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Indressme Online Store: Rude Chat Support

1/04/2013 08:49:00 AM Ice Goddhez Blog 44 Comments

It's the new year! I have to make way for this post and move my other scheduled post so I can share this ... I was happy with my last post: Looking Forward to a Better 2013 ... Happy New Year to Everyone! until this happened ... hello new year!

We should all celebrate as we start 2013. And so I wanted to welcome it with a bang with one of my winnings from an online store; which I thought was nice. I was pretty excited to make my purchase but I was welcomed with a very rude customer service / chat support. The conversation was really unnecessary. I was just too excited to use my coupons I guess but the way I was treated is extremely uncalled for.

I won one of my fave bloggers - Ania's Indressme Giveaway last December. I could've just used my winnings right then and there for worth $40 but I wanted to purchase other items too so I can get them all at once. I was contacted by Indressme representative Ann Smith; and they were polite. I asked if I can purchase by January instead and she gladly said she will give me a new code since my coupon will expire in 5 days (and yes, that's the very reason why I asked in the first place - because I am aware that some coupons will expire). So this January, I was so eager and asked for my new code ... I guess I did not wait for her to reply and chatted right away for their live support that led to this ... it was unfortunate for me to experience this but anyway ...

You judge ... Here's how it went ... All time stamps in the chat are in US Pacific Time - January 2 2012 to January 3, 2012 (past 12MN US time).

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I am very grateful to have won this giveaway but it's just sad I get to experience it this way ...


I am not sure if I wasn't clear or if I was just not making sense but just to point things out, all I wanted was:
  1. Get my 15% New Sign Up coupon code (since they didn't automatically send it, I had to ask)
  2. Get my new $40 code since the other one is expired - and they told me anyway they'll give me a new one by January
I am not asking for another $40 code to make it $80 for crying out loud! I only need my new code since I did not use the last one. The representative was rather mean and abusive. And it's really disrespectful as well for the chat support to just leave the conversation a few seconds right after the last chat without resolving the concern (or at least ending it nicely, right?)

Here's how the email trail went (when I was advised I won my blogger friend's giveaway) ... Time stamps are in Philippines' local time ...

Online shopping is fun! Winning giveaways like this is more fun! I am really grateful for Ania's giveaway as I was luckily picked but I am extremely saddened by how I was treated by their chat support.

As a blogger, I make sure that my posts here are reflective of my honest insights on fields I touch, which are dear to me - cosplay, fashion, beauty, reviews, etc. Getting partnerships with brands and online shops in 2012 is a blessing for me and I can't thank my beloved partners enough for the warm welcome and the nice treatment. Of course, we treat each other with respect and professionalism at all times - this is how we build further trust and partnership with a flourishing relationship. And sometimes, there are just those low hanging fruits in the team - like probably this chat representative.

CHAI'S VERDICT: ★ (1 Star!!!)
For their customer service / chat support - I really rate them low ... sorry ...

I mean no harm in any partnerships or fandom you have about the shop. In fact, I don't think this one incident will be reflective of my whole view about their site anyway. I still think the shop has a good promise and we can have good partnerships. This incident just happened and all I want is for this to be cared for and proper corrective actions done. Nobody - not me, not you, not any customer nor partner deserves that treatment. Take note, I purchase more than $40 in multiple other shops like the ones I partner with / affiliate it - it takes trust and partnership for me, before I get to do that ... and this rep definitely ruined that for Indressme Shop. It's not the buying power & capacity in question ...

(^_^) I still wish everyone a happy new year ... 2013 is here ... let's not waste it! Let's look back at my last post which was way happier than how this rep welcomed my 2013 - Last Post: Looking Forward to a Better 2013 ... Happy New Year to Everyone!


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  1. I had the same experience! This company was rude to my inquiries. They add the phrase 'FYI' in every answer! That makes me look stupid!

    Then, I asked if they could provide me with a discount code for my readers. They simply replied that I don't need it coz people from my country don't buy their products! WTF! I have readers from other countries too you know! >_<

  2. Wow that's really awful! Too discriminatory ... racist! Considering that Philippines has been a huge fan of online shopping, topping lists in studies related to online marketing. Tsk tsk. And they sell Asian products with Asian models ... wow ... I didn't even realize it'd go that far! Tsk tsk ...

    Ania was sweet ... I won her giveaway ... all I wanted was what I was promised by the shop, nothing more. This is really heart-breaking >.<

  3. I am not surprised at this at all, I had a email messaging not to long ago with one of their so called representatives, they was really rude to me too. The company is located in China and I think that the people who are sitting at their customer service only understand half of what we are writing them. I have never ordered from them and I will nevre order either anymore. They just ruined it.

    There are other companies like Oasap for example who are located in China as well, but they are way more nice and professional. Last week I had a problem with my account because I wanted to apply for their blogger program and I must say they have an amazing customer service, who ever was sitting on the other side was really very patient and very kind to me at all times.

    I couldn´t help myself but think of Indressme at that moment and I started laughing, cause they are ruining so much money making opportunities for their own company. Well God bless there are a lot better companies out there who love working with bloggers. Anyways Happy New Years Chai and screw them :-)

  4. Wow. Lesson learned. They should learn a lesson. In that case, nobody should shop at their site anymore if they have poor customer service.

