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Dress Code Policy: Love It? Hate It? Whatnots?

5/29/2012 10:14:00 AM Unknown 3 Comments

As a fashion enthusiast, I'd say I LOVE IT. I ain't saying I'm a fashion expert lah~ So before you bash me or anything - hold that thought now! (^_^)

Being in a work place that follows and upholds dress code policies, it's a bit of a challenge to dress up well. Sometimes, all we want is just to dress comfortable like how we do at home. If only I can splash on my shorts and tank tops; I would. But definitely, I wouldn't. I adhere to the Dress Code and I abide by the rules. I guess I can saw I'm a law-abiding citizen. LOL. While mostly, there are people who'd hate it. I would understand cost implications; style factor; fear of dressing up with a public audience expecting something from you ... and a lot of other reasons. However, there are also quite a few who'd love to dress up; like me. It boosts our self-confidence and it does help ... especially for others. I know I've been a person of influence to some and it's really quite flattering that there are other people who look up to us. And I'm happy I helped them in several ways too; with "dressing up" as part of it.

The art of power dressing! Yes. I definitely encourage that. If you've been following my blog, you'll know in one of my posts why I did sign up for a account. From simply sharing my everyday wear, it has become my advocacy to share the art of power dressing to everyone and simply share how I think I can be of influence, to all the girls who run the world out there; who are like me in one way or another - a corporate chic with youthful vibes. Like I said; working in a corporate environment doesn't mean I need to be caught by the fashion police, right? So let's all dress up to express ...

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Dressing up doesn't really mean you need to be flashy. You also don't need to buy new clothes all the time, nor buy new shoes, etc. You just need to be creative in mixing and matching the color schemes. I ain't an expert in doing so, as well, so I check out the styles of some of my favorite fashion bloggers too like: Camille Co, Tricia Gosingtian, Kryz Uy, Laureen Uy, Kooki Buhain. I've been following their blogs since before ... and I actually scout online for some other fashion inspirations. Like I said in my previous posts as well; I don't need to be enslaved by their style - but I can learn from them and pick the pieces I can apply. It helps me in return; and it helps the other people who look up to me too. I'm glad I helped.

Alright ... so talking about dress codes ... going back to topic I mean ... LOL. Allow me to share how I do dress up in a week and possibly, you can get to apply them to. (^_^) Here's how my week mostly goes ...


When we talk about corporate attire; this means strictly business formal and nothing fancy. These types are normally worn by company officers, managers, Directors; and support staff in mostly, everyday wear or during business meetings, formal business presentations; and when there are client visits. Mondays are normally defined as this day of the week, requiring us to dress up corporate-style. I'm much obliged! But as I also stated, I am not somone who'll be caught by the fashion police.

  • Blouses with sleeves (acceptable neckline)
  • Dresses with sleeves (acceptable neckline)
  • Collared Blouses (smart tops)
  • Business Suits (blazers; pantsuits; formal jacket)
  • Skrits (acceptable length)
  • Slacks; Pants
  • Formal Footwear (Closed-Toe shoes; pumps)
This is also highly expected when you want to ace your job interview. That part; is a different story altogether. There are different limitations and restrictions to that as well (i.e. in terms of jewelries; makes up; etc.)
I'd have to say that my accessories in this pic aren't appropriate when facing clients so do opt out on that. LOL. :p


It isn't much different from my Monday attire. However, it's a bit toned down. I dunno - I guess in terms of cloth or fabric. At least it's not required to wear all blazers lah~ Hehe. You still need to look professional though. No loud colors please!

  • Blouses with sleeves (acceptable neckline)
  • Dresses with sleeves (acceptable neckline)
  • Cover Ups (Cardigans, jackets)
  • Skrits (acceptable length)
  • Slacks; Pants; Trousers
  • Closed Foot wear (closed toe - open heel; dress shoes/sandals; slip ons)
Longstanding colors such as Blue, Black, Gray, or Brown are the color choice of many executive champions. It doesn't have to be boring, though. You can splash on or pop some colors. But still, avoid to get too loud. This pic shows how I normally dress up on Tuesdays. I'm still conservative and professional-looking.


