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My 1st Mango VIP Only Sale Experience

7/02/2012 09:23:00 AM Chai Chen 3 Comments

I know I've been invited to these types of events before. Believe me! I just haven't found the time to check it out hehehe. This time around, since I'm loving the current Mango collection, I made sure I checked it out before it's too late. So I checked it out ... even without my shopping buddies! LOL. :p They forgot about this event haha!

Mango VIP ONLY Sale
This is a late post by the way. LOL. This was since June 12 but anyway ... allow me to share ...

The very 1st thing I noticed was - they're strict in checking who does get it. If you're not an RCBC Bankard Holder (Mango Card), you really cannot get in to this all-exclusive event. Unless you are willing to sign up right then and there. Check out my blog post about this event. I'm not sure if this is really how it goes with other sale events but so far, based on experience; some brands are not like that. They cannot control the amount of people that come in. I'm glad than in Mango, this was strictly followed.

At the point of signing up, you get a Mango Apple cellphone charm - which unfortunately, I cannot get one anymore. I got mine since I signed up like 2+ years ago and I already broke it/ (T_T)  But anyway, there's still more to it inside! More for me to enjoy than the lost chance for that charm hehe.

I was telling myself, Mango will be on sale anyway for even more than the offered 50% - probably even 70% like they normally do so why bother going there on that day and splurge? I was even thinking twice. But when I really got in, I was more than convinced it was worth it ...

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The moment I was handed my "shopping bag" and advised to dump in up to 10 items max for fitting; I just found myself roaming around and checking all the available areas to ransack! LOL. There were soooo many lovely items, I can't believe I haven't seen, the days prior to the sale. I was telling the sales girls - they probably hid them to prep for this event. They just all went giggly! Haha. They're so accommodating as well and I've been a "suki" to them so it's fun to have a little chit chat - not too much though because I need more shopping time! LOL. :p

Mango VIP Only Sale - Crazy Shoppers Like Me!
I was wondering if I'll meet other Mango-lovers like one of my favorite fashion bloggers around too - Ms. Kookie Buhain. It turned out that she visited a different Mango branch. She also blogged about it! Check out her picks and amazing photos too hehehe - Mango VIP Sale.

Mango VIP Only Sale with Sales Girl Glo
Of course, not all items are on 50% Off. But most of them are! I just recently bought two (2) dresses for my office wear and now they're like P500 OFF! Ngak! I should've waited! Hahaha. But then again, I wouldn't probably get the size I need. The ones left are mostly XS and S and L. I'm only mostly an S or M in size. *le sigh* Those dresses I bought were even in the wrong size hahaha. Thankfully, this branch, especially their staff Glo, was really accommodating to me and helped me with having stock transfers from other branches to get my size. It wasn't a stretchable dress but lovely enough to have my fave heart prints like polka dots! I'll definitely blog about those outfits soon! (^_^) Glo has been familiar to me as well - she's normally the one assisting me when I buy stuffs! :p And that was her back that you see! It was so crazy that everyone can't even chit chat hehe.

My 1st Items in the MNG Shopping Bag

It was queueing in the fitting room so I made sure I had a max of 10 already. On normal days I shop there, even on weekends, it never went that full! Believe me! Haha. I had to wait for my time. The lady guard was carefully counting the stocks. It takes a little time but I understand - it's for their security as well. There were some girls who were questioning the process though ... how rude! Oh well ... they can't bypass that anyway.

I only took three (3) out of the 10 I initially fitted. Darn it! Imagine that fruity-dotted skirt? And that blue & white striped dress? *sigh* It's a sure great find but couldn't fit me! I didn't get the right sizes waaaah! (T_T) And I can't ask for assistance - we're all on our own; which I understand as well because there's a lot of folks in line *sobs* We gotta line up again. Soooo I had no choice but to return ... Eventually, I found out ... each item does run out that fast. The ones I grabbed were either too big or too small for me - coz I do vary from a small to a medium size in there. And I was probably too tired from work to figure out which fits best. LOL. And when I returned - there are no more sizes for me.

