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beach resort in pangasinan philippines,

[TRAVEL] The Beauty That Was Bolinao! Visit Pangasinan, Philippines!

4/25/2017 06:00:00 PM Ice Goddhez Blog 10 Comments

I did say I ain't a "beach person" right? But when I do go out for a swim, I make sure I stay fashionable like my recent summer-y posts Trendy Summer Korean Swimwear Pieces from Korean Rose Shop and OPPO F1s: Summer #OOTD. I mean, don't we all? LOL. Don't we all want to stay cute and fashionable this time of the year? And these outfits are best strutted on beautiful beaches like this one here ... you've seen me and my bestie at the Bolinao Falls in one of the OOTD photos ... and now, lemme bring you more of the beauty that is Bolinao!

Me at Treasures of Bolinao Beach Resort
Bolinao | Patar, Pangasinan, Philippines (Travel)

It's the time of the year again where we look for affordable travel packages or search about things we can do at beautiful beach resorts like this one. Or if you're already familiar with some beaches in the Philippines, surely you'd surely have heard about Bolinao Beach Resorts in Patar, Pangasinan. Check after the cut to see more of this wonderful beauty in the Philippines!


I went there with my friends Tuts Bautista, Eulo Carillo, and my bestie Randolf Palanca. We just traveled by land. Tuts and Eulo brought their van with them so we all just traveled comfy in it. There's just 4 of us anyway. It was a fun long drive. I think it took us 4 hours to get to Pangasinan. We tried to scout for a resort on the first night but we didn't find a good place yet so we checked in at a cheap hotel in just 1 room to save on cash. I forgot the actual name of the hotel but it had the MUGS Bar & Restaurant. It was ok.

Mugs Bar & Restaurant | Bolinao (Patar, Pangasinan Philippines)
Randolf, Eulo, Tuts, and me! Dinner!
The food taste & quality is similar to what we get in the cities anyway. I don't drink but it was the first time I had my own pina colada hehe. It had a bit of an aftertaste. I must say, it's a good drink.

Piña Colada | Mugs Bar & Restaurant
Bolinao, Pangasinan (Philippines)

The day after, we went to visit the very enchanting Bolinao Falls. It was really beautiful.

Closer Look of the Lagoon ... I mean Bolinao Falls

Bolinao Falls (Top View)

Me in my Retro-inspired Swimwear | Trendy Korean Swimsuit
Polka Dots Haltered Top with Shorts

Me on a Lifesaver and my friend, Eulo
Bolinao Falls, Pangasinan

We didn't stay long in that place as we had to get to a bigger hotel where we'll stay in and head over to the beach. We found then this hotel called Treasures of Bolinao where we stayed for the next two (2) days. After that, our adventure continued. Up next, the Enchanted Cave.

Tuts, Me, Eulo, and Randolf
Enchanted Cave Entrance, Bolinao
Pangasinan, Philippines (Travel)
Enchanted Cave, Bolinao
Pangasinan, Philippines (Travel)

Enchanted Cave, Bolinao
Cave Entrance Going Down ...
Randolf, Eulo, Tuts, and Me

Eulo, Randolf, and Me
Inside ... and Under ... The Enchanted Cave, a Secret Lagoon!
Bolinao Pangasinan Philippines (Travel)
There was an entrance fee but I kinda forgot already how much it was. LOL! It's not too much actually. But there also wasn't much to see inside. Nature tripping and a few rocky road walks and this secret lagoon is all in. I was scared to take a dip as it was really dark. It was only Randolf then who took the plunge! And Eulo too ... but yeah, we didn't stay too long. I kinda got scared that there were lurking figures around ... and bats! Haha!

After that, we went back to our hotel already. It was actually better to explore the beach right around that time, close to sunset. It wasn't too much of a pain under the sun anymore. The view was just beautiful. The Treasures of Bolinao Beach Resort in Patar, Pangasinan is a good choice. You can walk around Patar Beach and explore! We were lucky to be there when there wasn't a lot of visitors. It felt like we had the whole beach to ourselves. It's that Bolinao beach resort with swimming pool much like Puerto Delo Sol Bolinao but anyway, we ended up here.

