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[LIFESTYLE] Want Ellen Adarna Hair? Get Hairshaft Salon Fredified Hair!

5/05/2017 06:32:00 PM Ice Goddhez Blog 12 Comments

They said that a girl who cuts and styles her hair is bound to welcome wonderful changes in her life. I guess that's true then! At that time, I wanted drastic changes in my hair and overall look. And there's a local celebrity that I also like who's really very gorgeous! She has such a beautiful face, skin, and lovely hair! That color, and bouncy, wavy, lively hair ... I wanted it! And Ellen has just been posting a lot of her selfies with this new hairdo on her Instagram account. So what to do next? I contacted her hairstylist and said, I want that Ellen Adarna Hair!

Ellen Adarna - Photo Reference
Hairshaft Salon #FREDIFIED Hair
It didn't taken long for me to scout her hairstylist. They had a number of Instagram accounts & stylists available but the owner himself, Fred Panales, is Ellen's main hairstylist so I went straight to him and found his cell#. I initially inquired about the pricing, the overall process, and the time it'll take. Fred walked me through all this via viber conversation, analyzing how my hair looks currently and what needs to be done. It was rather overwhelming but, I wanted it so I proceeded ... read more ...


My hair is ok somehow but still a bit damaged for a few years already coming from several other treatments I had in the past. Rebonding & relaxing the hair does damage it further, they said. I read that in other health and beauty blogs and other hairstyle articles online and in magazines. Better stick with with regular treatments like hair spa or hot oil and the likes, just to nourish the hair. So I wanted it to be livelier and updated with the hair trends. And since I saw Ellen posting her new hairstyle from her trusted salon, I just immediately wanted to have that same kind of hairstyle. Afterall, I needed that hair change right away. After all the drama and stuff! HAH!

Me with Black Hair
Before my Hairshaft Salon Treatment
Initially, Fred mentioned I'll need about five (5) hours or more for all the treatments he will do. And one weekend, I had time to spare. Well really, I freed up my time for this. So I went straight to Fred. He was already waiting for me. He knew the hair I wanted from Ellen's IG posts and I referenced through in our viber conversations (that first photo on this blog, among others) so he knew what to do as soon as I sat there.

Ellen Adarna Hairstyle
Isn't her hair so gorgeous? I love it! She's been featured in a lot of other hair blog sites around and I guess this can be trademarked to her already ... let's call it the "The Ellen Adarna Hair."

Ellen Adarna (from her Instagram account)
Hairshaft Salon #FREDIFIED Hair

The first thing I noticed in the salon is that all of Fred's staff are actually very accommodating. Fred was assisting someone else but he dutifully assisted me as well until his other client was finished. He had his other staff attend to me first for treatment preparation.

Preparation for Hair Coloring Hairshaft Salon #FREDIFIED Hair

They had an overflowing serving of iced tea. I think I had lots of it! After all, the process for my hair treatments would take longer. And since my hair was considered "virgin hair" as it was still all black, and the last hair coloring treatment I had was many years back, it would take longer to have the color stick to my hair. He didn't bleach my hair anymore but he said he had a different treatment done, which is similar to bleaching, but less harmful on the hair.

Hair Coloring Treatment
Balayage Ombre Ash Blonde Fred Panales Signature Tone

Hairshaft Salon #FREDIFIED Hair

It was all different coloring treatments altogether - Balayage Ombre with Ash Blonde and Fred Panales Signature Tone color. After that treatment (and it was called with a long term), they proceeded with highlights to add more color and volume to my otherwise dark black hair. Overall I think it was Three Tone / Three Colors that were applied, including the highlights. Then next is the straightening treatment.

Straightening Treatment
Pneumatic Perm / Rebond Treatment

Hairshaft Salon #FREDIFIED Hair

I can't recall what it's exactly called, really but there was a mention of this Pneumatic Perm treatment from Fred so I think that's it. It was not really a hair rebonding or relaxing treatment but similar to that. But to soften that that otherwise super straight hair, another treatment was done.

