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Thin and Amazingly Slim, Samsung Galaxy SII

SLIM is the new thin, and this smartphone definitely belongs to that category.

The Samsung Galaxy SII has got to be the slimmest and smartest phone ever at this point, toppling over the Apple craze iphone 4G. I personally own one and I have to say, I love it to bits. All its features and functions are much endeared to me and hopefully, I won't lose this phone (again) for years. I still am due for my own personal review of this phone but for now, I want to share this piece that makes it attached to a girl like me, slim or not ... This android phone is still the phone to beat!

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    At times, couples in a relationship does fight and either parties don't want to admit fault nor end the petty fight. Women normally tend to have that pride and are havin' a hard time swallowin' it. LOL. Oftentimes, being a girl like me too, our guy's sweetness and make-up moves tend to alleviate the tension instead and eventually will end the battle. Such gestures indicate the guy's admission of mistakes and making up for such actions. So regardless of who really was at fault, there's peace & harmony instead and couples get back to each other again (cheezy!)

    Take a look at this video as to how a petty fight has caused the girl to get mad and the guy then tried to find some ways to resolve the conflict. Telling his angry girlfriend that she's as thin as the amazingly slim Samsung Galaxy SII surely does merit raised eyebrows but this cute & funny antic has saved this poor guy's a*s ... where many guys could learn as well how they can kiss & make-up. This move definitely did the trick!

    In here, you'll see that the phone rides the leading edge with 8.49mm ultra-slim form, a luxurious design, and an easy grip; making it easy for guys like this one on the video to control his actions. The phone's new technology uses less energy, consuming 18% less energy than the previous display, making it another reason for this phone as, still, "the phone to beat!" Its groundbreaking reduction of video response time provides the video playback without motion blur.

    Chai and Emman with friends Mark and Tak
    Chinatown Bestfoods - Chai Birthday Celebrtation 2010, Emman's Treat

     I recall some time during my birthday celebration last year, I had a mini-conflict with my now-boyfriend Emman and he literally tried to veer from me, making me get all the paranoia in my head back then haha. But little did I know that he was already planning a mini-birthday celebration treat for me, which really touched my heart.

    I was really slimmer that time huh? Way too slimmer! LOL.

    Right now, we don't have major fights at all, really. As much as possible, we resolve things ASAP and do not sleep without us talking. He's sweet in his own way and is a darn bully too. Such comic acts make him more endeared to me then hehe. I guess sense of humor does make wonders too.

    Should we have fights sooner or later, I guess I'd prefer him to do such comedic actions too than resolving it in traditional chocolates & flowers gifting thingie. Hopefully, he won't use this same tactic and use my SII phone for his own peace gestures in the future haha.


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