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Lotsa Loot from SuperSale Bazaar 2012 - DAY 1!!!

7/22/2012 10:11:00 AM Chai Chen 3 Comments

And no, I did not misspell the subject line! The event was aptly called "SuperSale" with one (1) word haha! And I guess at this point, it's the best "SALE" experience so far that I attended. I mean, in terms of the bazaar types of events and not just store sales events or promos. It's one of the major sale events I've anticipated this month of July and it didn't fail me. I'm really happy! (^_^)

My SuperSale Bazaar 2012 Pink Loot Bag
There was an Entrance Fee of P100 like any event similar to this one. I was so excited that my plan to go there for just one day on a weekend turned out to be two (2) days with the 1st day spent just looking around with friends and colleagues. I didn't get to attend the third day anymore and I wanted to rest that time instead. Hohoho~

It happened so recently (July 13-14-15) that I can't help but share my experience too soon! NOW! I have other post backlogs so this got pushed back a little bit to auto-post this day hehe but still, I managed to do it this time! Woot!

It's the first event I attended that gives away loot bags for shoppers. I got a pink one! Yey! There was an orange and blue loot bag too but I'm ok with pink hehehe. This is convenient for all shoppers who went there as there are so many shops to get lotsa good deals from. This one came in handy later on for me.

The event is well-organized, I must say. For such a noob like me in ransacking bazaars, I appreciated this one! The sections were well-arranged and it wasn't too-cluttered. The food stalls were situated outside the tent venue and just upon the entrance. Everything else inside is a shopping haven! From bags, shoes, accessories, clothing ... name it, you have it! I have so much good stories to say ...

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On the first day (1), July 13; it was an unplanned visit ...

I went there with my friends and colleagues coming from work. We only said we'll "check it out" and it turned out to be a shopping spree for one of my friends, Erelyn. LOL. In the end, I had to go back to the office because I still got loads of stuff to do coming from a break. Well, technically my shift is over but I had to touch up some stuff so I had to go back. Heheh. It could've been another expensive day for me if I didn't. Bwhahahah! So after having lunch, I went off ...

As we roamed around; I had to search for one of my friends' booth and it's none other than Asianvogue Shop. Angela, the owner was just right there showing off her lovely shoes for sale! This is my ultimate fashion resource! Aside from selling clothes, she eventually ventured into shoes and bags. Right now, she has her own collection namely 6th High, Devil, and Shadow! They were on SUPER SALE at this event and you can see her own collection right here at the top rack. Such lovely colors! If only I had all the money to get them all! LOL. :p

Asianvogue Shop Booth with store owner, Angela
I introduced Angela then to my troop - Erelyn, Mel, and Erika. We have a few shoe orders from her due this end of month so stay tuned when I review them. Hehehe. I already developed a few shoe favorites from her shop and those I own now hehe. I'm sure I'm gonna have more! After all, a girl cannot have too many shoes so just keep them coming, right? LOL. :p

Erelyn tried to shop around ... so we strolled around a little bit more. Here's E trying on a few clothes heheh. I just can't recall which stall this is from (sorry!) so if anyone can remember, please tell me. (^_^)

Erelyn fitting the cheetah print dress from one shop (I forgot the name (T_T) sorry!)
With Melanie and Erika
A few walks around made me have a few "fave spots" already hehehe. So I knew which places to go the following day. Hurhurhur~

The girl with the most loot for DAY 1 is none other than ... ERELYN!!!

Erelyn fitting shoes at ROME
(not sure of the brand's page - if you have it please let me know so I can link)

There were so many shops around and I was really tempted to buy already. Good thing I opted not to. Gotta save money! Hohohoho~ Wanna see Erelyn's loot? Imma share with you later hahah!

Later on, we got a bit hungry. There were a number of stalls for not too much I guess. There was a Japanese Stall selling siomai, takoyaki, etc. The line was piling up so we checked out the other booths. There was a shawarma booth as well but there were lots of folks too ... we were super hungry so we opted for this one with a few folks but not a lot. It was called "Get Hooked Fish 'N Chips."

Mel at the booth ...
The food choices are mouthwatering. You can choose from a combination of just fish, or with chips and/or shrimp. The price goes up as you get more options. My platter was the P200 box with 3 pieces of big fish; 3 pieces of shrimp; and lotsa fries. At was already tempting from the beginning so I was super excited to taste it.

Get "CHOKED" meal ...
As soon as we got a place to sit down (there wasn't a lot) ... and we stayed standing for some time before we actually sat down ... I immediately nommed the foodies! It turned out ... it wasn't too fab. I choked instead of got hooked! Uuuggghhh!! Sorry but it wasn't such a good experience!

The fish and shrimp dipped with their flavoring and stuff were too salty and I ended up not finishing my whole pack. I think I left a whole piece of fish and another one which I scraped off just to get the fish inside. It wasn't really big at all. The shrimp was better because it was just small and I can still tolerate the taste. Sine Mel, Erelyn, and myself got this one instead; we all went dizzy after and almost about to vomit. Seriously! It's the amount of sodium! Dang! Good thing Mel & I were still able to last the taxi ride back to work ... and that I had my Happy Fanshu Lychee Milk Tea which was sweet enough to take out the bad after-taste of the fish and chips! >.<

Anyway, to enjoy the 1st day of visit; lemme just share with you what Erelyn had in her loot bag! (^_^) Actually I guess, loot bags! She said she spent more than P5,000+++ in this sale hahahah so there's actually more I guess. These are just my picks too. (^_^)

Scarf Print Dress from Thrifted
Lovely black & gold chain braided bracelet!
And a very cute dangling pearl earrings!
(also not sure which brand sorry - lemme know the link hehe)
Skull-embellished black flats from ROME
Animal Print Neon (Lime) Flats from Rome

Overall, if not because of the lack of better food stalls and tables & chairs to sit down on for eating; I would've rated this perfect! Well, there are benches outside the place - overall the World Trade Center but of course, for hungry folks; you wouldn't want to still search for far away places to eat right? Nevertheless, I guess this event was a "success" already to begin with!

CHAI'S VERDICT: ★ ★ ★ ★ ✰ (4 Stars!!!)

Hopefully, there's more of it to come soon! (^_^)

Go check out the page on Facebook to find out more about this event.

Go ahead and check out my DAY 2 assessment in a few ... hurhurhur~


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  1. nice picks ;) i wasn't able to attend too far sayang maybe next time though :)

  2. Awww heheh yeah next time ulit! Hopefully! Ang saya! :)

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