So ... sorry! I had to let go of these lovelies ... *sobs*

It was such an unlucky strike for me. Those loose white tops were adorable! They were unique. The prints were nostalgic and the bow design on one was really dramatic! Unfortunately, they were too big. I got the big sizes to project that loose effect. I just didn't realize that it was that big! I also tried on the sailor modes (LOL) ... I mean striped tees! I just felt I looked too fat in them hahaha. Because of the horizontal lines, I looked too big! Even the tops in pastels ... le sigh!

So that meant ... I went in for a second round. Hohoho~ This time, I went on to try more bottoms like skirts, shorts, and pants. 10 max, right? Nyohohohoh~ I picked my regular 28 waistline (naks) but to some, I got the 1 size bigger since I do have big hips and I know they wouldn't fit - non-stretch materials on the waist ahhahahaha!

Mango Bright Shorts
I had to let go of most of them too, like these lovely shorts! I do have one in black already ... thought I'd have them in other colors because they're soooo comfy but ... pfffttt! They didn't look good on me. I was too-chubby for the bright colors hahaha. I looked sooo-full! Eeek! Scary!

So what did I get? I got seven (7) lovely items in the end - 3 dresses; 1 top; 2 camis; and 1 skirt! Yay! I'll reserve my sharing of these outfits in another post hehhehehe. I'll have to wear them so you can appreciate them more! Yay! (^_^) Watch out for it! Hehehe.
  1. Mango Jeans Blue & White Top with ribbon at the back - T-Shirt BCL Allure
  2. Mango Basics Polka-dotted Cami in Baby Pink - Top Toporose
  3. Mango Basics Polka-dotted Cami in Navy Blue - Top Toporose
  4. Mango Casual Black & White Dress w/ Striped Skirt - Dress Digimon-y
  5. Mango Casual Navy Blue & White Dress with Hearts Prints Skirt - Dress Ranma-y
  6. Mango Casual Black & White with Hearts Prints Top - Dress Corasao
  7. MNG Collection Coral Pleated Mullet Skirt - Skirt Plisi

Before I left, I did grab a few bites from Sugarhouse - their partner for that event that day. They had really tasty ensaymada and we get free boosts of iced tea. Of course, it was a tiring experience to shop. LOL. So I had to eat a few! Yummy! (^_^) It's part of the event anyway! I must try! Hehe.

So what do I leave you then if I ain't posting my outfit loots yet? Check out some of my other Mango outfit ... this is how I really love this brand!

This event is really exciting! I must go back and attend the next Exclusive Sale Preview!

CHAI'S VERDICT: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (5 Stars!!!)

As a bonus, I got two (2) makeover treats from Lancome Paris + a free Preview Magazine. Yay! Ultimate fashion and beauty resource! Ain't that really a great experience? I truly loved it! My first! Definitely won't be the last. (^_^)

If you want to enjoy such exclusive perks as well, sign up now with RCBC Bankard MANGO CARD to be exact and experience the same! The Mango-RCBC Bankard MasterCard is the product of the partnership between RCBC Bankard and Mango clothing company. It is targeted to serve the shopping needs of both the vast majority of Mango patrons in the country and the fashion-conscious RCBC Bankard Gold and Platinum MasterCard cardholders. A MasterCard, the Mango-RCBC Bankard guarantees global recognition and wide acceptance in over 210 countries. 

The photos above are taken from my Samsung Galaxy S2 phone ONLY and are not meant for commercial purposes. The guard at the shop advised me that they can no longer allow taking photos so I complied and stopped after my last photo here. I asked if I'm prohibited to post but they didn't discourage me from doing so, as long as it's not for monetary purposes. I advised that it's only for a personal blog. Thanks to the staff and crew of the shop for being accommodating.


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  1. there must be lots of ladies buying cloths that day or there are too few fitting rooms on that establishment.

  2. Hahah yeah there were lots! (^_^) I enjoyed it!

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