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Long Weekend Sale at Comfit + FREE Canvas Bag!

8/19/2012 09:18:00 AM Chai Chen 4 Comments

Haven't had enough sale events yet? Me too! (^_^)

It's a long weekend, considering that August 20 and 21 are also declared as holidays in the Philippines. And what's the best way to spend holidays than shopping and probably a long getaway right? I choose shopping! It's my therapy ... retail therapy!

Wanna walk in comfort with Comfit shoes like me? Simple! All you gotta do is drop by the nearest Comfit store and take advantage of this LONG WEEKEND sale that they're having! For a limited time offer; get 10% OFF on any pair from August 17 - 21, 2012. Double that discount when you buy 3 pairs - get 20% OFF. That's already a lot of savings, right?

Personally, I can attest to the durability of Comfit shoes. The style definitely did not sacrifice quality. And what's surprising is; it also did not need a lot of cash. LOL. Yup, the price is just right! You can read about it in my other post. I'm definitely getting more from Comfit! So this SALE is a "must-go" event for me since there's more to it than just the discount ...

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With the launching of Comfit's new Japanese series in stores, Comfit fans like me can also get a FREE canvas bag with every minimum purchase of Php 2000!

There are three (3) designs to choose from and each of them are equally cute! The designs each feature Japanese girl artworks showcasing different personalities and taglines that will match every girl's mood as well. You can easily get them by getting 2-3 new pairs of shoes from Comfit! Seriously! That's worth the bargain, especially that the new Japanese designs are highly adorable!

This promo available only in Comfit the Block (SM North EDSA) and ATC, which started August 18! So grab this opportunity now while supplies last! I'd get one (or even more hehe) for myself!

There's definitely more in each Comfit store that you'd want, whether it's flats or heels that you fancy! It's the comfortable shoes you'd get in each pair!

And didn't I tell you they also sell accessories like jewelries and bags? Not yet? Well; go figure! The affordable line affiliated with Michael Antonio Shoes Philippines has a lot of trendy bags and accessories in store. Woohoo! I just got myself one of them! Woot!

I won one of Comfit's online promo thru Facebook and Twitter and I'm definitely luvin' it! Here's a photo for a sneak preview. I'll post another entry just for this bag because it definitely deserves one! So wait for my succeeding posts and read about this new Comfit Foldable Bag! I got the one in hot pink with black polka dots design! Ain't it lovely? I'll reserve that in another post hehehe. I am enjoying the freebies!!!

For now, enjoy the rest of the long weekend and go get yourself in that sale! Share with me your adventures too and imma read them later! (^_^) GO hurry and check out the SALE!!!

For more information about Comfit, you can check the following locations:

Enjoy! (^_^)


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