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[TECH] OPPO F1s: Summer #OOTD

3/28/2017 09:00:00 PM Ice Goddhez Blog 23 Comments

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You might be wondering why I categorized this blog as under "Tech" but there's a "Summer OOTD" alongside that title as well ... well my friends, I'd love to share a few outfit ideas best suited for summer indeed, yes, but it's also best to capture them with a gadget that's best-suited to take photos this season. And you probably guessed it right ... I want to talk about capturing the best summer outfits with this chic gadget namely, Oppo F1s that'll definitely make it easy for us to snap & save our OOTDs!

Me and my Bestie Randolf @randolf_0903
Summer Getaway at Bolinao Falls
Who doesn't like to take selfies nowadays anyway, at least once every season? Who's not in any social media platforms? The millennial population overcrowds the social media stream among many forms! Oh ... and I'm still included there! HAHA! So hop on and click after the cut to read more as to how we can savor this summer heat with trendy outfits that match our style; and have the best selfies that show our quirky personalities, captured by one of the best tech gadgets we can find in town ... the Selfie Expert ... Oppo F1s ...


Given that it's always scorching hot in the Philippines, esp. during this spring ... oh we don't spring season so yeah I'm talkin' about summer ... my go-to style is always to put on trendy and cool clothes, those cute clothes for women that we see on display at supermalls or online shopping websites. That first photo I posted was during one of our getaways - me and my bestie.

Trendy Summer Style Swimwear - Mint Green
2-pc Bikini (Shorts Style) with See-Through Ruffled Top

When it comes to summer swimwear trends, I choose cute Korean swimwear style. I guess they best capture my anime personality. Polka dots, haltered tops, shorts, and cute colors. While I initially preferred black to hide my flabs, I realized that I need for vibrant colors to showcase my cool personality. Makes sense? LOL! Kidding aside, I just find it better to wear colorful ones this season. It's summer anyway! My fave colors then include mint green and yellow.

Me and Bestie Randolf - Bolinao (Pangasinan, Philippines)
Selfie and Sunnies!

I always go out with sunnies as well. That's another staple style for me during the summer season. I love shades of different colors to accentuate the face other than the colorful outfits I wear. Two of my faves are these Aldo mint green sunnies and my violet Firmoo Eyewear as they are easy to match with my summer clothing.

Violet Firmoo Eyewear

When not swimming, I still prefer to go out with sunnies. And another style staple for me is to wear baseball caps / hat as part of my accessories. Not only do they add up to my overall look's theme, they also protect the face from the harmful sun rays. When I go to the malls, or hangout with friends, or even when I chill with an ice cream to beat the summer heat, I'd always be in a cap. If not in a cap, my hair will be tied up in a ponytail (yet another summer trend for hairstyle) using attractive bands like my favorite polka dotted ponytail.

Me, eating a Gelato Ice Cream
Cap | Mutant Philippines
Yellow Cropped Offshoulder Tank Top | Forever 21 Philppines
Doctor Bag | tokidoki
Black Shorts | Terranova
Whether I'd be on a summer vacation travel mode and tour different places, or be in a a shopping mode, you'll normally catch me in sleeveless or off-shoulder tops and shorts. I don't wanna add to the unbearable heat this summer anymore so any clothing that'd allow me to breathe some fresh air would really work! I just add my style into it when it comes to my color choices and other accessories. In most of my photos, I'd be seen with lightweight, cotton clothing that really allows as much air and space for me, haha! I would avoid t-shirts (unless they're thin & super-soft I guess!), pants, and covered-up style, in all forms!

Closeup Forever Summer 2016 - Fresh Crew 

Me and my friend Izabel @izzy_quinzel
Hot Pink Tank Top | Girbaud
Gradient Shorts Petal Pink and Lavender | Terranova
Slippers | Havaianas

And how do we finally channel our inner fashionistas in an #OOTD post? It takes a little "science" to it. Ermmm ... not really but yeah ... these are my key takes on it. Some tips & tricks to snap your OOTDs!

Hot to Snag That Instagrammable OOTD Posts
  • find a good location where you can strike your best whacky poses
  • make sure that the "elements" in that location have contrasting colors (or else, you'll blend in)
  • pose with different emotional expressions; the whackier, the better
  • have someone take your photos or else, you'll look like a selfie master
  • add personality to your clothing; like me, as stated above, I wear colorful tones 
  • when it's summer-y, wear it breezy! (tank tops, shorts, the usual!)
  • sun is your bestfriend here so go to that place where sunlight is your light; find that natural light! 
  • as much as possible, be a no-filter beauty as seen on most popular fashion and beauty blogs!
  • if you really need to edit, I suggest use VSCO (my main filter is HB2)

Hola! Me in a #Summer #OOTD Pose!
OPPO F1s: Summer #OOTD 
Striped Tank Top | Not Branded
Denim Jeans Shorts | Terranova
Slippers | Havaianas

To capture these best moments this summer, let me summarize then why it'd be best to use this gadget that I've initially introduced anyway ... it's not really an Oppo Phone Review per se but a feature of Oppo features, of some sorts!

Why Oppo F1s Would Be The Best Camera Phone to Take Summer OOTDs?

Oppo F1s ... The Selfie Expert 
comes with different colors like a fave for me ... rose gold!

16MP Front Camera = More Light, More Detail
  • front beauty camera with a 1/3.1-inch sensor and an F/2.0 aperture  
  • more light enters the camera, it enhances sensitivity 
  • natural looking selfies in low-light conditions ... and night time selfies! woohoo!
  • remember ... didn't I just say that you need that natural light? *wink* 
This camera is your bestfriend! Ergo, Oppo F1s Selfie Phone = your bestfriend too!

