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Cosplay Contests - Support Please!

2/26/2012 11:11:00 PM Chai Chen 3 Comments

I ain't really a fan of Facebook "LIKE" contests hehe. I don't have the luxury of time to support all my friends too, to LIKE their photos / entries submitted on various contests so normally, I'd rather not join. However, there are two (2) recent contests I did join and I have to abide by their rules. LOL. Excuses, ei? Hehe. Oh well!

So without further ado, allow me to "advertise" myself (TROLOLOL!) This will require you to LIKE my entries on Facebook and Twitter though. Don't hate me! LOLZ.

I said there were two, right? Here's the first one ...

Chai (me) as Jean Grey - Uncanny Xmen

I've won the 2008 Best Female - Cosplay Costume of the Year (CCY 2008) already; the first one ever! I cosplayed Lili Rochefort back then. This time around, it's for Cosplay Costume of the Year 2011 (CCY 2011) - Best Female Category ... woohooo! Competition is tougher than ever. It's been three (3) years since back then huh? Hehe. Lots of really good cosplays and I see a trend now ...
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While I still believe that there are those who just cosplayed for the sake of saying they've experienced cosplaying (yeah I'm outright, saying it right! Lah~), there are still those folks who have honed their craft and continuously improved ... and I think those who are really true to their hearts, in "real cosplaying" would win the hearts of many as well ...

A friend of mine, Yuu Shomua, have blogged about it in her jaRouka Parade Blog - Cosplay Costume of the Year 2011. Check out her blog post to see the other awesome cosplayers in the country! I have my favorites too! Yey!

To vote, simply LIKE the CCY page and LIKE the photo entry of your favorite costume. This isn't the complete criteria to win though. FB LIKES would comprise 30% of the total score ONLY. This isn't just a popularity contest anyway but a "cosplay" contest.

If you support my entry - click here and LIKE my Jean Grey cosplay.
To know more about my Jean Grey Cosplay - check out my deviantart site for the photo story.
I may not be too-armored but it's a costume that nobody else has done (or so I know) in the country ... I was just overly confident, I guess. Hahaha!

Now ... now ... there's another entry ...

Chai (me) as Meiko from Vocaloid - Synchronicity Version

COSPLAYGEN, a worldwide cosplay magazine based in Romania; and MIKUBOOK.COM, the official community for Hatsune Miku, or I say - for all VOCALOID fans out there, making it more fun to discover your next favorites by sharing your like with VOCALOID fans all over the world; presents their popular contest - COMMUNITY's CHOICE: the Vocaloid Edition.

I guess I was just lucky enough that my Meiko (Synchronicity Version) was included in the picks and now, needed "votes" or "faves" for it to win.

If you support my entry - click here and FAVE my Meiko Cosplay.
It will need a Facebook login and/or a Twitter login. If you love me that much (*wink*), then vote for me using both logins hehe! (^_^)

It's confusing at first, I guess.
You'll need to FAVE your Vocaloid "fave" song first and then it'll proceed to a page where you can see the contest link already. By then, you can go back to the LINK and FAVE my entry. Or you can select from the tags - Meiko and it'll display the character choices with my photo in it.

The contest is for COSPLAY GEN # 05 edition as they mentioned in their news.
I am not certain what prizes are at stake. I actually don't care about those stuff in any contests now (weird me ei?) hehehe ... for the fun in joining, I just simply joined! LOL.

At this point, I'd like to thank my dear friend Kira Hokuten who took these photos. Without him, I wouldn't look as wonderful! LOL.

Go check out more of his wonderful works here:
So there ... if you support me (and fellow cosplayers), do LIKE and FAVE my entries and your other favorites too! I'd really appreciate it! Good luck to fellow cosplayers who were chosen! This post is rather late though, I guess, since the contest would end soon hehe. I haven't bribed enough! LOL.

Thanks guys! (^_^)


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