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ETC Fashion Flea Market on August 25-26

8/16/2012 09:43:00 AM Chai Chen 4 Comments

Another event! Who's excited?
Looks like it's gonna be in my calendar every month to visit sale events like this one hehehe.

ETC gathers fashionistas from blogs, top fashion brands, to online sellers for a weekend shopping spree of unique fashion finds at a fraction of the price. Get the best deals in the latest clothing trends, makeup, accessories, bags and lots of shoes; plus you’ll meet Manila’s faved fashion bloggers! 

What's exciting as well is that attendees (like myself of course) can get a chance to get spotted with our unique outfit and win exciting freebies and prizes from ETC and their sponsors! How cool is that right? Hehehe.

On the evening of the 2nd day as well, we can be part of the auction, Bids for the Kids, where we can purchase unique, new or pre-loved fashion pieces for the benefit of a Cancer Warriors Foundation

I believe this event brings in a worthy cause as well (ehem ehem, my excuse? LOL) so better give it a chance and visit!

What am I looking for anyway in this event? Find out my top picks! (^_^)

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Of course, my number one stop here would be Asianvogue Shop.

This has been my ultimate fashion resource for clothing and shoes more recently!

The shop's owner is already a good friend of mine so I support all her activities and sale events of course. I also help promote her shop hehehe ... by how? Of course by buying and reviewing her items and shop lor~ Search for "asianvogue shop" in this blog and you'll see how & why I love her shop!

And before the event, check out her ongoing promotion ...
See that photo from ETC's page? LIKE and SHARE it and comment on Asianvogue's post with your email address and poof! You just grabbed your chance to win free shoes! Ain't that lovely?

What's up for grabs at the event from AV? New LUXE collections! Oh boy! I just got one for me last time at the SuperSale Bazaar. This time what will I get? Hmmm ... Neon? Transparent? Aztec? Color block? ♥ All lovely!

Beauty Lane Philippines

Next stop - Beauty Lane Philippines. It's very rare for me to really find time and do my nails & keep it well groomed gosh! So busy! I'm glad there are parlors / salons out there where I can go and have a quick manicure-pedicure with foot spa nowadays hehe. But it also takes time so somehow I also stock on nail polish and different "nail art" stuff.

With this shop offering Color Club + Nail Art items, I'm definitely checking it out. My sister also loves it because of KONAD (Korean Nail Art) and we have one (1) set / pattern already heheh. Soooo ... I'll check out what this shop has to offer! Weee! My shopping buddy and colleague Erelyn will be so happy with this as well hehe.


I think this one ain't really for me but for Erelyn primarily hehehe. Looking at this photo,the shop offers luxury brands and high street fashion accessories from brands like Michael Kors, Tory Burch, Long Champ, Kate Spade New York and probably many more ... I ain't really too much of a fan of these items though my phone's casing is from Kate Spade sooo ... lemme check it out too hehehe~

And because I loved them from the SuperSale Bazaar, it means I'm getting more this time! What am I talking about?

Sophie's Mom Cupcakes! Yay!

They have the most delicious cupcakes on earth! LOLZ. Such fandom ei? Hahaha! Well, once you tried their cupcakes, I'm sure you'll know what I mean. They have the sweetest chocolate to red velvet cupcakes! They ain't just sweet for sweet's effect but it's really ultra-delicious!

Excuse me for my superlatives but this is really one shop I'll never miss! Check out their website as well for more information.

And there you have it! Those are my Top Four (4) Picks from this event. I'm sure I'll get more once I go there heheh. I'll post my "event review" after so stay tuned for my posts. I'm sure you'll also enjoy it though, when you go to this event. (^_^) Share your experiences with me too! Yay!

Check out the following for more details about the event:
  • EVENT: ETC Fashion Flea Market
  • DATES: August 25 - 26, 2012
  • SCHEDULE: 10AM - 8PM
  • VENUE: Ronac Art Center
  • ADDRESS: 424 Ortigas Avenue, Greenhills North, San Juan

Mark your calendars now! (^_^)
Photos above are courtesy of the ETC Page and are linked to their original location for credits.


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  2. it must be a great event!

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