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big better burgers,

Big Better Burgers Offers Real Big Burgers!

9/06/2011 12:01:00 AM Chai Chen 2 Comments

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I am not really a fan of burgers. I mostly settle with pasta, chicken and salad most of the time. Or, some Chinese/Japanese cuisine servings. I find burgers unhealthy. LOL. Recently, I'm trying to get on a fruits and water diet. Eating burgers then is not in my eating list anytime soon. However, when this store opened nearby my workplace, I decided to check it out, together with some friends and colleagues. That branch has been open for quite some time now (a few weeks I guess) though I haven't really tried their food until recently.

The facade looks enticing though and their location seems really cozy. Although the location looks like it may need more marketing efforts since it's not yet too noticeable, I'd say it's worth paying a visit especially once you've checked out their menu. Currently, they're running a promotion wherein if you order their selected menu offers, you'll get free chips and iced tea with it. They call it the FREEBIE STORM. It looks pretty yummy and enticing!

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Their FREEBIE STORM comes with every purchase of these menu selections:

  • Mushroom Loco
  • 3 Cheese Explosion
  • Bacon Barbeque
  • Shiitake Teriyaki
  • Hahalapeno
The burgers cost around P150 each. It may be pricey without the chips and drinks so grabbing the current promotion makes it more appealing to the diner. 

I wanted to try those but I gave it a pass. Hehe. More reasons to break my diet, ei? But ok ... I said I'm gonna give it a try but I settled for a different sandwich.

The branch I went it is at Jupiter Street, Makati (near MRT Buendia along the jeepney terminals, near Shell Gasoline Station). Inside the store is really a food haven where you can relax a little and get out of thre stressed-working-environment. You bet! Haha. At least for me it works that way. It's a short escape from the busy work life. I normally eat while working but here, it draws my attention in and tells me, stay there for a while and feel the cozy environment.

While waiting for my order, I chatted with some friends who went along. It was a Monday Morning Leadership session where management topics and sharing with your team members is done to get their insights and get them to think outside of the box. Which reminds me, I want to do that with my team again. Hohoho.

Alas! The order has arrived! Ta-da~

Big Better Burgers Fish Fillet Sandwich with Tartar Sauce
The serving is really good. Their presentation does wet the appetite. I was hesitant to take a photo coz I really wanted to start om-nom-noming it! Harhar. But ok, I decided to take a pic ...

And one last photo with the wrapper opened now. Isn't it amazing? Hahaha. It is priced more than the other burgers but ... the taste suits the price. :D

Big Better Burgers Fish Fillet Sandwich with Tartar Sauce
Okay ... enough of the teasing! It was really delicious and I believe I'm gonna come back there to try their other offers. A little caution on what I'll order though ... otherwise, my diet may be put to waste. LOL. I'll leave more of the carbs to my friends who'll tag along.

For more information about their store and branches, visit their fanpage - Big Better Burgers on Facebook. Happy eating!


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  1. Thank you for the nice comment! Thank you for giving us a try.
    Big Better Burgers

  2. No prob! Will check it out more. :)
    Love it!


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