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My Daniel Wellington Classic Winchester Lady Watch Review

4/24/2013 09:02:00 AM Ice Goddhez Blog 134 Comments

Since I saw this watch on many fashion bloggers' wrists, I can't help but want to have the same. I admire the design and the classic or vintage vibe it boosts. A couple of months back, I checked on this fabulous website filled with these types of watches, of course where else but at right? I was hoping to find a lot of variations in style, color, and dial but to my surprise - whoooaalaaaa! It's all the same classic dial and the only thing that changes is the strap. So I thought, hmmm, this must be special - like those classy vintage watches you pass on to the next of your kin huh? LOL. And this must be really pricey ... and as I checked the price, they were indeed costly.
Chai and her Daniel Wellington Classic Winchester Lady Watch

So I kinda lost hope in wanting to have my own Daniel Wellington watch, knowing that I personally couldn't afford it. Well, maybe yes I can but it would cost me a fortune of my month's salary and I had to sacrifice my other "needs" and expenses just to get one for myself. The one I wanted costs $175 (Php7,000) and that's already a piece of my house expenses (I'm the breadwinner in the family - which you can read in my "About" section). So I told myself, blaaaahhh ... fuhgedaboutit!!! But what's this I saw? A little spark of hope! Daniel Wellington was giving away and sponsoring these watches to fashion bloggers with quite a huge population of followers! So then, I grabbed that opportunity and took my chance on this Daniel Wellington sponsorship. And the rest was history ...

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It was March 20 when I was contacted by Anton Wetterlöf from Daniel Wellington asking me to choose my prize now, coming from Vale's Fashion and Cookies DW Watch Giveaway. Oh boy did I just win my luck? Yes! I did! I was so giddy-excited ... this is the first classic and classy watch I'm yet to own! A dream come true! Thanks to Vale of course! (^_^) I'd love her forever for giving me this opportunity! So I immediately chose my favorite style - the Classic Winchester Lady Watch. I chose the one in rose gold dial and of course, the nato strap is in blue and pink combination. A whopping $175 worth of watch! Yay!

It was shipped to me on Mar 23 and arrived a few days later (can't recall the specific date). Got it claimed from customs on April 10. The wait time wasn't that long. I was carefully wrapped in bubble packaging or whatever it's called. Good thing it didn't bear any cost declaration. Otherwise, I would've paid much more at customs for a prize that's supposedly free. Yeah that sucks but that's how our "customs" works lah~

The first thing I noticed is how elegant its packaging is. I dunno whatever it's called but this "box" ain't just a simple box but off fine, leather-like finish. Call it fashion-blogging fail lah~ I really dunno what it's called. LOL. But whatever it is, it's surely protective of its contents. The Daniel Wellington logo sits on the center of the cover, embedded in its classic font face.

Inside, there's a garterized protective sheet holding the watch and a mini-leaflet information about the watch. It tells the bearer about the classic history of "Daniel Wellington" and about the DW watches collection, including the use of nato straps. One thing I expected was information about its warranty since most expensive and classic watches would have it. Maybe, because I'm not a watch-expert, I dunno of the lack of warranty dissatisfies me or not ... it has "limited" warranty since it only states it is subject to the country where the product is purchased.

Nevertheless, I still enjoyed getting this watch. It comes with this tool to help change batteries I guess - which I wouldn't dare do .... I'm scared to ruin it. LOL.I guess I'll have an expert do that instead hehe. One thing I just noticed though is that the dial that went to me had a few minor scratches in front. It's not too noticeable here and on any angle I shot but it seems really obvious - maybe try to enlarge this pic. If I were a watch collector, I'd be really disappointed. But, well, I'm gonna be looking after function so, I just let it be ...

The nato strap was first used by the royal navy divers during World War II. Then, it was made famous by the James Bond movies - Dr. No and Goldfinger when Sir Sean Conneryt combined the nato strap with his Rolex submariner. Ain't that an amazing part of history too? Read more about it at the site's About section. Mine's rather cool! It combines my favorite colors.

I was actually thinking if I should get The Classic York Lady or Classic St Andrews Lady watch as they have genuine leather bands and boasts off more of the classic era, given the band colors too. The other one with a leather band is the Classic Sheffield Lady though that one has a black strap. All three (3) are valued at $199 and the most expensive of all the watches at the Women's section. But then again, my eyes were already caught with love by the Classic Winchester Lady so I settled with it.

This classic timepiece has become a favorite to fashion enthusiasts, classic watch collectors, and bloggers alike. The story of Daniel Wellington has been told in more ways now as the success of this watch brand has been phenomenal worldwide. Coming from its Swedish roots, the brand has become a classy household name for watches - something you'd want to have despite having other brands present.
Link: Natostrap
Colour: Blue/pink
Ringcolour: Rose gold/Silver
Clock-face: Eggshellwhite
Clockwork: Quartz Japan citizen 1L22 movement.
Size(diameter): 36 mm
Hight of casing: 6 mm
Water resistant 3ATM avoid all contact with water
Natostraps are interchangeable.

