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Looking Forward to a Better 2013 ... Happy New Year to Everyone!

1/01/2013 09:54:00 PM Chai Chen 74 Comments

I hope it's not yet too late hehehe. I know it's already January 2 lah (well, almost for us here in the Philippines) ~ It's been a busy season all over! I wish you all are having a great time celebrating the holidays and welcoming the new year! We'll also be celebrating dad's birthday so we're somehow preparing a bit for him. Next week, it's gonna be my sister's birthday soooo ... hang in there ... busy busy busy time!

I'm sure you also have stories to share. I'm also excited to announce the winners of my 1st Giveaway but I still haven't sorted out the entries ... my apologies! I promise I'll give it time this week and announce by next week at the earliest! Stay tuned! I wish it'll be a great welcome 2013 treat to you all!

Who's gonna win???
Chai's December Birthday Bash
- 1st Giveaway!!!
About Php 3,500 ($88) Worth of Prizes!

Ok, click after the cut to find out more ... about what I want to share with y'all ...

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I can't produce something like the Kardashian Holiday Cards with the gorgeous photoshoots so this is what I have. Not to mention I can't get to monetize this card haha! Speaking of which, here's a few of those cool cards they had ...

Kardashian Christmas Card 2009
Red & Black Theme

Kardashian Christmas Card 2010
Black Theme with a Blend of Colors
Kardashian Christmas Card 2011
3D Version! How cool is that?
The colors are cool too!
Kardashian Christmas Card 2012
White Theme! Doesn't it match mine? LOL!

And as I look back on what I've produced since the years before, I can't help but notice how slim I was in 2009 - when I started doing these stuffs yearly! Haha!

So here's a round up of from my 2009 E-Cards to the present hehe. I didn't know of the Kardashian Christmas Cards back then. I only heard of them this year ... I mean last year, 2012 so don't tell me I copied them or anything haha (just preventive hehe). I sure love their versions though. Lemme share you mine ...

Chai's Holiday Card for 2012!
chenmeicai 2011
... and because of my blog's lost photos, I lamented the whole January 2012 ...
Didn't get a chance to even post this! LOL!

Chai's Holiday Card for 2011!
chenmeicai 2010
Chai's Holiday Card for 2010!
Circa 2009! LOL!

Facebook also launched their Year in Review stuff. Allow me to share with you what they had for me too hehe. I didn't have my page since then so this is all from my personal account with public posts. I'm not sure they captured it all right but ... kudos to the team for still coming up with this to look back hehehe. How about you, did you like your version? Share them with me too! (^_^)

Facebook - Chai 2012 in Review!

It's been a busy season and I'm sure you guys are excited for this new year as well... and as for my giveaway, I'm sure you're all excited to find out as well who won ... I'm sorry if I haven't posted yet ... I promise to do this next week! I need time to sort things out since the participation has been rather overwhelming. Thank you for all the support! Hopefully I can share more of my blessings with you guys this year!

I promise to announce the winners next week!

I wish you all a blessed 2013!!! 
For more of my public uploads - Feel free to check out my page:

As a new year giveaway ... I'd like to share this with you ... this is from my dear blogger friend Vale ...


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