Doesn't it look like I'm stripping off each piece, day by day? LOL. This dress code is actually a popular dress code for most professional and white-collar places. Business casual has partially supplanted business formal attire wear, which was previously the standard apparel for managers and professionals. I, too, have adapted the trend.

  • Blouses with sleeves (acceptable neckline); dress shirts
  • Informal Dresses with sleeves (acceptable neckline), with acceptable length
  • Sleeveless shirts and dresses with acceptable neckline and length; non-jeans
  • Cover Ups (Cardigans, jackets)
  • Skrits (acceptable length); Slacks; Pants or khakis; trousers - all non-jeans material
  • Closed Foot wear (closed toe - open heel; or dress shoes/sandals / open-toed but dress shoes; slip ons)
I still prefer some neutral colors or at least, a pop of just one (1) other color and that's it.


The clause "smart casual" in companies is not synonymous to the regular "casuals" we take. There's still a boundary of what's acceptable and what's not acceptable. Each company is unique of course; and you may want to discuss it with your HR Department if you'll have any doubts. It's not a total dress-down provision for anyone so better be careful.

  • Collarless shirts; not-too-tight baby tees
  • Blouses with sleeves; short or long, with acceptable neckline and length
  • Jeans pants, capri pants, pedal pushers, etc.
  • Sleeveless shirts with acceptable neckline and length
  • Sweaters, sports or denim jackets, other cover ups
  • Casual Foot wear (closed toe - open heel; or dress shoes/sandals / open-toed but dress shoes; slip ons); as long as they are not rubberized; no thong-slippers
This look is actually something I can strut at work w/o the make up and the hair-do heheh. The photo was used in a magazine shoot (which I haven't even blogged about yet hahah - soon!). This is however how you'd still see me on smart casual days.


Doesn't mean lose respect for your self ok? You still have to be presentable. It's always safe to still wear clothing that is classic and embodies an understated look. Suble, but quality accessories will work. It's still not a full-dress-down day so stay picky and careful with your clothing.

  • No ostentatious prints nor distracting novelty designs, nor too loud colors
  • Collarless shirts; not-too-tight baby tees
  • Blouses with sleeves; short or long, with acceptable neckline and length
  • Sleeveless shirts with acceptable neckline and length
  • Jeans pants, capri pants, pedal pushers, leggings, denim pants/skirts without tearing; with appropriate slits or openings (not too short)
  • Sweaters, sports or denim jackets, other cover ups
  • Casual Foot wear (closed toe - open heel; or dress shoes/sandals / open-toed but dress shoes; slip ons); as long as they are not rubberized; no thong-slippers
Whatever it is that you're wearing; just make sure they are not exposing too much skin.


On a Monday to Friday workweek; I'm done dressing up! I dress down! LOL.

Seriously, it's been a tough battle with the heels and the pumps all week so I prefer flats and just comfy tees. The work place is fun and it's even more fun outside the work life. People would actually see me often wearing shorts. It's very easy to move when wearing shorts hehe. I don't need to wear too-short-shorts though nor skirts. Denims are fine.

Each company, group, organization, event, etc. will have their own dress codes so it's best you still do your research and be your self. You don't have to be someone else when dressing up. Like for me ... I do have my inspirations but I'd never follow each piece they wear nor buy and want exactly the same items. It's not competition out there.

Overall, we need to look our best in every step of the way and up to us how we want to look the part. There are many articles out there how you could power dress or check hpw to dress to impress and express and similar stuff. This post is my interpretation of all these wonderful sources. There are different rules and guidelines that vary from different locations as well. General business and dress ethics would apply - the internet is a vast resource; maximize it. When in doubt, you can also check out lookbook styles. Go follow other users and learn from them too.

So there you have it! These are merely "samples" of how I do dress up. I am not the / a Bible nor am I standard so please don't hate me for sharing. (^_^) I am simply making a statement. And this is my stand. (^_~)v


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