  5. gosh, they're so obnoxious, customer service should never ever be like that to their customers. who the hell do they think they are?! people like that infuriates me. and to think. customers at the people keeping their business alive! they're nothing without the customers. what a total B.S., she's the one being rude. she obviously need to learn some manners and learn ALOT of customer service skills. It's so unfortunate that it happened to you Chai, it's no even worth it purchasing from them if they're that bad. uggh. i'm disgusted by them. =/

  6. So sorry for the huge trouble dear! I think you are always polite and nice, never rude in anyway!! Hope you can fix it soon! Let us know! Kisses! xo

  7. They will loose customers if they continue on acting like this..

  8. So bad, they should be more polite and heplful towards their customers!

  9. Wow! I didn't realize there's been other issues with them I thought I was alone! Gee too bad for them >.< I thought they'd be a lot nicer. Oh well, you're right. There are other nicer companies with probably better products!

  10. True Krystal! Thanks for your insights. It was unfortunate for me to experience it :(

  11. Oh yeah, I really felt bad. It's not like I'm hoarding coupon codes - all I wanted was what's mine. But then I got treated that way. Too bad. :( Oh well, thanks for staying with me dear!

  12. Thanks dear Lilli! It was indeed a sad experience. Oh well! I just wish they'd reprimand that rep and treat customers nicer in the future.

  13. True! the fact that they're partnering with bloggers too, they must learn how to value customers and not to be rude like this. :( Sad ...

  14. Indeed my dear! It was a bad experience. I hope other customers get treated better.

  15. OMG, that's poop :( Sorry to hear you got that sorta servica and I hope you will get your new code very soon! You should show them this blog post!
    xxx, Lara

  16. I'm sorry Chai :-( I get so disappointed when I experience similar situations...

  17. Live chat and is not the same person, so she do not know. just leave to spend her New Year Holiday. As soon as she back to the company ,she just give the coupon. So sad to happen this.

  18. Oh dear :/ They really shouldn't treat customers like that! I had a run in today with a remarkably rude sales assistant but her colleague was quick to set things right. I hope someone is more helpful to you, too!
    Visit my fashion/beauty blog at!
    If you follow me and let me know, I'll follow back!

  19. I feel sorry for you and it's absolutely a pissed off experience! I also had some troubles like this and how rude the customer is... I feel really stupid too especially when I think they might feel me childish because I'm 14. But not all are like that! Some are really friendly!

  20. Hi Chai, sorry to hear that this happened to you, its entirely uncallled for to be rude to customers, and you're such a sweet person, you don't deserve any rude remarks nor to be treated this way. Hope its resolved. Sam Frills & Thrills

  21. Thanks Lara! I got my code. I guess it'll be the last time I'm ordering from them. :(

  22. True. Really bad experience Coco :(

  23. Thanks for commenting here. I got the code now, thank you. I did say that the chat support seemed so rude but the one who sent me the email is polite. It's hard to tell at first because everyone is named Ann Smith. However, I can tell by the way I was treated.

    I am grateful for the "Ann Smith" who was sending me emails. That person is polite. If that is you, thank you. However, the chat support "Smith Ann" should be reprimanded by your company for the bad behavior towards customers. I hope you all get to settle it. Thank you.

  24. Thanks for dropping by.
    Yeah the "Ann Smith" in the emails is very helpful. The chat support is the one that's rude. Really sad it happened.

  25. Thanks dear Sam! :)
    Yeah it got resolved. Thankfully. The one in the emails provided me the code. However, I'm not sure what action is taken on that rude chat support. Hope they get to coach him or something. :(

  26. omg .__. thats really rude.. seems that they dont want you to get a discount, thats why.

    i just checked their site.. well some their clothes are over priced. i saw them on ebay like for 12$-15$, but they sell for 20$-25$

  27. Sorry to hear about the rude customer service, Chai :( so unprofessional of them! I hope you managed to get your coupon in the end and I wish you a Happy 2013 :)

    -Ciara xo

  28. omg thats so rude! but happy 2013 to you!

  29. *sigh* Yeah so far I started to like their products when I won. I was excited to purchase more. I was planning to buy more this January that's why I wanted to use it this month and not last month, so I won't be limited to just $40. But well, because of the incident, I decided to just limit myself to $40 and not support them anymore. >.<

  30. Yeah dead I managed to get it. However, because of this incident, I decided not to buy more from them anymore than what I planned. The reason why I wanted to purchase this January is, budget-wise, I wanted to purchase more. But meeeh ... I just got my $40 and won't re-purchase. >.<

  31. Oh yeah Kamila ... it was too bad ... But anyway, wanna enjoy 2013 ahead. :) You too! :)

  32. Whoa! The nerve of that chat support rep! Such unpleasant experience! Tsk! Tsk!
    I hope you get your new code asap! :)

  33. that is so rude, I'm so sorry about that :/

    but don't let that to ruin your 2013 start ;)


  34. Aww. Very rude of them. T-T They should compensate about this issue.

    I just hope it won't happen again. Cheer up, love!! xx

  35. I got my new code dear :) Just that, I hope that chat support rep gets coached or something. :)

  36. Indeed Elzana! So rude. The one on emails is polite >.<

  37. Oh well, even if no other compensation, I just wanted my code. Thankfully the one on emails helped me ... just sad the one on chat behaved this way. :(

  38. I think there was a bit of language barrier that happened. I don't think that the customer service rep understood you, not your fault though! But I can see from the way she composes her sentences that her english is not that good.

  39. Whew. I am glad someone has helped you. The on chat is very unprofessional.

  40. Yeah I believe so ... it's just had to communicate when the other party doesn't understand you >.<

  41. Yeah hope shops realize that their customers are their bread and butter so they have to be nicer. :)

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  43. Thanks @Manohar Singh Aakeli'B'


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