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8/09/2012 12:06:00 PM Chai Chen 0 Comments


I've posted about Typhoon Haikui August 2012 last Tuesday; in my attempt to create awareness as well and foster help to my own country. Many bloggers have done the same and I support this campaign, overall.

It's very inspiring to see how we stand as Filipinos and smile amidst all the challenges. It's also very striking to know how the power of social media has helped us altogether in surviving this tragedy - a state of calamity.


I've been retweeting and following these two (2) important hash tags indeed and it's amazing how we all helped each other as we gather news around the country. People who don't even know you are very much willing to help and have you rescued from your rooftop, and whatnots. It is true indeed; the Filipino spirit is waterproof ...
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Google Crisis Response, a project; has dedicated a page related to this tragic 2012 Flooding in PH. It is full of important information related to maps; contact #s for resources; and a Person Finder database. Whether you're looking for someone or want to report about someone / you have information about someone in dire need; you can log them into this page.
On Monday, 6 August 2012 a Southwest Monsoon brought by Tropical Storm Haiku hit the Island of Luzon, Philippines and brought 24 hours of torrential rains that triggered disastrous flooding. NCR, Region I, III and IV-A are worst hit, with more than 800,000 persons affected. More than 250,000 people are in evacuation centers. Source: National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council.
This really has been useful to our fellow countrymen and organizations in helping our fellow Pinoys in need. I've been actively monitoring the situation as well; as I had family members / relatives who were also victims of this flooding, worst than Ondoy.

I, myself, am not physically capable of rescuing or being a part of the search and rescue operations but I am very much willing to help serve my countrymen as well, in other forms like thru donatins and public awareness.

Reposting the list of Emergency Contact Numbers ...

Emergency HotlinesPresidential Communications Development and Strategic Planning Office
 Of course, we cannot deny the fact that not everything we see in social media platforms are 100% true. Some of them are just jiving with the current situation; or are intended to confuse the public. There are more of them intended just for laughs. While these are all seen, the public is strongly recommended to validate the source/s of information before circulation the same piece. It is highly encouraged so we all do not waste our time, money, and efforts on false alarms and fake incidents.

Take for example some pictures from the deeply flooded Ayalan Avenue and the underpass - those were mostly from Ondoy in 2009 and yet spread as true as if they happened this time. It's such a pity but it's happening.

From one of the celebrity fashion bloggers, Divine Lee's post: "Help If You Can;" she and her friends (other celebrities) are actively logged information of severely impacted Pinoys who need help. I salute them for this tireless effort in making sure as well that help reaches these families and individuals.

Me and my family were also affected by the severe flooding that made me unable to go to worm for two (2) days. I will post about my own experience after all this fiasco has somehow subsided. For now; my focus is in being socially active in helping out other folks, as I believe I am also duty-bound to help; like all of us ...

For readers here and around the world; there are many other posts already how you can help. As for me, this is what I've supported so far, among many others to come ... I will keep you posted. Don't worry about me ... I'm safe now. (^_^)


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