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What I Do on Instagram

5/26/2012 12:05:00 PM Chai Chen 0 Comments

With the advent of the popular iphone App Instagram into android, I believe I immediately downloaded it right on the day itself. Excited much?

At first, I thought it would be redundant. There's a lot of other apps already; I mean at least for me, the ones I use to upload and share photos online. I've got Twitpic for a year or two already; and more recently, tumblr for my photoblog. I constantly upload photos on Facebook too - in a number of mobile upload folders. I also think I found the best photo editing tool for my Android phone anyway since last year - Photo Wonder. So I thought, why would I still need instagram? Well, I think I found more than enough reasons. While it may have limited functionalities and you can only do filters to "beautify" your photos, I think it has a better promise as we actually use it.

I'm sure there are lots more ways for us to use this mobile app but for me, I use it for the following reasons ...

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Obviously, I liked how easy it is to use this application. With everything going mobile nowadays, it's a must to keep something like this. It's an app made for mobile anyway - you can't upload photos via desktop. It's pretty cool. The filters achieve that effect you'd want to have in your pictures - automatic retouch!

I use it now as an alternative to my Twitpic. In fact, I rarely use Twitpic now because of this app. The photos can be automatically posted via tweet anyway so I'd rather store it via instagram. The app can be connected to four (4) different platforms anyway where we could share our lovely "instagrammed" photos with our friends using those social media networks. I do post them mostly in all the connected applications namely: Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. The only other app which I don't connected it to is on Foursquare. I don't need to upload any single photo of where I go to anyway. Hehe. If there's a need, I would. But not all the time.

Since I love fashion, and beauty stuff, among others, that's my instant reason why I joined as well. You'll see more photos of me with such items ... or more photos of those items in my instagram.

Anything I consider as great finds as well, I would "instagram" them! Hehe. It's funny how the name has evolved into a noun and a verb at the same time now, LOL! This would include stuff such as accessories, fashion essentials, shoes, clothing, bags, etc. It's fun to be a girl, right? I might buy them, try them on, or they're probably items I currently own.

These lovely pair of shoes from Twenty Something is a family brand from Comfit Shoes, by Michael Antonio Philippines. I was only looking for a new pair of flat shoes and this Cheri Nude jelly flats in of course, nude color, with golden hearts design; appeared so adorable and irresistible! I had no choice but to buy it hehehe. This looked even lovelier when I took this shot from instagram's enhanced camera. I find it great to share such good shots on this app. I also learn and catch up easily with a number of users I follow, like fashion bloggers Tricia Gosingtian and Camille Co. Their posts are great! Ultimate kikay resource! Yay!

I also share a number of good food shots instantly! While I am definitely posting them at my Foodspotting account, which also auto-posts on my Tumblr photo blog; there are some food shots worth instagramming - those that I want highlighted or take close up shots on. And because the app is lovely enough to create good quality shots; I trust the foodie shots of those types on here. They actually look yummier~

If I take a single shot, they go straight to my instagram. If I take more shots, they go to my blog - here! Hohohoho~

The app appears to be promising anyway; and now Facebook bought this app so what have you got to lose?

With the coming of the new member of our family, She-Ra; I made it a point that I chronicle her growth in this app. I've found another use for it then. My baby's shots have been rather cute! I got her from my friend and her mom wants to see She-Ra's growth as well - this is the easiest way. Isn't it great?

This app is free anyway. So I cannot comment about pricing over value but its value is surely something worthy. There are lots of things to share and see in the world and it's more than enough for even one (1) lifetime. The world wide web is such a better space and avenue to share those ... and it's a great way to learn new things too - like how it does for me. My phone (Samsung Galaxy SII) has showed me more than what I could see (whoooaa ... sooo dramatic for a phone like a noob huh? hehehe) ... and so I put it to good use! LOL. :p

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CHAI'S VERDICT: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (5 Stars!!!)

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How about you? How do you use instagram? Share 'em here! (^_^)


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