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[FASHION] Trendy Summer Korean Swimwear Pieces from Korean Rose Shop

4/20/2017 09:00:00 PM Ice Goddhez Blog 18 Comments

It's officially summer time! Vacation time! I ain't really the "beach person" type. I rarely go to swimming activities, either with just swimming pools or big, beautiful beaches. One thing I always think of is ... what am I supposed to wear? The fashionista in me thinks that every time we'll go to an outing, I need to have a new outfit. Hahah! Do you guys think the same? But then again, that'll be too expensive! The travel expenses + all the different swimwear to wear, right? Thankfully, there are online shops now that really offer great quality and affordable pricing for swimsuits! And my pick this time is My Korean Rose shop, where I got these fashionably cute swimwear!

My Korean Rose - Korean Swimwear

I have a few swimsuits but they're not as fashionable as these ones I got from Korean Rose shop. Plus the fact that these are in Korean fashion style, I know I can swim in style! I love Korean beauty products and Korean trends / fashion / clothing! Combine them in these swimwear pieces, and voila! I guess we'll look like kpop stars then! LOL. Click after the cut to read more ...


I selected a few cute pieces first and came down to these three (3). I know the owner and I've had a few of my other Korean clothing pieces from her so in swimwear, I also trusted her shop. Check out these cutesy Korean swimwear collection!

Nautical Stripes with Jade Green Ribbons / Straps / Belt 2 pc Bikini with Shorts

Nautical Inspired 2-piece Korean Swimwear Set with Shorts

Korean Swimwear One Piece with Ruffles

Floral Bikini Set 5 Piece with Top, Skirt, and Shorts
Halter Floral Bikini Set with Shorts

Korean Rose Bikini Set Black and Jade Green Military Style String

There are loads more choices actually but these are the pieces I got ...

Me on 2pc Korean Swimwear | Korean Rose Shop
Bikini Nautical Navy Blue and White with Shorts
Me on 2pc Korean Swimwear | Korean Rose Shop
Bikini Nautical Navy Soldier Themed - Jade Green & Black with Body Straps
Entry for Fitness First Philippines "New Year New You"
The only one I have not worn in an outing or an event is this one:

Me on 2pc Korean Swimwear | Korean Rose Shop
Bikini Floral Swimwear in Coral Pink - With Skirt

My transaction has been very smooth with the shop owner and the payment methods are flexible. My primary option was via bank deposit. They don't accept Paypal payments yet since it's just via Facebook, a convenient way to do online shopping, really!

The shop has a lot of fashionable and trendy Korean fashion clothing and dresses that I normally wear to office as well but for this one, I'm highlighting the swimwear pieces. This shop does have lots of pieces that will get you in style! Who wouldn't want to be in a stylish bikini in your next trip to Boracay or El Nido, Palawan, or other popular beaches, right? As for me, I'm highly satisfied with my fashionable Korean swimsuits from My Korean Rose Shop.

My nuggets of feedback then would be ...
My Korean Rose Shop
  • easy transaction with the shop owner, very responsive
  • flexible payment terms
  • fast transaction & shipping as soon as payment is confirmed
  • has a lot of selection of korean fashion clothing 
  • nice picks for cute Korean swimwear in the Philippines 
  • great resource for one piece swimsuits here in the Philippines 
  • offers affordable pricing, the swimwears range from P600 to P1,000 on average 
  • cheap binikis online 
  • offers cheap swimming costumes related to cosplay looks, which I really love

CHAI'S VERDICT: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (5 Stars!!!)
Visit the following for more information & shop away:

Shop similar trends below and be in your stylish and cute Korean swimwear, the best looks possible as we all march into the spring summer season!

Enjoy the Sunshine, Share your Happiness. Free shipping worldwide, no minimum purchase.
Shop Swimwear Collection at OASAP

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  1. Great choices hun, they all suit you really well :)

    1. Thanks a lot babe! Really appreciate your nice words :)

  2. Awesome♥♥♥

  3. WOW Great post!
    I just follow the blog, follow back?

  4. I'm all about the stripes! Love that bikini! :)

    1. Haha! Yes! I see you love it and nautical vibes :)

  5. Awe...This swimsuit is such a cutie, is still cold here in my place, I can wait to have something like this colorful to wear.


    1. Go get some colorful swimwear now dear Joice :)

  6. Lovely swimwear!
    Great for the upcoming summer! :)
    / Kathy's delight / Instagram / Facebook

  7. Good to know you had such a goo experience with this shop! You certainly picked up some really cute swimwear!

  8. Wow cute swimsuit. please check mine if you dont mind :)

  9. I really like Jade Green & Black with Body Straps swimsite. it looks amazing both on you and the model.

  10. Wow super collection, To shop online swimwear of same collection with super quality and FINA approved @ up to 50% discount visit Yingfa Swimwear USA Inc.


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