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Chai Cosplay: Lili Rochefort (Tekken)

8/03/2012 09:56:00 AM Chai Chen 8 Comments

If there are outfit posts; I'd also be posting cosplay stuff. (^_^) Guess it's just a sign how much I'm missing the events and doing cosplay with my friends. I've been missing much! (T_T)

There's this now-defunct Cosplay Resume page in my beloved cosplay homepage - and my cosplay resumes need a new home. While it's great that I had a back-up for some of my costumes in my Cosplay.Com profile; I wasn't able to back-up my latest costumes last year, 2011. *sobs*

Chai as Lili Rochefort
Also in Deviantart "Gamer Lili Rochefort" (with credits)

Allow me share my insights on this costume ... While some people thought I was Alodia Gosiengfiao (when I initially cosplayed this) ... sorry to burst your bubbles but naaah! I ain't Alodia. We may have similar Chinese features hehehe but she's way taller than me and wayyy sexier! LOLZ. I'm flattered but I wish to be known as me. (^_^)

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The very first game I played when I bought my PSP was Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection. I initially chose the character at random and as I played as Lili, I found her moves very compelling with grace. I told myself that I wanna dress up like her, considering that I love fashion and all until I heard of cosplay and actually tried to venture into it.

Lili's character is like a spoiled-bratty-girl. I guess I reflect that type of character ... sometimes hehe. Bratty but surely, with finnesse! LOL. Back then I told myself, there's no backing out once I start cosplaying and I want to be able to portray my characters with as much accuracy as possible. So I only chose characters whom I have character-trait-similarities. Lili's definitely one of 'em!
Tekken vs. King of Fighters Cosplay
Playground Magazine 2009

Photo Information / Credits - Check my Facebook Photo Page


Shopping! I shopped for the wig, the costume maker, the contact lens blahness! Loved everything about Lili! I've put a lot of effort into it. It's like a month in the making I guess (or more) ... could'nt exactly recall hehe. I was very picky with the materials. I'm "OC" on these things ... thank goodness I'm also a fashion enthusiast (not an expert though heheh ... so mind the disclaimer! LOL) - I still care for the overall look! Didn't want to look chaka!

Tekken Photoshoot
Ara Athienza as Ana Williams
Laur Manzao as Leo
Fifias Ling Xiao Yu
Chai as Lili Rochefort

Art as Marshall Law
Katz as Julia Chang

Jan as Asuka Kazama
Good thing I had my costume maker - Tiya Helen. Well, she's actually a wedding gown maker. The cloth we used are Chinese satin sheets they use in their shop so it's very silky & smooth hehehe. I didn't have to let her buy more cloth though or new ones because these were all scraps from old pieces. Ain't that cool? So resourceful! (^_^)

I was a little bit shy when I started so I wanted to be "protected" as much as possible, if you know what I mean. Protected in a way that I don't reveal too much skin hehe. So I had all the linings and inner sheets as possible. Except for the fact that it's gonna be very hot inside if I have double clothing; so my collar was made as a detachable collar instead. Ain't that a trick? Hehe.

I had so many revisions here too because everytime I fit it, the size needs to be altered. I was slimming down hehe. Goodness! I also had that trick on the sides - so it produces that contour on my waistline. Instead of it being straight or done like a regular blouse, it's sewn specifically to have that shape on the waist. It gives the slimming / sexy effect! Woot! I dunno how that trick is called but Tiya Helen did something hehe.

And to add to these; during the con, loads of people said that I really look like Lili! Yay! Very flattering! Thank you guys! So even though I'm already tired, and have sweaty face and all, I posed for them and with them. Thank you guys for your support. Muah! (^*^)v

Photo by Jerome Santos

The boots and the gloves! I bought something similar to her white boots at an RTW shop though it is not entirely the same so in the end, I decided to have something made to order. I cannot find something that is so-like-it elsewhere. However, the supposed-to-be custom-made looks like it will look differently as well so I had to back out ... I also thought of backing out from the con coz I could not find the right boots! Sheesh!

Wanna know what's making it harder? Er ... well, let's just say that I'm really not long-legged hehe. So I wanted boots that will not make it look odd for me - and something that will create a taller silhouette. Smart eh? Hehehe. I needed lower-cut boots! But then again I found those lower-cut plain plain white boots at a shoe store on sale ... angel in disguise! Yezzzz!

I was just strolling and buying another console when I spotted it and thank heavens! I found the right one! Well, not exactly like Lili's coz the soles are not white but nevertheless, they look pretty much the same. I just had my sewer modify the parts too and there you have it. Boots with a fur ... ehem ... boots with the straps!

