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Outfit Post: NFL Steelers Babe

8/29/2012 09:49:00 AM Ice Goddhez Blog 8 Comments

NFL Theme Day! I support the Steelers Team!

We had face-painting activity that day too. I got my face and hand painted with the logos. Woot! Ain't it exciting?

And what's good about theme days is that, I get the chance the dress up and probably, do it in costume hehe. Although this time around, I don't really have a glam costume. I also didn't have the chance to buy and plan my look sooo ... I went with this one.

Honestly, I initially felt a little weird matching sporty-style with denim. I felt weird myself haha. I realized I don't really have a lot of "sporty" outfit but this one did the trick, somehow. I guess it turned out good. After all, it's  all about the fun.

Which team do you support? (^_^) Are you a fan? (^_^)

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The photos turned out well with a nicer resolution hehe. I normally take my outfit posts with my cellphone cam only. And now, it's with a digicam so I have better results hehe. I like how it clearly captured my face's finer pores, thanks to Etude House! I don't have too much of those big pores that are visible! Weee!

Forever 21 and Bedazzle Accessories
and a face cared for by Etude House (^_^)

Our folks dressed up in costumes too. Some of them are in uniform jersey jackets; some in baseball team informs (their fave teams customized of course!); and other crazy sports outfit! Heheh. I work in  a BPO company and I must say it's really fun especially when we have theme days. Everyone puts effort into it.  And each one of us enjoys dressing up.

Sporty Cheer Gang! Me, Mel, Kim, and our lovely boss Isay!
Denim on a sporty attire is a no-no I guess. I find it off and they'd never go together. However, sometimes, it probably has it's benefits and it would still appear good. See how we all did it? Coincidentally, I wasn't alone hohoh~

One of our Subject Matter Experts - Chrissy looked so fab with his rubber shoes with wings! Gosh! I dunno what it's called properly so I called it as such hehe. Didn't it look like we're having much fun?

This was one of my past sporty look for our theme day as well ... and oh my! I was so slim back then haha! One thing I didn't really have much back then was accessories. This time, I managed to add some hehe.

Don't you love my accessories? I luv 'em! So cute and I think it matches the event! Star power! My lovely rings match my team's logo on mah face! Weee! Go Steelers!

The face painting activity we had was a blast and a lot of our folks enjoyed it too! I didn't let it pass hehe.I felt a little itch on my face and palm later so when I got home, I immediately washed them off. Yeah my skin is sensitive so I don't use make up too; and paint is worse. Good thing it was a high quality face paint done by a professional. I had an image pattern and the artist was able to copy it well and good! Amazing!

I had to do the 2 Ponytail hairstyle to match the cheerleader attire I wanted to achieve. My outfit may not have been the best style nor was it too-sporty ... I guess I achieved what I wanted to do ... somehow haha. I may not have been the sexy NFL cheerleader babe this time (and I guess I can never be haha) but it was more "highschool" type cheerleader I came up with. (^_^)

How'd you find it?

  1. X10 Training Shoes, Mizuno, Tutuban Mall
  2. Kirin Kirin Fashion Pleated Striped Jeans Skirt, K2, 168 Mall
  3. MNG Basics Black Longsleeves Top, Mango 
  4. "Bitch" Bronze Connector Rings, Tickles
  5. Black Velvet Ponytails, SM Accessories 
  6. Stars Ring, Bedazzle Accessories 
  7. F21 Love Earrings, Forever 21 Philippines

Where to find this look? 

NFL Steelers Babe
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  1. Love your outfit dear! Love the skirt, earrings, star ring and the face paint! Yaaay. (*^^*)

  2. Wow thanks Kristen! I appreciate it. And thanks for visiting my blog. :)

  3. aww. face paint hehe me likes :D

  4. Thanks Ishi!:)

    Thanks for following back too. :) Can't wait to see more of your cute outfit posts too.:)

  5. Hey girl, you have fun eh! Love the skirt

  6. Done following your blog, gorgeous! And thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog. xoxo

  7. Thanks soooo much girl! Followed you back on Google Friend Connect. Stay in touch! (^_^) Keep your cute posts coming! Will visit often. :)

  8. Oh right! Thanks for visiting again Joyce! Of course I'll always visit you too.:)


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