Brazilian Blowout Permanent Blowdry / Keratin Treatment Hairshaft Salon #FREDIFIED Hair

I believe I also had the Keratin Treatment and then the signature Brazilian Blowdry Permanent Blowdry treatment came in last. This promised to add the curls and natural wave of my hair that'll last for several days. It was a little bit painful in the eyes as it was that strong. It's not adviseable but Fred thought it'd be better for my hair given all these treatments now so I just trusted him with it. I was advised also that I need other regular treatments after this to keep that bouncy and lively hair. Aside from bathroom essentials, salon treatments need to come after as well.

Finished Product - Ellen Adarna Hair Balayage Hair Color with Highlights
Hairshaft Salon #FREDIFIED Hair
I also had a haircut. Fred was styling my hair already all throughout the procedure. He definitely knows what's needed to be done. I just said I wanted it exactly like Ellen Adarna's hair anyway hehe. Or otherwise, I normally just go to any salon and ask for any in-trend haircut styles for women. But this time, I didn't need to worry. I definitely love the end result!

A post shared by Chai Chen ♥ 陳美彩 ♥ (@chenmeicai) on

Thank you so much @hairshaftsalon @hairshaftfred @hairshaftfred for my new hairstyle! Totally luvin' it! ♥♥♥ I am now FREDIFIED! ^_^ Thanks also for your empowerment. Much appreciated! I needed that hair makeover to get over ... I didn't expect it to be this awesome ala-Ellen Adarna @maria.elena.adarna (I love her!) Bonus na lang nahalungkat mo ang IG ko haha. LOL. Kidding aside, thank you soooo much! I'm beyond words for my gratitude. Love you! I will continue to be a good girl. ♥♥♥ REPOST: By @hairshaftfred "FREDIFIED Viber / SMS 09176283906 #fredified #salon #topsalon #bestsalon #top10salon #hair #ombre #balayage #fredpenales #parlor #manila #fredigodfather #signaturetone #signatureservice #permanentblowdry #pneumaticperm #hairextensions #hair #haircolor #haircut #stylistofthestars #celebritystylist #hairshaftsalon #lucybritanicosalon #alindog #dreamhair @fredified @fredigodfather @hairshaftsalon @lucybritanicosalon @hairshaftsalonfort @hairshaftsalonpodium @hairshaftrobinson @lucybritanico @lucybritanicosalon DREAM HAIR 💋" via @PhotoRepost_app
A post shared by Chai Chen ♥ 陳美彩 ♥ (@chenmeicai) on

Good morning! ♥♥♥ Each day we wake up is a blessing. Hold no grudges & continue living ... and praying ... even for those who've hurt us ... Wish them well ... ^_^ 04/13/15 Luvin' my new hair! ^_^ Thanks HAIRSHAFT SALON for this liberating new hairstyle. Definitely helps me on my road to recovery. *wink* Many thanks! REPOST: By @miguelized "THANK YOU @CHENMEICAI 😊😊 --- FOR INQUIRIES: SMS/VIBER +639173096554 --- FAN PAGE: FACEBOOK.COM/MIGUELIZED --- WEBSITE: WWW.MIGUELIZED.COM --- #MIGUELIZED #MIGUELIZEDARLINGS #MIGUELIZERS #hairtreatment #pastelcolors #ashblonde #manicpanic #permanentblowdry #airperm #ombre #brazilianblowout #highlights #haircolor #philippines #blonde #hairstyle #haircut #balayage #digiperm #signatureservice #signaturestylist #signaturetone #dreamhair #hairmaven #hairextensions #salon #platinum #hairstylist #vidalsassoon #balayageombre" via @PhotoRepost_app
A post shared by Chai Chen ♥ 陳美彩 ♥ (@chenmeicai) on

As usual, after any high level treatments, we wouldn't wash our hair for a few days, right? So I had mine on for three (3) days without washing. I was very careful not to wet my hair at bath time as Fred specifically warned me about it so that I can keep my permanent blowdry in style. This is how it looks after 3 days.