Their vision to create authentic, modern classics have already transpired. This collection has one model - a slim watch design in eggshell suitedial with stylish case, and interchangeable straps which you can have in different colors. The effect is a sleek, smooth, and easy to wear watch that's good for any occasion.

So what about you? Do you have a Daniel Wellington watch favorite? Which one suits your taste? How would you style it?

  • Easy to style vintage watch design
  • Looks classy and elegant with its classic and unique one-model design
  • Fast shipment, with no declared value (as a prize) saving up the bearer for customs
  • Complete set, protective case, stylish packaging
  • Appropriate ladies' size watch dial - not too big that might make it look like a men's watch (which is common to some other classic brands)
  • Slim watch design, perfect for that sleek look
  • Really easy and fair step-by-step mechanics from my blogger friend, Vale who have given me this. Thanks to Fashion and Cookies     
  • Slightly scratched front dial
  • Limited warranty at the country where the product was bought (and since mine was given, so there's none?)

Given the opportunity, I would get one of these and give one for my mom, dad, and sis! It's still truly a wonderful watch with a gorgeous outcome! I'm still truly in love with its hehehe~
CHAI'S VERDICT: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ (4 Stars!!!)
Go start your shopping now! I am yet to have an outfit post with this watch so soon, I'll have one! I'll let you know ... Most immediate snapshots would be on my Instagram account. :)
Good luck to your watch hunting! If you have a Daniel Wellington watch story to share with me, just let me know!


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  1. It looks beautiful! I love DW watches <3

  2. Aww it's so cute and springy! Love it
    Don't forget to chek out my international Giveaway to win Mac Stereo Rose!

  3. Hi Chai! Love this brand, the watch is truly beautiful and classy! Kisses dear! xo

  4. I should receive one too very soon!

  5. Awesome watch Chai & congo :)
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  6. Dear Chai, you deserve your luck doll! My favourite is the one you chose! So ladylike indeed. Lots of love my friend!
    Stop by whenever you like and share some love!
    Coco et La vie en rose
    Coco et La vie en rose on Bloglovin
    Coco et La vie en rose on Facebook

  7. congrats chai!!
    that is cute watch, i have similiar strap with your watch but in different color,, i love this post!!

  8. Waaaaooo, that is so great that in the end you did get the watch you wanted, good for you!! I'm so sorry it arrived with scratches though, what a bummer. It still looks super cute on you!

  9. Hey lovely!!! you're so stylish! love your blog!

    wanna follow each other? tell me!! :)


  10. oh wow, that' such a cute watch Chai!! it looks so chic, i adore the colour combos too, great pick! :)

    I hope you're having a beautiful day ~ XO
    Let's connect at GFC and BLOGLOVIN'

  11. Hi doll, this is such a great watch, I like the coloured straps, gives it a youthful and modern appeal. Good review! Thanks for sharing your fashion insight on my last post, have a great start to the weekend!

  12. Oh, how cool! It is a perfect choice! My watch is still on the way. It is so interesting to read the reviews about this watch and wait for their delivery. Kisses!

  13. very very nice my dear!!!!

  14. Great review - what a cute watch!

    Trendy Teal

  15. amazing watch!! :)

  16. I LOVE Daniel Wellington watches!!! I would like to have one of them too!!




  17. Such a cute watch and I have to say, I adore your 'Love' earrings, so lovely.

    Stay Stylish,

    TL. Xx
    Twynkle Loves

  18. So beautiful pictures, my dear ♥

    Lots of Love,


    ps. I would love to invite you to join and

    to share your awesome looks if u want.

  19. Amazing pictures..

    I'm your new follower<3,


  20. very great review, thank you!!

  21. Very nice! I love the look of this watch :)


  22. I love your watch, it is identical to my watch ^ _ ^

  23. Love the color and Simplicity <3 u look cute hihi

  24. This watch is amazing :D


  25. THanks Kristine! I appreciate it. This watch really rocks :)

  26. Thanks Vett! I appreciate you dropping by. Keep in touch :)

  27. Thanks Sophia! Keep in touch :)

  28. Thanks for visiting me again my dear! I appreciate it :) The DW watch is amazing!

  29. Yay! That's great! Lovin' DW watches ;)

  30. Indeed Dascha! This watch is totally cool :)

  31. Thanks my dear Nico! I appreciate you dropping by again :)

  32. Thanks my dear! The love earrings are from :) Check them out. Love it!

  33. Yay! I'm sure you'll love your Daniel Wellington watch too once you get one :)

  34. Thanks dear Linda! Happy weekend :)

  35. Great for you Elena! I'd love to read your review too once you have yours. :)

  36. Thanks my dear Sam! This watch is really great :)

  37. Indeed Christine! Classic and trendy together. Love this watch :)

  38. Sure thing dear! I visited your Fashion Criminal blog. Cool start! So you're known as Jamuna & Babita lama ? Call me Chai my dear. :)

  39. Yay thanks Marie! I appreciate you dropping by again too my dear :)

  40. Yay thanks so much Poldo! I appreciate it :)

  41. Good for you my dear! I'd love to read it too :)

  42. Thanks my dear! Really love this watch Lilli! So cool :)

  43. Thanks my dear :) I will visit it Tshering Yangzom :)

  44. very nice piece of DW. The color really suits you. Congrats Chai and also i am already following you.



