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black white off the shoulder top,

[OUTFIT POST] Simple Life with Off Shoulder Tops and Skinny Jeans: Modelling Portfolio

5/29/2017 05:13:00 PM Ice Goddhez Blog 5 Comments

I originally started this blog as a Fashion & Beauty Blog in terms of category since I took it off from my personal blog at xanga and moved here to blogspot. Since 2011, this blog has evolved from that category, to include more of my random ramblings and musings in the fields of style, lifestyle, food, gaming, tech, more reviews and so on. I guess I need to ensure this blog also stays delivering the "fashion sense" I wanted to instill in it so yeah, I thought I'd give a new outfit post again after like, some years? Haha! I normally just document my corporate outfit or daily work attire. While most of it is all-dressy (required for my role), I also do casual likes like this one when it's towards the end of the week already.

Black and White Off the Shoulder Top (Unbranded) |
Jellybean PH Skinny Jeans

I don't normally wear jeans to work. In fact even on casual days, most of the time I'd wear a casual dress instead. So when I do wear jeans, it comes as a surprise at work. Haha! But that's the thrill of it too, to surprise the people around. I own only a few pairs of jeans and I have more shirts (that I normally wear with shorts) so whenever I wear jeans like this one, I find it a little bit challenging to match it with a nice top to make it still good for an office environment yet stay stylish and slay! This one's one of those good casual tops to wear with jeans and flash that blue jean outfits looks best for casual days.


In dressing, I also make it a point I keep it simple like how I live life. I think I also mentioned in my past outfit posts anyway that normally, my outfits would reflect my mood, way of living, beliefs, and whatever I see stylish and cool that will match the needs of my requirements for the job day by day. Comfort is key and also, design comes into play. It's nothing outlandish of course but I make sure I keep it in trend. How to wear skinny jeans to work? I guess this one satisfies that search ...

Off Shoulder Blouse (Unbranded)
Black & White Stripes showing my freck-ly back and my birthmark

I got this nice striped off the shoulder top from Divisoria in the Philippines. It's like a shopping mecca, I must say! It's very cheap ... well, actually, items there are really very cheap. But it's also of good quality. Though the price is cheap, the overall look and style is actually very nice. I was initially thinking twice of getting it because I was afraid I'd look "bigger" in photos since it's a stripes top. It creates that illusion of being big ... but good thing it doesn't look that way. This off the shoulder striped top actually created a slimmer illusion on me given it's lowered v-neck style cut in front and the back.

Off the Shoulder Striped Top with Lowered V-Neck Cut Style in front and back
Pinkish Floral Styled Watch Strap Band (Watson's Freebie)
Dangling Sweet Drop Earrings | Forever 21 Philippines

To keep the look simple, I also style it simply. The lesser, the better. I keep it minimalist in look and feel. The accessories I wore are just a few pieces - just my earrings, watch, and my black rosary bracelet. The pink ponytail doesn't count hehe. With this look, I just let my hair down as well to keep it toned down - that kind of simple, minimalist, casual look that I wanted to project. It's also easy to move around anyway. Really glad I got this top that's easy type like that kind of going out tops to wear with jeans and this also goes well with my denim shorts.

Chai Chen Modelling Portfolio - Profile Photo
Model Setcard Primary Photo
Skinny Jeans by Jellybean Store Philippines

On the right side panel of this blog site (based on the layout I'm currently using), you can see that this look kinda "looks familiar" then since this last photo above is actually the profile photo I used on my About Me section. I think overall, it captures my light and bubbly personality with my greatest accessory, my smile. Overall, I also believe that that's one of the greatest accessories or assets a woman can have - her beautiful smile. Don't you agree?

Off the Shoulder Long Sleeves Top Stripes (Unbranded)
Jellybean PH blue jeans / skinny jeans fitted jeans | skinny jeans outfit
Black Ankle-strap Heels | Charles & Keith

I think right now this is also one of my favorite outfit looks given the casual style it exudes. It captures as well the simple requirement for skinny jeans outfit looks, mostly needed for VTRs. This one suits me well the most so I can say this type is the best skinny jeans I own so far. Jeans fashion is never faulty. This dark colored one is essential in blue jean outfits mostly asked for. It's actually a dark blue skinny jeans type that's super comfortable and stretchy. This style is perennial! May not be the latest jeans style but it's always in demand. And given that it's been my favorite, I also used this set of photos for my modelling set cards here in the Philippines. I do fashion modelling as a part time project and have done runway modelling as well so far. Given my hectic schedule in my corporate life, I couldn't allot a lot of time to these but they're really my passion projects so I continue to do them on the side, as long as they don't intervene with my work life as well. I think that's also the trick to keep yourself happy - keep on doing the things you love to do; those passion projects.

Keep on smiling! You never know who's falling in love with that smile!
Chai Chen - Modelling Setcard Photo Set (Casual)
Casual Model Outfit | Jeans Fashion

As cliche as it may sound, it's always been said that you just need to continue to do what you love doing, and you'll never work a day in your life. To people who have found their passion and purpose in life and do that as their work, kudos to them! To those who haven't found their purpose and actual life calling is as of yet - keep on searching and just do the things you love doing and you'll surely find it too! As for me, I believe I've found that also - somehow. Life is tough so I continue to do the corporate job I do, which I'm also passionate about. And yes, on the side, I keep my cosplays, my modelling, my blogs and vlogs now, and recently, my acting career. I'll post about that separately, soon.

Model Off Duty Look | Casual Model Outfits

And what's best is, while we do the things we love and work at the same time, we must always remember to keep on improving ourselves. The skills we acquire will all be helpful in the things we'll do in every aspect of our life. Like in the shoots, tapings, and VTRs I'm attending, now I'm learning something new. I guess I should've and could've done that a bit earlier in my life right? But, I also believe it's never too late anyway. And right now, I'm happy to get those shoot invites and collaborations and VTRs / go sees that I'm invited to attend to. Whether I land the roles or not, what's best is I learn them along the way and keep on getting better. The new stuff I learn here are also great points for me in my corporate life as I get to be more confident and deal with more types of people.

Chai Chen resting ... in casual jean outfits look
Fashion Jeans Fashion Look!

I live simply. I learn & evolve like a Pokemon constantly. I love generously ...abundantly ... unconditionally ... Live simply ... so others may simply live ... a simple life is a beautiful life. Live it with a beautiful heart.

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