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Blogopolis 2012: ONLIne in the Philippines and ROMWE Shopping Coupons!

11/16/2012 08:59:00 AM Chai Chen 88 Comments

It was over a month ago when I first receive this tempting news from the Nuffnang Philippines team, which promises an indeed very enticing event for bloggers like you probably, and me. And with pride and enthusiasm, finally, this event they were cooking up is about to happen! An educational yet fun event this November!

This event is definitely an event by bloggers, for bloggers!!! I am honored to be part of this exciting blogging community. And now, I can witness this event come to life. I'm actually excited to take part of this event! Dubbed as the "ultimate blogging events of the year," it's packed with exciting talks and partying at the same time!

Still don't know what's gonna happen? Check after the cut ...

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Expect inspiring talks, great food, drinks, partying, entertainment, and tons of prizes and loots to bring home! Everything that bloggers expect in a fun-filled event will be available in this gathering. Nuffnang of course, will not fail in delivering this expectation so I'm sure there's more to it than what we can read.

From the list of speakers and panelists, I'm already seeing a great pool of talents who are willing to share their expertise to us, their audience. I am already anticipating the talks from my top picks since they are the ones whom I am most inclined to - or the ones I can relate and read.


I am excited to hear from Abe as his website is my go-to site for technology product reviews. For my cellphone references and other tech gadgets, I learn from each and every post by him! Maria on the other hand is the "goddess" of media that I can say, heading Being a Communication Arts student alumni, she's a very powerful figure to us as media practitioners, having her influence and intellectual prowess flow in our young bloods. A prominent figure in news and current affairs, she's definitely one of the folks I can't wait to meet! And of course, who wouldn't want to meet Divine Lee of right? Since I am also inclined to fashion, she's one of those fun reads and inspirations I've always had! Can't wait to hear what else she has to say!


Helga Weber was one of those featured bloggers in the Nuffnang Monthly spotlight whom I've read and since then, I loved her style. She's into crafts and beauty, and DIY too and photography and many more. She constantly reinvents herself and I find her character interesting. Visit her website at to know more. Richard Co of has a pretty interesting blog as well and it's all about food! When I want to try something and in doubt, I check his blog too for reviews. Hehe. Lastly, David Guison from is one of those male fashion bloggers I look up to and watch in Lookbook because of his great style.

Nuffnang, to those who are not aware yet, is Asia-Pacific's first and leading blog advertising community, for people who share the passion for blogging! The community currently reaches out to 1, 000, 000 bloggers in 7 countries and regions - Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Australia, China, Hong Kong, and Thailand. 

At Nuffnang, bloggers generate income through blog ads placed by various brands, and become part of a close-knit community through a vast range of exclusive events and contests organized and supported by the same community, especially for bloggers ... like me. A community for bloggers by bloggers, Nuffnang strives to keep the local blogosphere growing!

Judging from the schedule, it's really a jampacked event! I can see Camille Co's name in the panelists too and of course, she'll be one of the people I'd love to meet and hear what she has to say as well. Not sure but I didn't see her name / profile in the speakers / panelists (when I'm writing this) so I wasn't sure ... but she'll be one of my highlights too! She's one of my fashion inspirations of course - be it casual or professional / corporate look! Her sense of style is awesome!

Writing this now makes me even more excited! I'm coming! Visit the following to know more about this event.

How about you? Are you coming? Can't wait to meet all other bloggers and Nuffnangers about there! (^_^)

For the mean time, enjoy some ROMWE APPAREL deals while you're at it! Go on for an early shopping experience with great discounts and sales! Woot! Let me give you a few coupons to enjoy! Don't forget to sign up. (^_^)

shop romwe online, free shipping

* Price indicated are reduced prices available now. 
Subject to change when promotions / offers end.

Shawl Collar Blue Striped Blazer
$80.49 only - Shop Romwe Now!

I love this because it looks like Misa Amane's blazer. (^_^)
Perfect for cosplay-like clothing.

Misa Amane on Death Note Manga Cover

Starry Night Leggings
$26.24 only - Shop Romwe Now!

Dip Dye Blazer
$74.99 only - Shop Romwe Now!

Nude Splicing Shift Dress
$69.99 only - Shop Romwe Now!

Double-breasted Skirt Hem Design Pink Trench-coat
$76.99 only - Shop Romwe Now!


* Click links and sign up to avail of the promo discounts
  • 25% off $150+ at and use code 15%Nov
  • 20% off $110+ at and use code 20%Nov
  • 15% off $70+ at and use code 25%Nov
All customers are entitled for free shipping! ONLY 1 CODE per customer. Promo ends November 30!

And for those outside the Philippines, share with me too if you have these types of events and if you're attending them too. I'd love to hear your stories! Fancy anything from Romwe too? Share them with me!!! (^_^)


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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog hun! Loving yours btw, following now :)

  2. Thanks Denise! Will visit your site often when I'm online. :)

  3. Galaxy tights! Very trendy this 2012. c:

    re: LOLOL Ken is funny. He just loves to play around I guess. Really? Wow. You mus be good at DDR as well. I was never good at it. ;A;

  4. Yay! I love my galaxy leggings! :)

    Haha yeah ... I miss playing DDR again :p

  5. The galaxy leggings are amazing! How I wish Nuffnang operated in Europe as well...

  6. Indeed! My favorite leggings too :)
    Well, Nuffnang may not be there but you may have an alternative. Hope so. :)

  7. You know that your application for the comments doesn't work well?

    I tried to comment several times but the space for the comments never appear! Finally now I can comment!!!!