Beautify 4.0 
  • allows users to capture their best looks
  • blemish reduction
  • remember I also said, you'll need as much to be a no-filter-beauty? THIZ-IZ-IT!
Beautify 4.0 = blemish-free you!
Oppo can be the best camera phone then!

  • a host of plug-ins and filters available!
  • be creative, have fun watermarking your photos with time, date & temperature!
  • imagine less hassle in having so many other filter apps! 
  • convenience in putting watermarks in just 1 place (I won't need to go to other apps to put my @chenmeicai sign then in my photos! hooray!) 
almost a no-filter beauty! #OPPOF1sPH

Selfie Panorama
  • rotate the phone from side-to-side to take wide-angle selfies
  • the F1s automatically stitches together the photos
  • I won't be stuck with my "squares" haha! and my bestie would love it too!
Everyone gets to be in the photo! Nobody is missed out!

13MP Rear Camera ... Wonderful Night Shots!
  • with industry leading imaging chip
  • A 1/3.06-inch sensor allows the F1s to maximize light sensitivity, making wonderful light performance
  • large pixels to bump up the dynamic range and give pictures a vivid depth 
  • detail in capturing exceptionally clear photos
  • this also means NIGHT OOTDs are welcome!
Wonderful Shot by Wong Kim Kiat

Beauty to See and to Hold ... Tech Specs!
  • 5.5-inch screen to give us a better view of our OOTDs and selfies!
  • 2.5D Corning Gorilla Glass 4 Screen = super strong, it won't break though you drop it (but don't even try dropping it, geez!)
  • Two thread-thin metallic bands
  • it's the classy tech-class you want!
Glass Test in Youtube ... don't even try at home please!

0.22s Touch Access
  • finely crafted fingerprint reader
  • snappy, sensitive, and durable ... no hard pressing needed!
  • 0.1m thick only but the sensor is snappier and more accurate
  • more frequent usage = more sensitive
That whiz touch access! #OPPOF1S

Customizable Fingerprint-Activated App Launch
  • set different applications to launch with the sensor touch, with different fingers
  • try setting the camera app with the thumb, and chat app with the next finger, and so on!
  • think this way ... your finger is its command! LOL!
this fingerprint intelligence is freakin' cool!

3GB Ram ... Faster Than Ever!
  • 3GB RAM and octa-core 64-bit processor
  • smooth, multi-tasking, seamless switching between apps, movies, and music
  • this means it's also well-suited for gaming ... who likes games here? ME!!!
Mobile Gaming at its finest!

Dual Sim + Individual SD Slot = Triple Slot Tray
  • one is lonely, two is company, three is a crowd ... no ... a party!!!
  • the F1s give this two 4G SIM slot supporting speed up to 150 MBPS
  • additional memory card slot to expand storage up to 128GB
  • 32GB ROM = plenty of room for all our favorite media and memories = more selfies and OOTDs too!

All New ColorOS 3.0 Based on Android 5.1
  • faster, steadier, better!
  • seamlessly responsive, providing smooth and efficient performance, offering more memory and power to users
  • 150 optimized scenarios, 41% faster app time launch, 32% faster album boot speed
  • access your selfie and OOTD albums in an instant! that's how it translates!
That ColorOS 3.0! Android, my love!

Visit the following for more information & shop away:

What now? It's time to get ready for a summer getaway and snap those OOTDs with Oppo F1s!!! Shop now!

Check out my Page Chai Chen Page and follow me on Instagram for more of my no-filter ... I mean some makeup selfies and OOTDs :)

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  1. I don't go gaga over oppo's camera quality though i think it's okay. :)

    xoxo, rae

  2. You have got summer style down pat Chai! I love how you mix fun, fashion and practicality! And how cool is the Oppo F1s! I don't take many selfies but maybe that would change if I had that phone ;p Hope you're having a spectacular week babe!

    1. Thank you so much dear! Indeed, a wonderful week! :) Keep in touch!

  3. What a great pictures! You look really great hun!


  4. This is so interesting dear! I would love to try this phone!


  5. Replies
    1. Thanks for visiting me, Keri! Really appreciate it :)

  6. Wow thanks for sharing!! You look super cute in the pictures btw :) I've never heard of this phone,but it looks great!! I personally have a Samsung S7 and I love the pictures, I actually chose it because of the camera, it's great, they look so professional. I also have a Samsung NX Mini which is great for selfies and traveling!! As for the outfit pictures for the blog I use my Canon Rebel t4i which is a-ma-zing!!

    Live. Laugh. Love. & Make Up

    1. I was actually thinking of getting my own DSLR for blogger purposes too haha but yeah, Samsung S7 is indeed a great phone. I use that too. This one though is particularly popular in the Philippines given that it's the "selfie expert." Love it!

  7. That looks like a lot fun dear :) Have a great weekend!

  8. Replies
    1. Thank you babe! Really appreciate you visiting me again :)

  9. This is such a fun and extensive post. I love all you tips Chai and this phone shoots incredible photos.

    You look beautiful as always my friend!

    xx Tamara Chloé

    1. Really appreciate you visiting me back again my dear gorgeous friend :) Keep in touch!

  10. Great photos! Lovely look!:)


  11. Love your yellow ruffle top Chai! Great summer style girl! :)

    1. Thanks dear Rita! I always love your style too :)

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