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back brace,

Sexy Back ... Yeah!

9/02/2011 08:24:00 PM Chai Chen 2 Comments

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If you think I'm going to post nude photos of me, showing off my sexy back and all, well ... sorry to pop those thought bubbles this early but NOPE, I ain't doing that. But I'm gonna share my back concerns and how it could possibly affect others to get a better, and yes, a sexier back. Yeah!

I've had this condition since 2007. A prior diagnosis had me believe I had levoscoliosis. Good thing I had it checked once more at a hospital, where I found out I had dextroscoliosis instead. I haven't been a real-good girl and have neglected it for some times already, which made me suffer some of its pains ... if you keep on ignoring it. I didn't know that the spine can go sulking if you don't take care of it.

As a result, just last March, I think for almost the whole month; I was out of the office because I've been sickly and I was confined. I had to undergo regular treatments without stress, without work, without worries so my whole system could relax. I thought I could do the treatments after work but my doctor recommended to file a medical leave of absence so the procedures can be cared for accordingly. It was a pretty boring stay at the hospital. No good food. No other means of recreation. No life. I'm just really thankful that my family and my beloved Fafi Emman was always there to support me and be my "guard" and stay on-watch as I do my 2x treatments everyday. The back pains are really terrible. The procedures were lengthy but I had to choice ... it came to that point already.

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How did I get this, you asked? Well, these were a few reasons since then (can't believe eh? the doc said!) ...

  • prolonged working hours at a desk without much movements or muscle work (lots of overtime)
  • lack of exercises (I don't have time anymore, really!)
  • incorrect sleeping position (As if I can control it!)
  • incorrect sitting position / posture at work
  • insufficient supply of calcium
  • stress (kill me now!)
To somehow alleviate it, here are a few workaround ....
  • Take medications from the doctor (once a day after meals) - my regulars were mecovit, palpasin, geltazine, meloxicam mobic and mobic via IVF! Dang!
  • Lie with back flat on the bed ... needs a bed not too soft for me coz it will make my condition worse ... need to change my bed lah (or the ortho-bed they're saying ... but it's too costly)! They said it's better to be in a fetus position when sleeping - as per those health reviews and sleeping recommendation articles but my doc said it'll worsen my condition ... sheesh! So I lie flat!
  • Stand up and walk away from desk work every fifteen (15) minutes ... hah! An excuse to get away from work hehe.
  • Undergo therapy (and keep my fingers crossed that I won't need an operation anymore ... the confinement last March or Feb was rather ... uh ... bothersome already! No surgeries please!)
  • Start swimming lessons (doc said if I do this 3x a week, it'll be faster to correct my spine's slant) - blaaaaahhhh I dun have time for this!!!
  • Do some ortho exercises (and I haven't been doing them huhuhu ... well, not consistent I mean!)
  • Drink yoghurt milk with higher amount of calcium than a glass of milk (ahhh this I do!)
I am such a camwhore so I managed to take some photos while I'm getting treatments! Yay! These are photos from different sessions I already had and yes ... they'd show some parts of my back ... my SEXY BACK (LOLZ)...

Ultrasound Treatment with Gel Oohh-lalah!

Peek-a-boo! Photo spam while waiting for my therapist! Camwhore mode! LOL.

Laser Treatment
Tense (Some electricity neh?) +
Hot Packs (Didn't get to take a pic anymore for my hot packs ... I already fell asleep)
Cervical Traction
(no photo of me with it ... I look horrible)
And as for the Lumbar Traction... no photos yet ... I always fall asleep waahahahah

So if you wanna avoid these, take care of your back and do those recommendations that my doc also recommended. Otherwise, you might end up with a back brace like me. I use it for maintenance and keep my proper posture. As much as possible,I keep myself pretty-fashionable with it hehe. Normally I put on a blazer or a coat or a jacket. But sometimes, I just don't mind people looking at me. I am supposed to wear it underneath the clothes and put on a camisole or something but it'd make me look more bulky or ... well, it's a hot feeling. I dun want that! Pffft!

One advantage though when I wear it is, I get immediate access to the first MRT/LRT cabin and get seated right away. People think I am injured or something. Some guards even say that I am disabled so they prioritize me for seats. I don't find it insulting. It benefits me. It's somehow true anyway. Without the brace, I have improper posture and I have difficulties walking straight. More likely, I'm still wearing this for a year.

Recently, I've been having these terrible back pains again due to the rainy season (the coldness does stimulate something I guess) ... makes me stiff and unable to move for some hours. It's really hard sometimes and I don't feel the comfort of a soft bed anymore. I can't. But life has to move on. And my therapies have to move on. Otherwise, I might need surgery which will just make it worse.

I promise to be a better girl now and do some exercises though and do regular therapies. Work gets in to play though and I dun find time for my sessions however ... health has to come first so by hook or by crook ... Imma continue my sessions once more!


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  1. oh my oh my, this is a good read, actually, i have a lot of back pains, too. in my lower back specifically, had it checked and the doctor said it was stress, he advised me to have an xray but i just didn't have time. my back also hurts when it rains... i am worried >_<

    but i am glad you are surviving, go sister! hehehehe

  2. Thanks Yuu!

    You gotta take care of your back too.
    And yes, have an xray. Women are more prone to scoliosis, they said. Probably because of our ... "hinaharap." LOL. Kidding hehe. So even though maliit pa lang ang slant, maagapan. :) Kesa lumala like mine. >.<

    Take care!


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