    I adore the pink coat by the way!
    Come back soon to visit my: fashion

    Vivi clothes giveaway!!

  8. Awww this is too cute. But I live in the UK :(

    I am now following you :)

    Joyce xxx

    Come and visit my blog :)

    & Rain

  9. Great event, I wish one day to participate in somethinh similar!

  10. Thanks for sharing these great deals! I like the pink ombre blazer the best :)
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, I followed you back!


  11. Thanks Fabrizia! :)
    Disqus is sometimes loading slow but the box will appear later hehe. :) Hopefully you still will come back. Thanks dear!

  12. Really appreciate it Monica dear! :)

  13. I like the pink ombre blazer, very nice^^

  14. Looks fab right? Hehe. Thanks Anna! :)

  15. love the clothing!

  16. The bloggers event must be so cool!

    Love the leggings.

    Happy weekend!

  17. Indeed! Really excited for it. :)

  18. Thanks Tanniii dear! They're great! :)

  19. Marc Chanelette ChuaNovember 17, 2012 at 4:53 PM

    love ur coat .Interesting post

    enjoy your week

  20. Thanks a lot! :) Happy weekend dear! :)

  21. Marc Chanelette ChuaNovember 17, 2012 at 5:18 PM

    I cant find u on my GFC .Kind to refollow

  22. Marc Chanelette ChuaNovember 17, 2012 at 5:18 PM

    thanks .Kind to refollow me on gfc n add me as a friend

  23. Thanks. Followed you back now. :) I believe the last time was because of the virus prompt I'm getting hence I can't follow. :( Hope you followed back too. :)

  24. Yeah I wanted to follow but your blog had virus prompts before so I couldn't follow. It wasn't a requirement right? But anyway, I wanted to follow back. But I really couldn't before because of the prompts.

  25. Loving your blog. That ombré blazer from Topshop is tdf! Shall we follow each other on blog lovin? I think youl like my blog.

  26. The blogger's event sounds so fun :) and I absolutely love the leggings!

    -Ciara xo

  27. 17, 2012 at 10:55 PM

    I love your sense of style.

  28. wow this event sounds great!!
    and I love the las skirt!!
    ♥♥xx Maren

  29. Sounds like a super awesome event!!! I would love to join if I can :/!!! Can't wait to see pictures from you though :)

    The Closet 365

  30. love the pink trench coat! It's so unique!

  31. Love your ROMWE picks!

    <3 Melissa

  32. Thanks Georgia! Sure. We can follow :)

  33. Thanks Ciara! Happy weekend dear! :)

  34. Indeed! :) Thanks Maren! Happy weekend!

  35. So lovely right? Hehe happy weekend!

  36. Heard about Blogopolis! Sounds like a great event! Love the Romwe picks as well. So glittery and fun. :D


  37. Лидия ФроловаNovember 18, 2012 at 3:10 PM

    wow love your romwe top of pics!
    GIVEAWAY in my blog

  38. Great event!! :D

  39. Wonderful post :)

    I will definitely follow you...would you like to follow each other?

    xoxo from Italy :)

  40. great!!! love the pink coat!!! is beautiful :)
    kisses pretty

  41. Sadly I missed it >.<
    The Romwe items are really great. Wish I could have 'em all. :D

  42. Indeed Julia! Hope to have more of these :)

  43. Oooh Blogopolis! Wanted to go but can't :( So sad! :( Did you go?

    The Misty Mom

  44. The event sounds so cool!! :D
    And I love the dip dye blazer and
    leggings, it's beautiful!

    Have a great day!


  45. Great blog dear! I´m your new follower on gfc, bloglovin, twitter and facebook. Feel free to do the same. Kisses

  46. Love the Leggins!

    kisses :*******

  47. Hi sweety Thanks for your comment, followed you too. I absolutely love your Romwe picks, I want every gorgeous piece!

  48. Wow that looks like a super exciting event, you'll have to write all about it! Love your picks.

  49. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to come too, Shari. *sobs*

  50. Romwe items are so in-style. Hope I can have 'em all too haha.

  51. Oh thanks dear. Will follow you back. :)

  52. Oh thanks Sam! Didn't realize at first haha. I love your posts. I'm learning a lot! :)

  53. wow am sure is going to be a great event, i love the pink white blazers.

    great picks sweets.

  54. Looks like an amazing and fun event! Loving those pieces, the pink coat looks amazing!

  55. That must be just an amazing experience, I have met bloggers from my city in some events, but no like that. Im sure you had the oppportunity of enjoy and also learnt a lot.
    Have a great week!!

  56. Very chic, love it!!!

    Many kisses and have a great week!


  57. Thanks so much Rosalinda! Really appreciate your comments. :)

  58. Indeed! I kept track of what's going on thru Twitter. Unfortunately I wasn't able to attend. :(

  59. congrats Chai!
    Loved your post, have a nice week, kisses:)
    new post on my blog:

  60. Sounds like an awesome event!

  61. Yeah and too bad I missed it *sobs*

  62. oh my gosh Chai! i'm in love with your Romwe picks!! the dress is so divine and the pink trench coat is actually in my wishlist and the galaxy leggings. i love the blazer too. well i love everything =D i love your style <3

  63. How I wish I can buy them all too! :)

  64. hi! have you already puschased at romwe? is it good? i mean no problem occured? for example, payments? delivery? sorry for asking too much question. hehe! im planning to buy ksi. :)

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    Thanks for providing this info.

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    Exactly where are your contact details though?

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