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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Detachable Collars in My Cosplays

Before I even learned about detachable collars being a fashion statement, I was already wearing them without even knowing! Yay!

Well technically, yes, I know. Duh! How dumb of me if I don't know what it's called. And nah, I ain't saying I invited it or what. Halllllleerrr! Google wiki says it's been in fashion since 1827 (or so some others believe). Nevertheless, it's just fun to realize that ... and conclude ... I'm staying in-fashion in cosplay! Yay!

Lili Cosplay Face by *chenmeicai on deviantART
And right now, they're sooooo in-style! I've seen them a lot in posts from various fashion bloggers. There are different types now and I don't exactly know what each of them are hehehe ... I just learn along the way too. From stuff cloth collars, to metal choker types, to peter pan collar / bib-style, to necklace type ... and so on. I can't name them all! LOL. For me, I just used had my costumes done that way because ... it is more convenient hehehe. I can fake it! It looks like I have inner clothing or I have layered clothing like what the original character has. However, it's really just a fake lining for ... detachable collars and more! It makes me breathe better in my costumes trololol~ I actually miss cosplaying. I've been overly busy at work - that I neglect this hobby of mine. *sigh* I dunno yet when I can attend a convention once more but I'm definitely looking forward to it! It's been a year hehe. Anyway, it's fun to reminisce ... and look at how I applied this fashion statement in some of my cosplays. I'm sure some other folks have applied it too - makes life easier! (^_^) Follow chenmeicai on Twitter | Click to Blogsvertise | Got Ad? Go click! | #phchurpchurp is the newest social media community! --- In my Lili Rochefort cosplay, I have that "bib-style" detachable collar with lace. My character is a royalty lah~ It's all about the lace too! Not to mention "lace is in" as well haha.
Rochefort Enterprises by *chenmeicai on deviantART
The only "con" of doing it is ... well ... since I don't have an inner clothing or a cami at least, I can't take off the white blazer. And since it's silky ... it's actually hotter! Yay! I get all sweaty hehe. Oh well ... at least it's one-layer less! LOLZ! I also used this detachable collar type - this time, a bigger one (longer cloth) on my K-On Cosplays ... Kotobuki Tsumugi and Miyo Akiyama. They have the same uniform anyway hehe.  
Moe Moe Kyun Mugi by *chenmeicai on deviantART
It was really fun to cosplay these characters! You can read more about my cosplays in my Deviantart. The latest cosplay I did applying this detachable collar trend is this ...
White Raven's Nida Schuetlich by *chenmeicai on deviantART
This is from Shuraki Trinity - a collectible item line that I've actually collected already haha. All the PVC girls~ Yey! And my fave is Nida. Her military outfit / uniform is really a pain to wear! It's overly hot and the cloth / fabric isn't just a thin layer lah~ So I had to find alternatives. Thank goodness for detachable collars! I had a stiff white one for this hehehe. Of course, the down side is, again I cannot take off my blazer. Otherwise, I'll be in the nude! Yikes! *le sigh again* I'm looking forward to attend my next cosplay convention ... I miss my cosplay friends already. Not that I don't see them nor communicate with them offline ... but I'm missing the times we spend together at cons. Hopefully I can attend more soon ... again! I have costumes in stock anyway and are still pending! I'll definitely come back ... and I might sport some detachable collars in my off-costume attire after! Teeeheee! (^_^) Chai


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