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This Time, It's Anne vs. Chai ... LOLWUT?

9/01/2011 12:12:00 AM Chai Chen 1 Comments

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I initially posted this one:

Globe vs. SMART Models - Alodia vs. Anne Curtis

Without any intention at all to really bash them or cause some rift between them lah! It's a battle of their ads' services. Nothing personal. I'm a fan of both models in one way or another ...

And now, it's a battle between me and Anne! LOLZ. Don't get me wrong though. I ain't planning to rage war with Anne. I'm not in any way near her craft. Haha. In fact, I'm also a fan of Anne because of her looks, style, fashion statement, witty thoughts, and girl power altogether. I follow her on Twitter too. So this post is nothing serious but a mere resemblance and/or comparison between her and a cosplay I did in 2009.

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I was dining with some friends at a fastfood chain near our work place when one of Anne's roving van ads passed by. My colleagues have noticed it and thought it was me, remembering how my hair looked like in 2009 and late part of last year 2010 to early this year, 2011. I guess I should've played along though but ... well, I didn't. I didn't bluff anymore and said, nah, that ain't me. They were sooo convinced it was me though haha. But nah ... I wish it was me though (and got paid some hefty amount of cash! LOLZ). Wonder what caused this?

Yes, that SMART UNLI ad.

Click to Enlarge (Sorry for the crappy edit)
My colleagues said she looked exactly like me. Wow! Copyright look now? LOLZ. Not really. But yeah, I must say, there was resemblance indeed. And it was ... uncanny!

What were the common themes?
  • Both look vampy in their costumes
  • Color contrasts exudes the diva look
  • It's the "bangs" girl!
  • The thigh-high boots make it look both sexy
  • Of course the stretched materials / costumes! Body-hugging sexiness! Spandex is love! Or latex lah~
  • Kick a$s look of superheroines! Those high-heeled boots! Va-va-voom!
I ain't endorsing anything here lah~ this ain't an advertorial. Nope, I am not paid for this post. In fact, I am both a SMART and a GLOBE subscriber, as I also mentioned in that blog post too, last July. So I won't endorse any. And nope, I ain't a model or anything similar ... I am a cosplayer, yes! And that one in the photos were for my Silk Spectre II Cosplay (Watchmen Movie) way back 2009. Photos and credits appear in my DA:

So there ... just thought I'd share. No, I don't plan to compete with Anne! Gosh! She's at the peak of her career. Who am I? Hurhurhur~ Cosplaying and modeling ain't exactly the same thing lah~ So no worries! No issues! No war lah~ (^_^) Just a mere comparison of the looks. Whudduyuthink? :p


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1 comment:

  1. Hello taeka!

    Why nasty? Envious? Teehee! Just enjoy it! It's for fun lah~


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