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Anime Festival Asia,

Chai Cosplay: Misa Amane (Death Note)

8/05/2012 09:06:00 AM Chai Chen 11 Comments

Before I actually launched my "first official cosplay" as Lili Rochefort (if there's really such a thing haha); I tried to squeeze in a "costrip" type ... Er ... I don't want to elaborate but I thought of just coming in costume and not really joining any competition, whatsoever. Later on, I turned out to be joining the cosplay catwalk as well. Why did I do it? For FUN! And boost my self-confidence when I actually walk the following week for my Lili Cosplay. Makes sense? Haha!

Chai as Misa Amane

Ain't it obvious that I didn't have all the proper costume for Misa? She's over-cosplayed! HAH! As the main female protagonist (or actually, antagonist) from one of the best animes of all time; of course, cosplay-enthusiasts like me would wanna cosplay her. At first I thought, it was an easy task but it turned out to be a little tasking because of her accessories. But I pulled it off quickly soooo ... poof! My first take on cosplay!

Forgive the lack of accuracy! It was way back 2008 and it was a quick spin-off! Of course, I took it to heart to improve in my future cosplays ... and I believe I did hurhurhur~ So for now, allow me to share my fixations for this character and the "costume" ...

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My younger sister has always been an avid fan of anime, manga, and the likes. Sometimes when I am bored, I join her in watching her stuff. The series namely "Death Note" is something that I really loved because its plot thickens as the story goes. It is very unique and not to mention that the characters are very loveable.

Misa Amane is such a darling and you just cannot avoid not portraying her. I am guilty for that fact lah! She is cute and for me, a little bit obnoxious sometimes hehe. Every girl would love her other role as a glam model and die for her outfit. And since I have some of the pieces already, I decided to go.

Also, seeing our Cosplay Queen Alodia Gosiengfiao do her Misa stuff inspired me more to push through. I mean ... come on ... despite all the controversies and stuff now; I'm just being honest. I was really moved when I saw Alodia's Misa cosplay. It also triggered me to do this quick! I wanted to try it out.


Misa on J-Rock Style?
With my friend Luciel (Rotschrk)
The gothic style. The chains. The arm warmers and the hair! I tried to rent out or borrow a Misa wig from a cosplayer but I did not get a response ... but then I decided to buy my own since I believe I can use it elsewhere hehe.

I believe it was something I could try as a "style" plus; my friend who's into j-pop and j-rock music; who invited me to cosplay events have somehow; influenced me to this look hehe.


Hmmm ...

It was a week's decision for me to do and gave it a go 2 days before. I already have the clothes and I normally wear that top when I stroll. I guess just the wig! Yeah! I could not find one until the last minute ... rather that 2 days prior to the day.

And maybe, the skirt. Yeah the skirt! It's a size 25" and I had it since high school. I'm a size 27" now and it doesn't fit well. Also, it's supposed to be a high-waist fashion item but if I do it that way, it will cover my knees and won't look like a mini skirt like Misa's. So I had to pull it really high about mid-rib section. I had a hard time keeping it in place then coz it bulges in the tummy area coz I had a belt placed on top, right? Eeeep! Hassle! Plus the skirt has buttons on the side, 3 of them to be exact and these are big circular buttons intended to be part of the fashion and not supposed to be kept, so it was really a challenge for me to keep it from bulging out hehe.

What else? The choker! Honestly, I have very sensitive skin so I don't use make up and lots of accessories on a daily basis. Luciel's choker (yeap! My friend also helped me dress up like this hehe) hit me bad lah! After the con, I had rashes all around my neck area and some protruding red spots! Eeeek! I had to take a week's allergy medication to stop it from spreading and from keeping it red. (T_T) Luckily, it was gone the following week and I was ready with my next cosplay as Lili. Otherwise, I'd have to cover my whole neck hehe. Woot!

And yeah also the shoes. I had a hard time walking with it. Er ... my fault too. The black socks I wore were very lengthy so I had to fold 'em. The shoes are just my size and having the edges of the socks folded at the toe part made it bulky and too tight on the foot. There were times I had to drag myself just to walk. No wonder, people seeing me around would just notice me and my sister on a corner, sitting and resting. My feet are aching bad. So I'm sorry guys if sometimes, you had to take a photo of me sitting instead. Bad foot sore! Eeep! Sowee! (T_T)


Well, lemme see ... I will just give details then about my costume or where I got them. They are all old pieces from my closet and stuff I borrowed except for the wig. It would pass off as CLOSET COSPLAY nyohohohho~ A first for me and definitely the last!

Misa with the ever-Gorgeous ...
Jac Ting Lim

Here ya go ...

Wig is from Mannequin Inc. A shop in Tutuban Center specializing on accessories and wigs and ... mannequins. (^_^)

Top from Lulu Castagnette. Skirt from St. J Square Port Fashion. Fish net arm warmers, pony tail, and 2 skull chain belts are from Divisoria. Socks ... er ... an old piece I cannot recall where it is from. Shoes from Sam & Libby. Wrist accessories, necklace, choker and everything else are from my lovely sister Jong and my good friend Luciel from the band Rotschreck.

I was wearing green contact lenses; not that Misa has green eyes but it's just something I wear on a daily basis. Lenses are from Freshlook (optical shops available in SM).

My Death Note is just a normal black organizer I borrowed from an office fried, Jolay. We just pasted the Jap title on the cover to make it look like a real Death Note. Camera's borrowed from Tiyo Dan.

So what do you get then? Chai's Misa Amane Cosplay from Death Note! (^.^)v Ain't it more like an outfit post than cosplay? Eeeek! Many first mistakes of cosplays and I've admittedly done so lah~ Oh well! We learn! (^_^)


  •   Oct. 5, 2008 - Anicon 2008



None (if ever I'll do another Misa Cosplay, yeah I guess I'll join contests too! I need a proper costume first hehe).

Sweet Misa Amane?




None (wasn't fond of doing so that time yet wahahah)

I know I had other updates on this costume information which I placed on my resume. Unfortunately ... I wasn't able to back it up ... (T_T)


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