Tekken 2010 Movie Poster
Jon Foo as Jin Kazama
Chai Chen as Lili Rochefort
Kelly Overton as Christie Monteiro
From the first time I've worn the costume, the soles were still in nude color but I've made improvements since then. In 2009 to 2010 during the new photoshoots I had, the soles are already white. I didn't paint them though. You know those rubber sheets thingies? I had them in white and glued them under and poof! White soles!

As for the straps, those are the wrong side of the satin sheets hehehe. Same thing with the red rocks. I had to improvised. I'm not fond of wearing socks. My legs feel so warm! Eeek! So instead of socks, I had improvised leg warmers from the red extra satin sheets that Tiya Helen had. And using the wrong side of them as well to line the actual straps (white satin, wrong side); there you go! Such a faker I know! Wahahaha! I just had to it that way. LOLZ.

My sewer Tiya Helen also found it hard to complete the gloves and it ended with a little-rounded hole at the back of the palm instead of the half-moon-like cut. It also didn't have the red wrist-band-like glove extensions but I didn't care anymore. Hehe. The gloves' holes for the fingers were too tight as well since my sewer just used a wooden finger model in sewing the red edges. That wooden thingie was skinny then haha. My fingers aren't skinny. Huhuhuh (T_T) Thank goodness my phalanges were alright!


Well well, lemme just give out details about the stuff I wore as Lili ... Wig is from Sathura-SM Megamall. I just had my hair dresser Abel Sinfuego to style it as Lili's. The overall outfit is done by Tiya Helen.

I just modified the ribbon / bow to make it look like Lili's. It's actually a necktie hehe. I was just lucky enough to find that pattern hehe. Not exactly the same as Lili's bow tie but the checkered pattern + black and red combination makes it what I needed!

I didn't have that jewelry as well to tie the bow; in the exact material as Lili had. What did I do? I used my red gem ponytail to create the effect. Things you can do at desperate times! Hehehe. Which makes me think ... I haven't improved that part yet 'til now hohohho~

The boots' straps are done by Tiya Helen. She also made me fake socks with red satin cloth, as I narrated above ... hmmm, what else are trade secrets here? Hmmm ... Ah! Boots are from Rusty Lopez. Contact Lenses are from Ideal Vision. That completes Chai's Lili Cosplay. (^.^)

Photo by Jerome Santos

  •   Oct. 12, 2008 - Cosmania 2008
  •   Oct. 18, 2008 - WCG Cyberzone Cosplay 2008
  •   Oct. 29, 2008 - VXI Halloween Superhero Cosplay Contest
  •   Jan. 26, 2009 - Playground Magazine Feb Ish Photoshoot for Cosplay
  •   Nov. 15, 2009 - Tekken Photoshoot (UST)
  •   Aug. 2011 - Chalk Magazine Feature Photoshoot
It's Time for My Afternoon Tea! Farewell!
Photo by Halls of Tara


Best Female for the Cosplay Costume of the Year 2008 ( 
Awarded on March 29, 2009 during the 2nd Philippine Cosplay Convention. New FACEBOOK Page:
Jan as Asuka Kazama
Chai as Lili Rochefort

Fifi as Ling Xiao Yu



BONUS: I also managed to do some of her stunts. Trying to be active huh? Hehe. I was just trying to be really like Lili! I don't do her "combos" perfectly but dang! I definitely tried hehehe. Check out the video above... or this .gif file for some of my "attempts." Hohohho~ 
Angel Knee Move
Lili vs. Law
(click the link and go to my deviantart for larger view)
I know I had other updates on this costume information which I placed on my resume. Unfortunately ... I wasn't able to back it up ... (T_T)     Chai

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  1. You make an awesome Lili, great job!
    Love your dedication of learning her combo as well, it's always fun seeing cosplayers who do a little extra something. ^-^

    // Metal_Minish

  2. Yay thank you! :)
    Yeah I wanted to do a little something and really be in character!
    Thanks for the kind words and your appreciation. (^_^)

  3. Wow, I adore Tekken, it was my favourite game :) Great pictures!

  4. Wow thanks girl! I appreciate your nice comments. :) Tekken is my fave game too. :)

  5. OMG OMG. That angel knee move was incredible! You make a great Lili cosplayer! <33

  6. Really appreciate your nice comments girl! Woot! :)

  7. Aiver A I R TagapulotSeptember 30, 2012 at 4:07 AM

    hi.. is your LILI Rochefort cosplay costume for rent or maybe just the shoes, could it be for sale? text me pls 09178124518

  8. Hello! I'm sorry but I don't offer it for rent. You can buy the same shoes at Rusty Lopez and then commission the costume from Dance Wear shops. :) Hope that helps.


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