Ellen Adarna Hair After 3 Days Without Washing
Hairshaft Salon #FREDIFIED Hair

The shine and the softness from after-treatment 'til after the 3 days was gone but my hair was still bouncy and retained the wavy curls, somehow. After all the combing though, it couldn't hold it that much. But this one though in the photo, I had it enhanced by a curling iron. I had to attend a planning session so I styled my hair a bit. I didn't use the iron for too long since my hair might get damaged. I just used it at the edge to keep that permed look at the edge.

Ellen Adarna Hair After 1 Week - After Washing, Using Hair Masque Only
Hairshaft Salon #FREDIFIED Hair

On the fifth (5th) day after washing, no shampoo, just the L'OREAL Hair Professional "ABSOLUT HAIR REPAIR LIPIDIUM" for very damaged hair (this is like a conditioner / hair masque), which I also got from the salon; this is how my hair looked. There are other similar professional hair care products available but I just chose this one. The other salon hair care products are more costly, actually so this one, I settled with.

You can see that it lost the natural vibe and a number of my split ends were showing; clear sign of my damaged hair. If I compare it with my black hair, I must say that my black hair was even better. But anyway, this was somehow expected since I got my hair colored and all those treatments. I just needed to stick with my after-treatments of using that hair masque for a week before shampooing again. Fred said it's ok to use shampoo as long as it's sulfate free so I got myself a new shampoo after another week, after using the hair masque only.

Ellen Adarna Hair After 3 Weeks - After Washing, With Shampoo No curling; just natural waves; combed hair
Hairshaft Salon #FREDIFIED Hair

After Three (3) Weeks, this is how my hair looked like. I used shampoo after two (2) of having the treatment so on the 1st week, there were 3 days of no washing; then I had to use the hair masque only; then on the 2nd week I only stayed using the hair masque. On the 3rd week, that's when I started using a sulfate free shampoo. This one's available in supermarkets - OGX Argan Oil of Morocco, the blue one for damaged hair. I use the shampoo and the conditioner alternating each day. On a few weeks after, I got back to using the masque once a week as instructed as well. I was able to keep the wavy hair. It doesn't exactly look like Ellen Adarna's hair anymore of course as I don't style it everyday but pretty much, I still love the results.

In a nutshell ...
Hairshaft Salon #FREDIFIED Ellen Adarna Hair Review 
  • because of not bleaching the hair, I guess it caused more damage but still looks ok given that there was that alternative treatment to bleaching that was used
  • expect celebrity pricing to achieve a celebrity hairstyle
  • for the 3-6 treatments done on my hair, it took 6 hours long but the wait time was well worth it
  • just trust Fred Panales with the treatments and he'll do the magic, you'll really get your dream hair like I did!
  • you really need to follow the hair care routine instructions like the steps I did, otherwise, it'll cause further damage to the hair 
  • for maintenance, there really needs to be salon treatments after every month 
  • I definitely love the overflowing refillable lemonade-like green mint iced tea that they serve!  
  • all of the staff are highly accommodating and approachable though they are celebrity stylists already, they all smile and chit chat with each client
  • Fred Panales is very friend and he remained as my friend even after the treatment
Ellen Adarna Hair ... Dream Hair! 
Hairshaft Salon #FREDIFIED Hair
CHAI'S VERDICT: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (5 Stars!!!)
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  1. cool hairdo and this look is so cute , ur hair is all wavy and flow-y ..........change is always good right!!!?!
    happy life,

  2. Cool hairstyle!

  3. i think that hairstyle looks great on you chai! :)

    xoxo, rae

  4. I've been reading good reviews about hair shaft. I like your hairdo! :)

    I'd love to hear something from you! :)

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    1. Amazing blog post and great photos.
      I am glad you enjoyed reading my recent post and thank you for the comments!!
      As on this month, MyLyfeMyStory has been officially renamed as Harija Ravi :)
      Harija Ravi

  9. They styled your hair so well! Looks absolutely gorgeous on you! <3

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