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Sunday, May 6, 2012

My Favorite Asianvogue Shoes

If you haven't noticed yet, I'm a fan of this shop - Asianvogue Shop.

It's my Ultimate Fashion Resource (since this lovely girl offered Asian clothing - mostly Korean fashion and Taiwanese fashion if I'm not mistaken) ... and now, it's a Shoe Shopping Haven too! We all play favorites, right? And I ain't no saint not to have a fave from my current Asianvogue pieces. I guess I got countless already! LOL.

If you've checked my past posts about this shop, you've probably seen a few, esp. my recent post about shoes. But you haven't seen me wear it with my fave outfits too right? So lemme share my favorite shoe!

Gianmarco Lorenzi-inspired black suede wedges from Asianvogue
This pair is definitely a must-have! It's so versatile and I guess it doesn't go or will never go out of style. The color and the overall look pretty much-matches most clothing style and season. And just how do I pair it with either my corporate or casual attire at work? See more after the cut ...

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Hop on to my Lookbook account and you'll see me mostly wearing this pair! Woot! I hope I wouldn't torture it too much lah~

While I would mostly prefer wearing open-toed shoes / wedges so my wiggly toes would be free enough to move, there are times I know that I need to wear closed shoes too (especially when I haven't done my pedicure yet, huh? Hehe) I think this pair looks good wither pants nor skirt so donning my casual-turned-formal outfit with my favorite Forever 21 blazer too, looked best with this pair of shoes ....

The color black really matches every sense of style. Did I mention that the black top came also from the same shop? Yup! I got that Asian fashion clothing from the same store - Asianvogue Shop!

Anyway ... going back ... so even if I match this black suede shoes with bright colors or pastel, as long as I have other darker shade with it, the shoes are still perfect! So how about a more girly-look with pink and skirt? Not a problem! It suited best my geeky-cutesy look ...

You'll notice that Mango bags / wallets / and accessories are also a staple outfit partner for me hehe.

From formal, I could also wear these shoes with a more casual and comfy look. A simple dress, plain enough for most to see, could turn the look into an edgy one with these doll shoes.

You might wonder ... how does it look with denim? Not a problem! I've tried that too! And the effect is just marvelous! It turned this denim dress look classy and elegant!

Need I say more?

This month, AV for short, is celebrating its 3rd Anniversary! Hooray! Go check out her collection of shoes and bags and see what you can find for yourself - a good bag or new pair of shoes! On its 3rd birthday, the shop is giving away a good blowout giveaway to all Asianvogue Fans! Go check out that anniversary link to find out you, yourself can join! Who knows? You might win that big stash and get your self your new pair of shoes like mine, right?

I'm getting addicted to these shoes! Tsk tsk! Gosh! I don't wanna buy too much that I can't store 'em all nor too few, for me to miss all the great finds out there! Woot!

Anyway ... I guess that's all I can share for now. I truly believe this fandom would never end. Not just on these shoes I mean, but on the shop. On the shoe pair itself, yeah ... I'll also be a forever-fan. It's designer-inspired; it's black; it has this classy ankle strap that adds to that chic look; it's a wedge it doesn't make my feet hurt all the time - it's so comfortable I can run with them on unlike skyhigh heels right? It has actually beaten the "mary janes" look I guess and it's the new look to doll up with! I just hope I won't wear it out too soon ... I might rest from wearing these shoes when the rainy season kicks in ... it'd die fast! LOL.

For my favorite pair of shoes ... I give it ...
CHAI'S VERDICT: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (5 Stars!!!)

So what are you waiting for? Go get there and get your self your new AV Items! Don't forget to greet the lovely owner too! Hooray! (^_^) Online shopping is so much fun with Asianvogue!



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