvo

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog dear :) Yeah we can be blogger friends!

  7. Look at you rocking all these pretty lip colors! I can see why Birthday Suit is your favorite shade! It's such an unusual nude and looks very elegant and feminine. And Rioja Red would be a fab choice for your next purchase.

    1. Weeee thanks for this lovely comment, dear :) I'd definitely try that Rioja Red then :)

  8. Ooohhh! I have 2 from Sleek's Matte lippies -- Shabby Chic and Vino Tinto, but I haven't used them yet (still sealed). :D

    Anyhow, love the looks you created with these lippies. I especially like the Velvet Slipper and Petal. So pretty! And yay, you cosplayed Sheryl Nome! I love her! <3

    By the way, so nice to meet a fellow blogger-cosplayer! :D

    1. Weeee hello there fellow cosplayer blogger friend hehe. :) Thanks for appreciating my looks too!

  9. sono tutti dei bellissimi colori.

  10. Love your collection! My favourite is Velvet Slipper. :)

    1. I also love that color :) Thanks for visiting my dear!

  11. Excellent post. All collors is so beautiful, I love it 🙂❤️ I'm followed you, If you wish,follow me back 🙂

  12. You should also try Sleek Matte Me in Bittersweet. I prefer it over birthday suit. :)


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