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Sunday, February 19, 2012

I Am Now in Lookbook.Nu!

Ok ... So I tried not to register for soooo long. I've been seeing the site for years now and I got interested since back then. I was soooo tempted but I decided not to. I was a little bit scared to maintain it - I might get addicted to it! LOL. My main purpose was to share my regular office attire.

After years of controlling myself ... I gave in lah!

The kikay in me was more powerful! LOL. And my goal has changed from simple sharing of my corporate looks but "my other fashion" side as well (if I can consider that fashionable indeed! LOL) I've just recently signed up and I lack the tools and all that jazz ... I don't have fancy cameras or photography tools and modeling skills and shiz! Haha! All I got is a heart full of excitement to showcase, or simply share how I think I can be of influence, to the girls / women out there; who are like me in one way or another - a corporate chic with youthful vibes. Working in a corporate environment doesn't mean I need to be caught by the fashion police, right?

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I was thinking wholly of what my main purpose would be and I believe instead of just one, I could sum it up to the following reasons ...

  1. I am a corporate chic! I want to be a person of influence to people like me or inspire others to also believe in the art of power dressing - which really makes wonders in the office environment!
  2. I can somehow be a fashionista as well (right?) Hehehe! I love colors. I love to mix & match my clothing. I want to be comfortable in what I wear and still be confident in being myself. And using the site makes it easy for us to access information from other bloggers and fashion icons as to where they got their pieces that we can also replicate or follow. Follow trend right?
  3. I am a cosplayer but it doesn't mean I always need to be in costume to be noticed. I can be noticed for good reasons and being fashionably smart is one of them. Yes, I can be that geek-girl too ... sometimes and I love trying out things on my own too ... Hmmm ... so sometimes, maybe, instead of following; we can start our own trend!
  4. I want to share that career & style can go hand-in-hand with each other. Being a career-oriented person and wokaholic does not necessarily equate to boring lifestyle or getup. We can still be stylish at work!
  5. I believe in girl power / women empowerment and I think, the men don't need to be the only ones to rule the world ... girls run the world too! So be it in a corporate setting or outside the work place, that "power" can still come out from every woman ... we can still be lovingly fab!

It's fun! (^_^) I am still trying to get familiarized with it. So far, I've enjoyed looking at them and have tons of photos in queue to upload. I've followed my favorites already and these girls top my list: Camille Co, Tricia Gosingtian, Kryz Uy, Laureen Uy, Kooki Buhain. I also follow their blogs. I love their styles. They are my fashion inspiration too. I guess I grew up in that mindset of having a mentor or something/someone to look up to ... and in terms of dressing up or dolling up, I look up to them.

Nope. I am not enslaved by their styles. It doesn't mean I have to always follow and do what they do right? But they have a number of great finds and they also write about good shopping tips that help me get good deals (and sometimes, freebies too yay! - I love promos! Hehe!) They are really helpful!

I don't have a DSLR or anything like that so most of my photos are snapshots only from my Samsung Galaxy SII smartphone; or most likely photos from others. But I think even without them at the moment, I can still share what I love and like and empower others!

My badge is right there on the lower right corner of my side panels - HYPE my looks if you like them or BE A FAN if you like my styles. (^_^) I do the same for folks I look up to! So go and let me know if you have an account!




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