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Chai's December Birthday 1st Giveaway! #ChaiChenGiveaways

11/28/2012 09:17:00 AM Chai Chen 292 Comments


This is my blog's very first giveaway and I'm partnering with friends and trusted brands for this first edition of #ChaiChenGiveaways! Never really thought I'd host one but because of the ongoing success of this blog in terms of readership and engagement, I'd like to give back to you guys who have been constantly visiting me and interacting with me. I am really grateful!

I really have lots of things to be grateful for and since December is fast approaching with the holidays to consider, I'd love to give back. Not to mention, December is the month of my birthday! Yes, I'm a Sagittarius hohohoh~ I'll be having a month-long celebration by having this giveaway! And take note, it's an International Giveaway so all my fellow Pinay bloggers and friends from overseas, you can join! (^_^)

I'm so excited to give the details out now! Wooot!!! About P3,500 worth of giveaway prizes to win (around $88) in total! Plus, you have more chances to win! In the blogger world, we're using this easy-tool now called Rafflecopter so you can easily track your points. Winner will be announced in January so stay tuned! Winner will be determined via and I'll post a feature of the winners here next year.

The prizes I'm giving out are from local brands dear to me but are world-class, believe me! Plus, they're from my dear friends and I love to spread the word how great they are! So before I tell you the steps, let me tell you a little bit about them ...

cosplay costumes
25% OFF Sitewide, Snap up bargains Everyday

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#phchurpchurp is the newest social media community!


Asianvogue Shop has been my fashion resource for years now. You've seen me writing about this shop for a lot of times now. Me and my friends from the office have been fans of the shop for long. I'm glad to have "inspired" my friends to like the same.

Recently, me and my friends have shopped and we purchased like a total of 25 pairs of shoes! Wooot!

Erica, Erelyn, me (Chai) and Melanie - my office friends!
Spot Asianvogue Shoes!
Check out my next post in a few days to find out about my write up again about this amazing shop! My dear friend and shop owner, Angela Del Rosario is really angel with this shop! Very accommodating! I'm sure you'll love her shop too when you check it out!

The next shop is from another friend of mine, Hera Llaneta and her shop is called HeadTurner by Flaunt PH or simply, FlauntPH. I haven't really posted my looks yet with my clothes from her shop - I have like three (3) pending photo posts (hahaha I'm so slow in posting them because there are lots more in queue lah~). So for now, allow me to share with you her own shots!

PS: I will write another post about the clothing you can win from FlauntPH! Stay tuned!

FlauntPH owner and lovely clothing from her shop!
And last but not the least, Bedazzle Accessories! One of the owners is a friend of mine at work their accessories are really awesome! You can see a few posts about their shop in my blog - hop over the search function and check it out. And take note, their accessories are hand-made! Really great right? That's why I love them! I'll post more about them soon! (^_^) Check out a few of my favorite accessories here on this post. Lovely right?

My favorite Bedazzle Accessories!
So what do you think? Do you like them! I'm sure you do! (^_^) Here's how you can join ...


Required Steps - Total of 40 Entries!
(long but very easy to do & you get more points!!!)

  1. Like Chai Chen Facebook Page (10 points)
  2. Follow this blog on Google Friend Connect - hit Follow This Site on the GFC column here (10 points)
  3. Follow @chenmeicai on Twitter (5 points)
  4. Follow my blog on Bloglovin' - if you don't have one, it's easy to create it dears! (5 points)
  5. Leave a comment below with your Name, Email, Choice of Prize, and Random Blahness - yeah I'm giving you points by giving me any birthday wishes, any ads you want me to check, your page, etc. (3 points)
  6. Like Asianvogue Shop on Facebook (3 points)
  7. Be a public subscriber of FlauntPH on Facebook (3 points)
  8. Follow Bedazzle Accessories on Facebook (3 points)
  9. Follow @asianvogueshop on Twitter (2 points)
  10. Tweet about this Giveaway - Easier to do it via the Rafflecopter Option below but if you want the old copy/paste system - use this: I wanna win shoes from @asianvogueshop, FlauntPH clothes by @NinHera or Bedazzle Accessories from #ChaiChenGiveaways! (3 points)
  11. Share about this Giveaway on Facebook - use this Blog Post and update your status with: I wanna win from #ChaiChenGiveaways! I'd get gift vouchers from Asianvogue Shop; Clothing from FlauntPH; or Accessories from Bedazzle Accessories! Find out more from ChaiChenPage - It's easier to do this using the Rafflecopter tool below but you can do the old fashioned way hehe. Don't forget to tag the Facebook Pages! (3 points)
Want to get more chances / entries? Easy! Follow these steps ...

Extra Points / Entries - Total of 12 Points!!!
  1. Become a fan on Lookbook (1 point)
  2. Follow me on Google Plus (1 point)
  3. Give +1 for this entry on Google+ by hitting the icon below using the tools (1 point)
  4. Follow me on Tumblr (1 point)
  5. Follow me on Fashiolista (1 point)
  6. Follow me on instagram @chenmeicai (1 point)
  7. Follow me on NuffnangX (1 point)
  8. Blog about this giveaway (on blogspot / wordpress / tumblr - any!!!) and get more points! (1 point)
  9. LIKE this post on Facebook using the like tool on this blog post (1 point)
  10. Follow me on NetworkedBlogs via Facebook - you can see that tool on the lower right section of this blog and you can login there via Facebook (1 point)
  11. Follow me on Polyvore (1 point)
  12. Become my watcher on Deviantart if you have an account there (1 point)
Here's the tool to make it easy for you!!! Just follow the steps and you'll never go wrong! Total of 52 points / chances to earn!

And when I do my randomizing step in the end, as much as I can, I will shuffle the entries to make it fair for everyone. Yup - so your entries won't be adjacent to all your entries. Better? (^_^) Really sheer luck for you to win this! So thank you in advance! Here goes ...

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I'm excited! Hope you all are excited too! Thanks for participating! (^_^) By the way, my image says the FlauntPH prize is worth around $20 each per dress - my computation is wrong. It's around $15 instead ... my apologies ... Thanks for your interest!

Lastly, I meant to start this on December but ... because you're all awesome - I started it today! Over a month long way to join this giveaway! (^_^) Thanks everyone!


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