  45. Екатерина АдаменкоApril 29, 2013 at 6:14 AM

    amazing watch!<33 I love the color very much!

  46. Fabrizia SpinelliApril 29, 2013 at 5:35 PM

    Your DW watch is amazing!
    Come back soon to visit me on Cosa Mi Metto???
    Enter Cichic giveaway!!

  47. very very nice my dear!!!

  48. wow, amazing watch <3

  49. I'm loving this review so much! I'm such a huge fan of Daniel Wellington watches. You always have the best posts =)
    Twitter: Sensiblestylist

  50. wow this looks like a great watch. Love the face and the color of the straps are awesome!

  51. Thank You for nice comment Dear ;))

  52. Congratulations Chai!
    Can you give me a little amount of your lucky charm? You almost always win every giveaway you joined in! ^◡^


  53. Congratulations Chai! =)
    Can you give me a little amount of your lucky charm? You almost always win every giveaway you joined in! ^◡^

  54. This site was... how do I say it? Relevant!! Finally
    I have found something that helped me. Thanks!

    Have a look at my site - rolex air king

  55. Lucky you - that's such a cute watch!! :)

    Xx, Sara.

    I love to invite you to my OASAP-giveaway - you can win amazing OASAP-items! :)

  56. Great watch hun!

  57. I want a Daniel Wellington watch but they are so freaking expensive for me, can't afford them! :(

  58. Yay! Congratulations you deserve it! That was a selfless decision to decide not to get one at first; I am glad that you got one! Nice watch girl! I didn't know you could customize it either! I would do green.

  59. Such a great watch! I love the big and clean face that it has- it adds a really nice classiness to it.


    And follow on Facebook.

  60. I love it!!! the watch is so beautiful, i love that color, will be saving to get one soon,a pity i dont have daniel wellington watch but you make me wanna it!!!

  61. I love it!!! the watch is so beautiful, i love that color, will be saving to get one soon,a pity i dont have daniel wellington watch but you make me wanna it!!!

  62. Agnieszka Guerrero OlesinskaMay 2, 2013 at 12:57 PM

    Lucky you. stunning watch



    Perfect dress

  63. Yay thanks so much my dear Rakshanda! *hugs*

  64. GO get one dear Kim! It's a great watch :)

  65. Oh hehe ... maybe I didn't recognize the name in GFC? Hehehe. Thanks dear Sam! Keep in touch :)

  66. Woot! Thanks for visiting me again my dear! Yah DW watch is great :)

  67. Thanks for visiting Celyn! Hope we can follow each other. Already following you. Keep in touch :)

  68. Always welcome :) Thanks my dear Estera! :)

  69. You will surely get your chance dear :)

  70. Nyhahahaha! Sheer luck! I also join a lot though so I win some I guess. LOL. Thanks Wrey :)

  71. Thanks so much dear Trishie! :)

  72. Yeah it's expensive Tanii! Just got my luck. Thanks for visiting my dear ;)

  73. Thanks Kells! It's a great watch :)

  74. honey wear it in good days! you have a pure-good heart so that you won that watch!
    kisses to my Chai cutie pie!

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  76. very girly watch! I love it


  77. wow beautiful pics!!!!!:):)

  78. You're a lucky girl my lovely Chai

    Love the watch


    My blog By Joyce ♥

  79. wow. you always made a great review! and that's sure amazing product!

  80. Omg I want-need the navy styled one, I haven't heard about the brand before but I love those kind of watches that you can style with different straps. Thanks for sharing and it's great you recieved one!

  81. beautiful pics my dear!!!:)

  82. Thanks so much my dear Joyce :)

  83. Thanks as always my dear Coco :) I appreciate your nice comment :)

  84. Go get one my dear Laia! It's worth it! Such a great watch :)

  85. Thanks so much my dear Gloria :)

  86. Thanks my dear Jessille! Glad you liked it :)

  87. Thanks my dear Zaira! :) *hugs*

  88. Great! Thanks. Might be spam?

  89. It´s a fancy and expensive watch!!!! someday.. I try to get one for me! It´s super stylish!

  90. Scratches on the front dial....👎
    Prob they gave u a second handed Daniel Wellington watch...
    How can a reputable watch retailer do this?

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