Photo taken by bestie Randolf @randolf_0903
Sunset by the Bolinao Beach Resort, Patar, Pangasinan (Travel)
Treasures of Bolinao, Beach Resort
Patar Beach Resorts, Pangasinan Phiippines (Travel)
Treasures of Bolinao, Beach Resort View (before the sun finally sets)
Patar Beach Resorts, Pangasinan Phiippines (Travel)
I'm a mermaid pose! Taken by bestie Randolf!
Patar Beach Resorts, Pangasinan (Travel)
White Sand Beaches of Bolinao
I'm a mermaid pose! Another Take! Coz it's the SPLASH!
Patar Beach Resorts, Pangasinan (Travel)
White Sand Beaches of Bolinao
It wasn't easy taking that mermaid pose! LOL! Well, I didn't really lay my feet flat nor did I have a tail haha but I just thought and felt like a mermaid with that pose. Time really flies when swimming and having fun with friends. It was really a memorable summer getaway with these guys! I love 'em to bits!

Me and Bestie Randolf
Watching the Sunset by the Beach, Bolinao
Patar, Pangasinan

Besties for Life! Randolf, Eulo and Me ... Tuts was missing ... hiding my slippers!
Sunset by the White Sand Beaches of Bolinao 
Patar, Pangasinan Philippines (Travel)
Finally ... Sunset!Sunset by the White Sand Beaches of Bolinao 
Patar, Pangasinan Philippines (Travel)
And so I lost my slippers! It was windy and all the waves were coming at us. I was just kidding when I said Tuts was hiding it haha! We left the slippers on a higher place, near the cottages actually but still, the waves caught up with them. Good thing there were spare slippers in the hotel. We still did a little night swimming by the pool and tried to tour the place. We didn't stroll much longer that night anymore since it looked like there was a storm though there wasn't any. The waves were just so big that they reach the shores and near the entrance of the hotel already. It was scary but the folks said it was normal Hehe. Also, it was a bit too dark. There were very few lamp posts and lighting around so we decided to just get back to the hotel. It was a seafood feast then that night!

On our last day, we took another dip but this time, by the pool only. We also got the pool to ourselves! Heaven! It was bright and sunny and definitely a sight to see!

Treasures of Bolinao | Bolinao Hotels
Swimming Pool 

Patar Beach Resorts, Pangasinan Philippines (Travel)
Treasures of Bolinao | Bolinao Hotels
Chillin' By the Pool 

Patar Beach Resorts, Pangasinan Philippines (Travel)
With this view, I wanted to stay all day! It was very relaxing! This kind of lifestyle ... ahhhhh heaven! This hotel is pretty cheap actually. If you go try to search for Patar Bolinao Beach Resort Rates you'll definitely get this as one of the recommendations too. We all chipped in so it was really affordable for a group of four (4).

Treasures of Bolinao | Bolinao Hotels
Infinity Pool Beach View 

Patar Beach Resorts, Pangasinan Philippines (Travel)
Overall, if I got my maths right, for a four days + 3 nights stay in Bolinao, plus the gas and all the food, I think I only spent around P4,000. Not bad, really.

Overall, what I can say is ...
Treasures of Bolinao / Patar White Sand Beach Resorts Pangasinan Philippines 
  • the place is heaven to all travellers and beach babes
  • affordable hotels around the Patar Island 
  • beautiful white sand beach around Patar, Pangasinan 
  • Treasures of Bolinao is a hotel that I can highly recommend
  • perfect venue for travel photos and photo blogs, OOTDs, and selfies  
Gyaaahhhh I can't summarize further! It's so beautiful, I run out of words and just let the photos speak! Go and visit here now!

Treasures of Bolinao Beach Resort | Patar, Pangasinan 
It's More Fun in the Philippines!

: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (5 Stars!!!)
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  1. Thank you for the beautiful impressions hun, the Philippines is very beautiful :)

    1. Come visit me here hehe :) I'll tour you around!

  2. what a gorgeous place!
    It seems you had a lovely time.
    You look great. that pool shot.

  3. Bolinao Beach Resort certainly looks like a little slice of paradise! I bet you and your friends has a blast there Chai!

  4. OMG beautiful place to visit and amazing pics! here you are a new follower, I hope you like mine. Nowadays I am in Oman and the newest post is about a special shoes collection "SJP"
    see u soon dear

  5. Wow, how beautiful?!?!


  6. Great photos and beautiful local.
    I'm following your blog via GFC, could you follow my blog too?

  7. Pangasinan is such a long drive but so worth it! Local beaches are still the best!

    xo, Lou | Caffeine Rush


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